Go Ask Alice Oracle & Spiritual Composting Under One Umbrella: The White Rabbit Speaks

Hey friends!
Did you know that I wrote an oracle? It’s true! It’s maybe another side of me you haven’t yet seen and I’m so excited to share all of me with you under one umbrella – here at my new epad!

As the result of asking for a dream for the collective in 2008, I was guided to decipher the archetypal wisdom held within the Alice in Wonderland Adventures and it became a wildly popular website and newsletter with over 10,000 hits each month. Despite the fun I was having, I felt really stretched in too many directions and it seemed wise to gather all my offerings together here at my new epad for all of my friends, family and fans to enjoy in one convenient location.

It’s all me whether it’s silly or sacred, from the Divine or the Land of Wonder. And as an authentic human helping my earth tribe to THRIVE outside the box, it seemed important to give you ALL I’ve got. So, without further adieu, here’s my first video blog from down inside the rabbit hole. Here we meet the White Rabbit and discover what he has to teach us about time, and passage into the realms of the subconscious mind.


Oh, and PLEASE take a moment to share any experiences you’ve had where time stood still or flew by OR any journeys you’ve taken with the White Rabbit!

I really want to hear from you!

So leave your stories down below in the comment section!

Thanks and big hugs with tea and jam from the kitchen of the White Queen. She’s a bit of a mess, but she makes a killer crumpet!

xo & <3

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