The Elegant Break-Up: Dancing into Loss with Style & Grace

I hope you don’t mind that I’m going to get really personal today.

This past week, I ended a really beautiful relationship.

I have been seeing a great guy for almost two years. We have lots of fun when we’re together, the chemistry is fantastic, and he’s the man who opens the door for his woman, shows up with wine and thoughtful gifts, and shows support in all that I do. Seems crazy, right, to let go of such a great catch!

Watch this week’s video to find out why I would let go of such a great guy, and how we were able to come to completion with grace, style and beauty.

The biggest key for me was letting go of any sort of agenda and simply choosing to be completely honest with him and to allow the truth to emerge between us. It took all the nervousness off and the terrible feeling of laying a heavy message on someone that might hurt him.

What resulted was a night of magical connection, honoring our relationship, each other, and the time we’ve had together. Instead of focusing on what was passing, we are planting the seeds of what new interaction might emerge for us.

There are many tools and practices I have cultivated over the years, and learning how to dance with the archetype of the Queen of Death, Midwife to the Underworld, has been essential to trusting, releasing, and surrendering to transitions so that deep peace and beauty can emerge.

The work I do with my clients empowers them to use the same tools I do so that stress and even deep loss don’t knock them off their grounded center.

If you have ever gone through a loss you didn’t know how to handle with grace, and would like to learn how to show up in the chaotic moments of your life with confidence and peace in your heart, give a shout. I have no greater joy than sharing my superpowers!

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Until next week, may you remember the Divine within you!
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