Are you feeding yourself Junk Food for the Soul?

Have you been feeling the warpy, bumpy, confusing and trying twists and turns that the change of the season and the shifts of the planets are bringing in? Me too! I have not only been aware of my own crunchy spots, but have felt incredibly sensitive to those around me. Seems like most of us are going through another wave of intensity. What can be done?

I was just reminded of something I realized a while ago that helped me through a really rough patch and now seems like the perfect time to share it with you.

As we approach the season of dressing up in gory costumes and watching scary movies, it seems like the perfect timing to share with you what I learned about feeding my soul.


I’m not saying you should put a total ban on everything that isn’t puppies, kitties, unicorns and rainbows. Not at all.

As someone who embraces the shadow and celebrates the full spectrum of the human experience, I think it is important to be aware of and in touch with all aspects of life and death, light and dark.

What I am inviting you to do is to be aware of what you choose to feed yourself with: enriching, inspiring, and nurturing stories, images, and music? When you do choose to indulge in something that is violent or outside the lines of what normally brings joy into your life, what is it doing for you? How do you feel afterward? Is it helpful to balance this experience with something inspiring and gentle on your senses?

My teacher, Martin Prechtel, encouraged our class, the Shoots & Tendrils, to read International Folk Tales and Fairy Tales before bedtime, and even if I can only get in a page or two before falling asleep, I have noticed that my sleep feels more deep; my dreams feel more inspiring and helpful, and I wake up with a more positive attitude. I try never to go right to sleep after being exposed to anything violent or upsetting.

The same goes for eating. I ask those I share meals with to keep the conversations, during the consumption of food, to topics that are nourishing and positive. I’m happy to dive into something deep and troublesome after a meal, but I agree with many traditions that we internalize what is happening around us when we eat.

This one simple idea: making sure to feed my soul plenty of healthy and helpful images, stories and music, has helped me through emotionally challenging times.

I invite you to give it a try, especially if you’re a scary movie fan like me. See if you notice a change, and let me know what your experience is like in the comments section here.

Until next week, may the magic be with you!
xo & <3 amanda_signature

One of my Hallowe'en costumes as the Cat who at the Canary

One of my Hallowe’en costumes as the Cat who at the Canary


  1. Ferrara on October 17, 2013 at 7:16 pm

    This is true. My entertainment diet has shifted dramatically since I’ve been doing more emotional healing and getting in touch with my feelings over the past months/years. I don’t even like horror and gore films anymore, generally, whereas I used to eat that stuff up. And though I still like to listen to weird, disturbing music, I have to be in the mood for it and I can’t even really listen to metal hardly at all nowadays. Give me tenderness, you can keep the brutality…

  2. Tanya on October 18, 2013 at 4:38 am

    HI Amanda~
    I’ve been enjoying your videos the past couple of weeks…nice energy!

    I was wondering what if any international fairy tale compilations you suggest…


    Thank you!!
    Blessings ~ & Smiles XO

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