The Struggle After a Break-Through: How to navigate growth

Hey SupterSTAR!
Tell me if you’ve had this experience before:
You push through some old pattern. Years of old conditioning have come to the surface and you’ve taken the risk and done the hard work to move through into a new reality for yourself and just when you’re about to celebrate, you start to feel anxious. You get triggered. And it feels like everything just might all apart. It seems like often, after a great break-through, there’s a whiplash effect that can bring it all down.

Sound familiar? You’re not alone!

Check out my latest video (6 min) that give the 2 signs of success that most of us mistake for sure signs of failure.

Well, I hope that is helpful!

And tell me about what YOU experience after a breakthrough, and if it was challenging, what got you through the aftermath of vulnerability that comes from a big break-through? Leave your comments below.

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Thanks & until next week, may you Re-Member the Divine within YOU!
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