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I have had a lot of people ask me for book recommendations and for insights on how I got started on my Divine Feminine/Goddess path. And it just came up again, so I thought i would step back in time with you today and share with you some of the first steps I took toward awakening the goddess within.

Check out this week’s inspiration for the scoop! AND Check out below for a link to a FREE downloadable ebook version of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success!

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, by Deepak Chopra took a while to really understand and to integrate, but by reviewing my summary of just one of the laws each day, and committing to practicing it as best as I could for that day, it didn’t take long before I was living them all, all the time, and didn’t need to review them anymore.

Here they are listed below (but I STRONGLY recommend reading the whole book so you know what they really mean. Then, summarize them in your own words and assign one law for each day. Review it in the morning and let it be your guide for how you respond to everything that comes your way that day. THERE IS A LINK I FOUND TO A FREE EBook of The 7 Spiritual Laws of Success HERE):

1. The Law of Pure Potentiality
2. The Law of Giving
3. The Law of Cause and Effect
4. The Law of Least Effort
5. The Law of Intention and Desire
6. The Law of Detachment
7. The Law of Purpose in Life

It was sooooo long ago that I read and integrated these laws (almost 20 years! YIKES!), but I can still remember the somewhat ponderous looks I got at work (I did child abuse investigations back then). I didn’t just change my world, it rippled out to the attorneys, teachers, therapists, judges and families I interacted with.

napoleon dynamite
“What the flip did she just say?”

Don’t think you are like a drop in the ocean. You are a rock dropped into still waters and your effects can ripple out endlessly from this ONE SIMPLE PRACTICE even if it doesn’t make a huge splash in the moment.

Give it a try today and tell me how it was!

Oh, and please join in with me for a moment of prayer for our relations in the Philippines. Send them light, love, care and compassion as they heal and recover from the devastation that hit them. Click here to learn how to help out.

Oh, and I am starting a new radio show series on the Conscious Evolution of the Divine Feminine Archetypes starting this month! November 22nd, 2-3PST on Human Spirit Radio. Catch me live every 4th Friday 2-3PST, or look me up in the archives.

Until next week, may the Source be with you!
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