Sacred Sound of Manifestation Magic

Has this past week felt like it’s riddled with warps and wobbles in the space/time/emotional body continuum? ME TOO! We had a minor earthquake here in the Bay Area and I think that it was the earth’s reflection of the energetic and emotional upheavals we are going through as the seasons and planets shift.

There have been several times that I have felt like someone dosed my green drink! And my clients, friends, and family have all expressed that, as we start our passage into darker days of fall, the shadow is emerging on the inside as well. The good news is, the shadow is here with a gift! Mostly it’s an opportunity to get really intimate with that shadow and see what it needs to be lifted from pain into wholeness through love. Speak kindly to it and see what happens. Speaking of . . . speaking, that brings me to today’s topic: Sacred Sounds of Manifestation Magic.

A little while ago, I shared one of the secrets of manifestation: GRATITUDE (check it out here if you missed it or want a refresher).

And today, amidst the wobbles and twiggly danglers, I thought it would be good to share another potent secret for manifesting our reality. WORDS. Yes, words. Sounds oversimplified, but it is one of the biggest keys to creating what we want.

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The natural cycle of manifestation (this is fully supported by science, but we won’t and don’t need to go into the science of it here) starts with the fecund potential of the Void and from there, it becomes consciousness, empty presence, then self-awareness, an idea/thought, then a prayer/intention, which is vibrated out onto that web of reality through our breath and then our spoken words, which can then be written and turned into physical reality. The process continues from there (and, again, I invite you to check out my recent video on Gratitude for the rest of the manifestation loop sequence).

The ancient words spoken by our ancestors were considered to be sacred sounds (Egyptian, Hebrew, Hindu and Mayan origins, at the very least, hold similar beliefs that all reality was spoken into existence through these sacred sounds, which were the beginning of human language). And I have found it to be continually validated. What I speak is more likely to become a reality once it is birthed from vision (the intangible) into vibration as sound. And when it is shared as a sacred prayer, put into chant, it is even more powerful and swift.

I could write a whole book about sacred sounds and speaking as a weaving of reality into material form. But what is most important for you to take away is that what we speak, we send out as a prayer, whether we intend it or not. And so, it is important to be aware of the words we use and the stories we tell.

Even more potent than spoken words are those which are sung. And even more potent are those that are sung as food for the Holy.

I’ve been singing at my altar as a gift to the Divine, and have experienced immense, potent, and often instant healing, bliss, insights, and other gifts. i almost feel like I don’t need to pray for help. I simply open my heart and let it express itself in song that has no agenda other than giving back to the Source that gives me so much. I can feel my prayers coming out as music. I let my mouth make sounds that are not a language my mind knows, but my heart and the Holy know it well and it feels ecstatic.

I dare you to give it a try. You can do it alone so you don’t feel self-conscious, but find a place in nature or another sacred space, and let your heart soar through song. Even if it seems a little silly, do it anyway. Over time, you may be amazed at what starts to shift. Let those sacred sounds emerge without censorship and definitely without any sort of mental process.

My prayer has been to be a magnification of love, light and beauty in the world through all that I do, and I see my singing to the Holy practice as a way of opening up that channel. Since I’ve started doing this, I keep hearing “you have such a beautiful voice!” I don’t know that my voice has gotten better, but now it is infused with something beyond myself. It is liberated beyond any sense of performance. It’s simply an offering to my best ally ever.

Give it a shot and tell me how it goes! Here in the comments section is great!

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