What is Oscar the Grouch doing with The Goddess?

Happy 13! Yes, it’s been 13 weeks (that’s a whole season’s worth!) since I started my journey with you, offering inspirations for a life outside the box, filled with magic, topped with limitless joy.

To celebrate, I wanted to present you with a little riddle. What do Oscar the Grouch, The Goddess, and the Number 13 have in common?

Check out my latest video to see what the heck I’m talking about:

13 is the element that comes from the Void. It is all possibility that emerges from the darkness of the Great Unknown. It is the Great Mystery inasmuch as we can possibly grasp such a thing while still in human form, perceiving through human mental constructs.

We often fear and judge it. Yes, even me. Yes, even you. We think it is trash. We think it is “other.” What it is really? Something unknown with the potential to expand the universe towards even greater life.

It is out of our control. It is beyond our comprehension. It is scary, and it keeps life happening. It breaks the mold, rocks the boat, never even got inside the box, and laughs at convention. It’s dirty and sweaty, scraped up and invites us to step way outside our comfort zones (and if we’re lucky enough, She kicks us off our beaten path to see the tiny miracle emerging beyond our sight).

I suspect you might be drawn to this frequency or you wouldn’t be reading my newsletters. While they are focused on bringing in the light, they fully embrace the full spectrum of the human experience, and 13 is my special H’Om girl.

Since Oscar is so in love with trash, and in ancient times, the Goddess Temples housed the “trash” (since she is the transforming element that returns life to the lifeless), he’s a secret cheerleader for the Goddess. GO OSCAR!

Goddess of Trash Challenge:
She invites you to do a couple of things.

#1 – Open your mind and heart to something or someone who currently brings up contraction inside. Find an opportunity to praise, rather than judge.

#2 – Make yourself available for this potent frequency to operate in your life. That means creating space in your schedule, your heart and your mind, and ASKING for The Goddess to move through you. It won’t be comfortable, but it will offer something new, unexpected and very lifey.

#3 – Leave me a comment about your experience in the comments section.

I share this and all other insights through the lens of being a priestess ordained into 13 different archetypes of the Divine Feminine, and as an initiate into a Mayan tradition of shamanism. I have a unique perspective to share. This is my own picture, inspired by my work with Martin Prechtel in Bolad’s Kitchen, my work with the 13 Moon Mystery School, my education and life experiences, and as a channel for the Divine living a life on the edge of magic, beyond the mundane. I want to honor my teachers and their influence in my work and also acknowledge that I am in no way able to teach you what they would; nor can I promote my opinions as endorsed by these teachers. I take full responsibility for what I say. For more information about the big influences in my life, click on the links provided.


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It’s been so great to celebrate our 13 weeks together! Here’s to the next 13!

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  1. Lakshmi Kerner on August 8, 2013 at 7:09 pm

    We are so in sync with each other, Amanda. I actually did what you suggested before I got your message.

    This morning I told my housemate (who is moving out at the end of the month and we could potentially have experienced upset with each other) how wonderful it was to hear her singing! She was so happy I said it and related a whole story about singing to her children.

    So, darling one, all is well. Life moves on.

    Loving you so much,

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