Playing Etch-A-Sketch with Kali Ma?

Hey SuperStar!

Have you ever had just a complete Etch-A-Sketch moment? By that, I mean a time when it feels like the Powers That Be have taken your life and shaken it up until there’s nothing but a blank slate left.

Today I’m going to share with you an intense story of how Kali Ma came to me and initiated me personally. It was, indeed, an Etch-A-Sketch experience. One of many, in fact. It’s vulnerable and deep and I’m sharing it because I hope it will inspire you when you get that unexpected shake-down from the Goddess.

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The most amazing thing about this experience was that Kali let me know that NONE of what I was going through was a punishment. I didn’t ever feel sorry for myself, which would have been easy to do with the loss of the man I was deeply and passionately in love with, the loss of all of my friends, most of my possessions, and constant emotional onslaughts by the fight that Dan put up once it was obvious that I was not going to get on the meth train and ride off into the self-destruction sunset with him.

Despite having panic attacks, and despite all of the losses, Kali helped me to move through the trauma like a warrior. I had a clear mind (doing yoga and meditation sometimes several times a day were ESSENTIAL in gaining that clarity) and Kali’s biggest bit of wisdom was that I could never respond in fear. If I were to respond in fear, I would be #1 validating the toxic reality that Dan was working at manifesting, and #2 I would never win because reactions and responses FOLLOW and let someone or something else take the lead. The only way to be at the head of my own life was to drop in and ask my HIGHER self, not the disempowered, frightened self, what I needed to do to serve my highest good.

I could see, many times, that what my fear would have me do, and what my higher self offered me were very different, and I got to see what a HUGE and life altering difference that shift made for me.

That complete dissolution of my life as I knew it was not easy. As I said, I had panic attacks and physical manifestations of the emotional and energetic toll that ride took on me, BUT as I looked back, there were no regrets. Not one moment that I thought “Ooooh! I wish I hadn’t done that!” or “I’d give anything to go back and change . . .”

We can never control the losses, accidents, deaths and shifts that come our way, but we CAN show up when the shake-down is happening with courage and clarity and it will help turn the calamity into a strength training, versus a tragedy that knocks us on our ass and locks us in a victim mentality. Kali Ma has been THE BEST LIFE COACH THERE IS. May her next visit with you be as beneficial as they have all been with me.

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Until our paths cross again, may Kali Ma’s help and the Source be with you.

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