Have you figured out your freakin' niche yet?

Hey Superstar!

Pssst! What’s your niche?

If you’re at all like me, this simple question has caused hours of pondering, soul-searching, thinking you’ve found it, then realizing you didn’t. It’s been a real hair-puller for me.

Just the other day, though, I had a HUGE “Ah-Ha!” moment that helped me to shed the light on this continually elusive answer. Not only did I find my answer, I found THE KEY to discover who your ideal client is and how to understand him/her better.

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As an entrepreneur, pretty much from day one on my solo journey into being in business, I have heard how important it is to be able to answer the question “What do you do?” with precision. A more refined way of looking at it is “Who do you help?”

It makes sense. If I can’t tell people what I do, how will they know if they want to work with me? They certainly couldn’t refer anyone to me if they are clueless about my offerings and services, even if they really really like me.

But I am the poster child for Sagittarians. I get about 100 great ideas every day, and since I have, my whole life, been in service, I HELP ANYONE & EVERYONE WHO NEEDS IT. I’ve done paid work with abused children and their families, people just out of psychiatric care, hospice patients, women fighting cancer, pre-operative patients, chronically ill, women devastated by loss of relationship, men struggling to free themselves of childhood wounding, women wanting greater spiritual connection, people ready to release old stuck rage . . . it feels like freakin’ lifetimes worth of demographics I have helped. And it’s because I listen to my heart and when someone is in need, I answer the call.

So, who do I help? I’ve been working on answering that for over 2 years!

That’s why I was so incredibly relieved the other day when I got this HUGE epiphany. And the basic answer is: I am helping myself.

Let me explain.

I know I was born with certain obstacles and have had certain challenges to walk through in this lifetime so I could help others on their path. I believe that facing our struggles helps us develop the strength and wisdom we need to manifest our life’s purpose.

In working with a business coach (I finally bit the bullet and hired an amazing woman to help me with the last 10% that’s been so elusive), and as I answered the questions she gave me, and started interviewing my clients and, more clearly, looked at the overlap for most of them, a pattern started to emerge, and what I realized was that I was looking at my life story.

I grew up “different.” I matured, physically, mentally and emotionally very quickly. I looked and seemed a lot older than I really was.

In 5th grade, I was reading to my class at story time and administering the spelling tests (not kidding at all; talk about socially isolating a kid, geeze!). It was hard to relate to kids even a couple of years older than me. Much of the time I felt like an outcast, yet I also could see that I had gifts that I thought should be valued.

My deepest desire wasn’t to get rid of the things that made me different (thank goodness, I was able to hold on to the value of them), but I longed to be appreciated, instead of made fun of, for my differences.

Fast forward a couple of decades . . .

Fortunately, I am now surrounded by all sorts of gifted and inspiring people, so it’s easy to forget how tough things once were, but I do carry with me that old story. So, as I started tuning into my ideal client, I realized that my ideal client is walking the path that I walked, and I can help that person because I have the blisters and bruises and muscles from being there myself.

Yes, I can help all sorts of people, and it brings me great joy to reach out to new people with new challenges and I will continue to show up as Spirit guides me, but I am so relieved to realize who it really is I am here to serve. The ones I can serve BEST. The ones who are walking the path I’m oh so familiar with.

So, here’s the one big tip for you to help you tune into your “niche”
What was/is your biggest obstacle that you’ve had to learn how to navigate to survive and thrive in this world? It probably started as a kid. What were you made fun of for? What made you feel different from the rest? What were the stories you told yourself? It is likely that as you really explore your greatest challenges, you are also uncovering your niche.

I can’t believe it took me so long, and it kind of had to come through the back door before I even realized it. Instead of being embarrassed that I struggled with this for so long, I thought it would be helpful to spread the word so that you don’t have to suffer from “Can’t figure out my niche-itis”

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