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On with this week’s Goddess Diary!

The Old Lady Crone gets dismissed a LOT. She has lost Her youthful charm, and is often overlooked and dismissed because She’s slow and saggy, but She has a really helpful message that She wants me to share with you today. And at the end of this message, I’m going to give you an opportunity to learn how to see through the eyes of this Wise Old Grandmother, so make sure you tune in to the very end.

Here’s this weeks Goddess Diary download . . .

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to help out my friend, Tristram Stuart with his world tour of the Feed 5000 program (feeding people with food that would normally never make it to market because it’s cosmetically flawed).

I was an event promoter, and that meant that I was out in the neighborhood of Downtown Oakland, letting people know they could have a free lunch. What an amazing blessing that was, and it drove home the message of the Crone. “Below the surface, the true essence of a human, a circumstance, an experience awaits to be discovered. Don’t get caught on the surface. Allow yourself to go deeper to find the truth.”

Being able to walk up to EVERY person on the street: dirty and unkempt, lonely, walking with purpose, looking lost, shy, outgoing . . . I was able to make a connection with people I’d normally not give notice to, or at least would not attempt to engage in conversation. Some of the people who looked immensely relieved that there was a free meal awaiting them just minutes away were not people I would have guessed were going hungry. I was surprised at some of the people who stopped to talk with me and wanted to help out. All day long I had my surface level assessments of people shattered and it was beautiful.

When I did work with children with autism, there was this popular saying: “If you’ve seen one child with autism, you’ve seen one child with autism.” Basically admonishing that every child with autism is different and it’s good not to assume one observation carries over to another person. And when it comes right down to it, that goes for any sort of grouping of people: women, children, different races, different vocations and abilities. Of course we, as humans, share a LOT of similarities, but how they impact us and weave into our unique lives is, well, unique.

The Crone has had the true blessing of living long enough to see that the surface, the packaging of a person or experience, can change in an instant and there are MANY times that the surface belies what is underneath. When we make a snap judgment based on our assessment of what we see on the outside, we are missing 99% of the truth, and that’s a conservative estimate in my mind. Take a moment to let that in. We rely on those quick decisions about “yes” or “no,” “left” or “right,” “this one” or “that one,” often in just a few seconds, and those decisions are based on that 1% of surface APPEARANCE.

Now, take a moment to really drop in to what might be different if we recognized that what we see from the outside is hiding worlds of wisdom underneath the veneer. Pain, wisdom, stories, advice, healing . . .

That plain old man may be the scholar whose work brought a cure for someone you love. That homeless person may have rich stories that would melt your heart. That attractive business woman who seems to have it all together may be about to fall apart on the inside.

beautiful iceberg

For all intents and purposes, it might be more accurate to assume that what we are seeing on the surface is actually a complete farce, and to know what’s really happening, we must engage the world with all parts of ourselves. Listen with your belly. See with your heart. Feel with your soul.

To get to the truth requires slowing down, and in this potent time of Mercury in Retrograde and as we move into darker days, now is the time to practice just that. Slow down. Question your first impressions. Take your time to get to know more about what you engage with so that the treasure, or at least the wisdom of what IS may reveal itself to you fully.

Now, here’s that invitation I mentioned before. I am starting up the Living Wisdom School where we learn to sink deep beneath the surface to allow those sacred, divine, hidden fears shed their old misinformed layers and emerge as the superpowers they truly are. If you’re ready to be free from old stuck patterns and let your inner SuperStar finally fly, this is your place to grow and strengthen those wings.

I will be teaching the SuperPower skills of the Wise Old Crone and 12 other Avatars of the Sacred Feminine in the Living Wisdom School. If you’re ready to stop hiding your beauty and ready to rock this Divine Human life, join us for the Magic Carpet Ride of the Living Wisdom Mystery School. We are now opening the circle to Men & Women. Are you ready to get the WHOLE PICTURE? APPLY NOW.

Visioning starts 11/1/14 and space is limited.

Isis Neith by Kris Johnson-Michiels

Isis Neith by Kris Johnson-Michiels

Applications are due NOW and there are some scholarship and work trade positions still left and available on a first-come-first served basis, so don’t delay. Send in your contact form today.

Until next week, may Truth and the Source be with YOU!

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