Taking the Edge Off Moon Cycle Madness

Are you like me and thousands other women who have suffered from either intense pain, heavy bleeding, or both during your moon cycle?

I’m going to share with you the basic practice I discovered over ten years ago that took me from excruciating pain to hardly even thinking about my moon cycle.

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Basically, the thing that saved me was to do the opposite of what seems natural.

I turned my attention around. I did an about-face and instead of running away from or trying to ignore or minimize the pain, I headed right into the center of it. AND IT WORKED!

I noticed I had to bring an open and empty mind. I had to let go of all of my mental ideas, stories and assessments, even of the idea of pain. I let my mind be open and curious, and with that focus, I found that the pain that had, at times, taken me out of my body and into a psychedelic journey, soon turned into something I almost didn’t even notice.

It took just two brief connections with my cramps and they disappeared. But, it wasn’t just going into the pain with my open mind, I had to listen.

I saw the pain as a red flag and so I responded with concern. I asked what was going on, and the message I got was that I had put so much hate into the nuisance, embarrassment and other negative labels and projections I’d learned about having a monthly cycle that my body just couldn’t take it anymore. It was crying out for my attention, and when I offered it up and apologized and chose to send love, compassion and acceptance, the pain melted away. Within one month, I turned unbelievable pain that even Vicodin couldn’t challenge into something that almost felt good. I started to greet my moon cycle with deep appreciation. There’s nothing like immense pain and suffering to make the absence of pain feel like deep bliss.

I’ve continued to honor that healing and relationship with my womb and my moon cycle, and it has offered immense gifts, which I will continue to share if you stay tuned.

That’s all for this week.

Remember to take it easy on yourself this season. The weather, the social obligations, financial activity and family can all turn into stresses if we don’t remember to be kind and focus on they joy.

Until next week, may the Source be with you.
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