The sWORD of Truth

I want to get down and dirty and ask you to take a really honest look at your life. Where is it wobbling? Where is it out of alignment?

It can be really difficult to want to look at these things, mostly because we can be at a loss for how to “fix” them. But if we don’t pay attention to the parts of our lives that are not a true reflection of what we want to be, then over time, even the little disjointed pieces become foundational blocks that keep us from reaching our full potential. Better to do a little bit of housekeeping now than either do a complete do-over in a year or feel stuck in a life we’re not really in love with, right?

So, today I have some clear and simple steps for bringing the little loose ends and warpy bits into alignment so that you don’t look back at your relationship, your career or any other part of your life with regret. Sound good?

Click here for this week’s Heads UP on how to use the Sword of Truth to have a life you can fall in love with.

It’s a very simplified and quick bite for a HUGE topic, I know. But I think it’s easier to get bite sized pieces that we can integrate.

Here are the steps again, so you can refer to them and start using them to initiate positive change in your own life and in the world.

1) Feel into where the warps are. Spoken word versus your physical/energetic response.
2) Be aware of your own stories, judgments and projections that can turn an gift of truth into a barrage of critical attacks.
3) Let the unfolding of the truth be your goal instead of blame or even fixing a problem (mutual understanding is another way of looking at it).
4) Speak about what you are witnessing rather than any stories or causalities you think you may have figured out. EXAMPLE: “You said that everything is fine, but I have a tight knot in my belly and when I look at you, your body seems tense. I’m curious why the words aren’t matching up with the feelings I have.”
5) Recognize that when you stand in courage to speak your truth, you open the door for a new possibility to emerge, rather than slugging along in the “business as usual” grind. Though some people resist the changes that truth-speaking brings, any great mind will tell you that it is speaking one’s “inconvenient truth” that helps the world to evolve into something better than was possible before we opened our mouths.

OH, ONE OF THE BIGGEST KEYS: Make sure to keep a balance of using the sword with yourself and with others. Always being up in other people’s business when you’re not willing to take an honest look at yourself is really annoying. AND only choosing to be honest with yourself can lead to unspoken boundaries/broken boundaries and not feeling authentic, even though you’re a total SuperSTAR. The Sword of Truth is always a sacred mirror, reflecting for all sides of the matter, something important that is asking to be looked at.

So, don’t keep your gifts to yourself. And remember how to deliver them so that they can be received as gifts. Wrap them in love, and a desire for letting the truth grow something good and leave the judgment and criticism packaging in the recycle bin.

This week’s challenge: Take a look at what parts of your life (or what moments) don’t feel in alignment. Where do the words not match the emotional/energetic/physical response? Commit, this week, to speak what you are experiencing until the truth can emerge.

AND, SHARE YOURE EXPERIENCES IN THE COMMENTS SECTION BELOW. If you have questions about this, that’s the place as well.

The Initiatress is the archetype who inspired this week’s inspiration. I just shared Her wisdom with my Women Inspiring Soulful Evolution community, and teach about Her deeper mysteries in the Living Wisdom School. Want to know more? Check out the Living Wisdom School AND the WISE program I offer.

Until next week,
May the magic be with you!
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