What is a Priestess and how can I be one?

Are you someone who hears the word “Priestess” and feels a contraction? Or does it feel like a calling you long to answer, but aren’t sure how?

Today I’m going to share what qualities and characteristics make a Priestess a Priestess, and the first basic steps to becoming one.

While there are all sorts of ways the word “Priestess” can be interpreted from “woo-woo” to Voo-Doo, my invitation is to let yourself step up as a completely unique embodiment of this archetype and DISCOVER WHO YOU ARE AS THE PRIESTESS. Allow yourself to practice it (it may be awkward at first, but it’s well worth the challenge), and give yourself permission to no longer hide behind a mask of mediocrity. You are here in this body, in this lifetime, for an important reason. Whether your role is as a mother, a teacher, a service worker or an entrepreneur, the way in which you show up will determine whether you are making a positive impact in the world, or merely rolling through the motions.

Here are some key words that inspire and guide me as I step into this role:

Divine Wisdom
Devotion to the Divine as the Beloved
Power through Presence
Grace & Beauty
Channel of the Divine
Sacred Mirror
Ceremony Keeper
What I feel, when I am embodying this archetype is a sense of infinite depth that can hold all things with graciousness. The Priestess responds with wisdom that is beyond the ego and personal preferences and biases. She can equally attend to practical matters that support grace and ease, create beauty to feed the Holy, and in her empty presence, engender stillness in others that allows the Divine to flow through them.

The shadow can be misinterpreted as aloofness, too little discipline, attending to the surface but not emanating from empty presence, too much discipline, detachment, and sometimes too subjective (unable to hold the Divine frequencies clearly).

When I can drop into the frequency of this Avatar and listen to Source, the answers that come NEVER lead me astray. The Priestess helps me to show up with courage and clarity when the ordinary me might not know how to respond to the Unknown.

If your heart is aching to become a true priestess, and respond to challenge with unflinching beauty and grace. If you long to discover what your life could be like if you had the keys to unlock the door to wisdom, strength and intuitive guidance, then you are invited to join me in my upcoming Living Wisdom School. Here we will learn how to shed the mundane, let the magic in, and become The Priestess, as well as other powerful and transformational archetypes of the Divine Feminine. We will learn the Divine Mysteries and secrets for becoming a living goddess without shame, guilt or limitations.

If you’re ready to wake up every day filled with joy because your life is filled with purpose and meaning, SIGN UP NOW. Space is limited and there’s no one who deserves to shine more than you!

May this season be filled with light, and may you also find beauty, peace and grace in the stillness of the dark.

All blessings to you and your loved ones, and until I see you again, may the Source be with you!


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