A Dream of Light & Darkness + I’m coming back to you

It’s been a very very long time since I last posted here.

I took a wise and helpful hiatus from creating posts and dove deep into building a business of integrity after investing in some business mentorship that helped me to have a structure from which to refine and expand.

I’ve focused on creating a successful business from this structure and as the foundation became set, my business took off and I’ve been in a beautiful rabbit hole of success, service, deeply nourishing personal growth, heartache, triumph oh and did I mention magic and sacredness?

Things are only continuing to grow and expand in beautiful ways, but I realized that I do have spaciousness and am being called to share with you what I am learning. So, I’m dedicating some of my time (as much as possible), as my gift to you, to offer insights, tools and practices that have been quite successful for me and and my clients.

So, you’ll want to stay tuned here as what I will be sharing cost me thousands of dollars and years and long hours of my time. This is information that my clients pay me thousands of dollars to learn how to implement in a personalized way.

If you’re smart and a DIY’er you’re going to get all you need to build a successful business while living a life of meaning and purpose (that means having time for YOU, your loved ones, your community . . . and did I mention YOU?). What is success if it only includes money? It’s just money! Success for me is being joyful, making the world a better place, and thriving on all levels. Unfortunately, there are a lot of “successful” people who just have the money (and a bit of notoriety or fame), but are lacking joy, love, healthy relationships, healthy body. For me, success is all about how you feel.

So, I’m sharing spiritual, sacred and practical approaches.

Soon, I’m offering a free online call: “Build Your Business of Integrity“. In this class I’m going to be teaching you about the 6 biggest traps you can get stuck in that will keep you from your success, and I’ll be sharing how you can get out of those traps once and for all. Sign up :: HERE :: to get the details.

For now, I’d like to share with you a profound dream that I had the other night. I frequently have archetypal dreams and visions for the collective (as part of my intention and oversoul’s purpose in this lifetime). I’ll be sharing them here with you.

(I’d like to give artistic credit to this artist)

I am in a beautiful, old house. There are many people there getting ready for ceremonies. There is movement and quiet voices speaking pointedly. Everyone is wearing white and most are fairly genderless.

The house is filled with beautiful hand-made wreaths, candle holders and other ritual and altar items. There are many candles lit and the feeling inside is peaceful.

There are two groups of people creating different ceremonies. We are in the final moments of preparation before the ceremonies begin. One group is doing their ritual indoors and the other group, the group I am a part of, will be out on the lovely, large front lawn. The group inside is doing ceremony to feed darkness and a deity that is referred to as “satan,” however there is no sense of evil or darkness. The ceremony feels very peaceful. It seems more like the darkness that comes at night and during the winter – a natural balance.

The outside group is celebrating and feeding the light. This is my group.

Even though there is no sense of opposition, we are doing our ceremonies separately. I step outside of the house with my group but realize that there is something I need inside. Technically, I shouldn’t be going back in, but since the ceremony hasn’t started, I give myself permission to go inside to retrieve my belonging. I decide that as long as I’m not detected, then I haven’t harmed anyone. So I’m quiet and trying to go unnoticed. I retrieve my item (not sure what it is, but it feels like a stone or crystal), and turn to leave when someone does discover me and angrily shews me out of the house. There’s no real threat, but I’m being heavily scolded.

As I quickly exit the house, I put up an energetic shield to protect me from the negative projections from this person. As I step outside, I can see (as if from above and behind) large, dark grey wings coming out of my back. I start to feel very light and instantly jump into flight and I go straight up. I am feeling that this energetic experience should be a part of the ceremony and am curious if those below can see and somehow integrate this magical miraculous opening of my wings into our ritual.

The sky is gray and beautifully moody as I rise up beyond the treetops and the power lines.

I will leave you to sit with the imagery and possible meaning that it may hold for you.

What stands out to me as curious and interesting is . . .
1) that there is no sense of “evil,” only very distinctly different energies/frequencies
2) that I feel called to step back into the “darkness” after emerging into the light to retrieve something that belongs to me (makes me think about the Subconscious Success Repatterning system I channeled that brings loving kindness and compassion to traumatized and disconnected subconscious patterns that are running painful survival programs) – conscious soul retrieval
3) that from the darkness, and the retrieval of a part of myself, my wings are birthed (they arise after I visit the darkness and they are dark gray)

Enjoy this transmission and thanks for coming with me on this epic journey we call life!