Exchanging Rage for Bliss

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Of course you’ve never done this yourself, but have you ever been aware of someone feeling a lot of rage and suppressing it? Putting a tight lid on that pressure cooker so no one will know there is a bubbling molten lava explosion just aching to bust out and level everything?

You may also be aware that if that pressure cooker isn’t given an opportunity to let off some steam, the consequences can be DEADLY, or at least really really unpleasant.

Check out this week’s Goddess Diary on how to express the energy anger brings when it doesn’t feel safe or “appropriate” to react in the moment.


I want to make it clear that I am DEFINITELY NOT suggesting you avoid taking action with the trigger of your anger. I am DEFINITELY advocating for speaking up when there are injustices, abuses, or any other sort of wrong-doing that is coming your way.

I’m talking about what to do with the ENERGY that anger creates. Anger can urge us to take really positive actions, or our wisdom may guide us to self-reflect and realize it’s just a trigger we need to deal with. Regardless of the actual practical response to the stimulus, when we have anger inside of us, IT NEEDS TO COME OUT, regardless of who’s to blame or what the final result is. Otherwise it will stagnate and cause some sort of disease, whether it’s emotional (depression, irritability, loss of creativity, loss of sexual and sensual enjoyment . . .) or physical (actual diseases from stress-colds to cancer – no I’m not saying all cancer is self-caused from repressed anger).

There are few opportunities to really feel the immense and powerful presence of Kali in our modern, tech-driven lives. She shows up as the earthquake and the volcano that are out there somewhere else causing destruction to someone else, or she shows up in lost jobs and broken relationships, but we hardly ever get to feel Her true and immense power flow through us, igniting our own internal fierce expression of our-Selves. When we can’t feel that internal strength, that primal fight for life, we can become detached, depressed, and worst of all, we become unexpressed. Little frustrations and disappointments get bottled up. Losses and grief get stuffed down, and before long, there’s a bubbling volcanic explosion that we are terrified of unleashing so we become completely pre-occupied trying to keep all that intensity locked up inside. That is EXHAUSTING! Then it comes out in uncontrolled rages, depression, accidents, self-sabotage & self-harming behaviors. Instead of carrying all that around, why not trade it in?

For our health and the health of all those we engage with, it is VITAL to get that raging volcanic energy up and out of us before it does damage, but with all humans, and especially women, we put a lot of restrictions on ourselves in how to express it.

*ARTISTIC SELF-EXPRESSION (but make sure your BODY feels relieved afterward – don’t just make it a soothing practice that helps you to forget about the volcano inside)


This Sunday, May 11th (Mother’s Day, very appropriately as we celebrate the Great Mother of all cycles of life) we will gather to invoke Kali Ma, Chinnamasta, the Tibetan Dakinis, Pele . . . make masks of our fears and illusions, and then use all the power we can muster within us to shed that old skin and birth ourselves anew in a safe and blissful container with a Shamanic Butoh Rebirthing Ritual. Whatever anger, rage, depression and darkness we have brought with us that is weighing us down will be burned off as fuel in this energy moving, rage burning, blood pumping, ecstatic practice. (Prepare to bring clothing that can be pulled on and crawled on the ground in). This is a very safe and non-painful practice. Special physical limitations can and will be honored, but you WILL FEEL YOUR BODY WORKING.

You’re going to feel FANfreakinTASTIC afterward.

Sunday May 11th 2-6pm
@The Center for Living Wisdom
East Oakland Hills (Above Oakland Zoo), CA

Are you ready to feel Good? How about ECSTATIC?

Until we meet again, may BLISS and the Source be with you!

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