Got Lube? Making Transitions Gentler

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As I have dedicated myself to sharing with you my biggest and best insights into having more joy and magic, especially during tough times, I’ve come to realize that the most important times to focus energy on are the transition points.

Imagine this scenario. You are in a burning building and you HAVE to get out. The only possible escape is to get from the 9th floor window across a large alley way and onto the landing of another building. It would be horrifying if you had to take a risky leap, but if you had a guy-wire and could harness yourself in and glide on over without risk of falling, it wouldn’t be so traumatizing, right? Well, sometimes we see change coming but we don’t see the easy middle steps that can make big change less disruptive and more full of ease. It’s all about transitions. Getting from point A to point B with grace or hard knocks. for gliding through your life transitions like a well oiled machine.

Spider Woman shared with me some deep secrets as well about transitions as connecting points. On the web they hold together the sacred geometries that manifest your world. In your body, they are the joints that either allow graceful movement or painful and limited motion.

So, here are some of the best basic ways to lube up the gears so shifts don’t need to be so crunchy.

#1: SLOW DOWN – Each feeling and thought, especially at the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one, is rare and has so much to offer, even if it’s challenging. It’s easy to rush from one big milestone on to the next, but the space between (interstitial space) is laden with treasure. If you rush, you’ll miss it, and it’s in times of rushed stressful change that we get sick and have accidents. Taking it easy and going slow also helps to make sure you learn and grow in the good ways that help strengthen and prepare you for what’s next. Going fast is a sure-fire way to skip the lessons we set ourselves up to learn, which puts us right back on the same old ride traveling in the same old rut. Ready to break out? Slow down and do it with grace and style.

I know that being in that in-between is difficult, so here are 4 other practices to help you fill up that space without taking you out of the experience. In fact, these next 3 practices will help you to really take in what’s waiting for you here in this illusion of limbo.

#2: Take care of your BODY – YOGA – movement, rest, exercise, good diet . . . There are many ways to make sure you are caring for your body, and in times of stressful change, the body should be one of your biggest priorities. If you have stagnated, make sure to get some movement in. If you’re moving too fast and trying to get too much done, slow down. Find a good balance between pushing yourself and going easy. MY FAVORITE WAYS: yoga, silent free-form dance and walking/hiking in Nature.

#3: Take care of your MIND – MEDITATION – emptying out, listening, prayer, expanding consciousness, going deep. Find some way of letting your busy mind slow down, let go, and empty out. I kind of look at it as emptying out the trash. MY FAVORITE PRACTICE: weaves in visualizations, insight meditation, emptying my mind and prayer.

#4: Take care of your SPIRIT – CONNECT with others, ask for help, balance alone time and cultivating relationships with others (human, non-human, earth plane and other). Make sure that you are nourishing your spirit by staying connected with people and sources of wisdom and support that keep you grounded, inspired and present in your life.

I hope that helps. Next time you anticipate a big shift happening, lube up the gears by focusing on that in-between space. Don’t rush it, don’t ignore it. Give it your attention and see how it serves you next time you have a big transition.

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Until next week, may gentle transitions & the Source be with you.

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