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I thought it would be amusing to check my “Schedule for planned newsletter topics” that I created recently so I could have a more concrete structure for how I organize my offerings. HAA HAA HAA! So much lately is uncertain that setting up structure has sometimes seemed like a ridiculous obsessive and pointless ritual. But, when I tuned in to what I had planned, Presencing Beauty, and felt into all that I have been navigating in the realms of Death, something lovely emerged, and it is one of the most powerful and precious superpowers of the Priestess archetype and I’d like to share it with you.

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So what was all this business about Jesus and Kali Ma? It seemed important to make some connections that are really strong for me right now, and they come, greatly through the inspirations I get while sitting with my teacher, Martin Prechtel, so I want to give some cred to his influence in this offering:

In many indigenous cultures, funerals and seed planting are the same ceremony, just for different forms and phases of life. Ancestors are buried in the family gardens of Vietnam, Cambodia and throughout Asia. Mayan shamans are buried with their Sacred Seed Divination Bundles on their chests and become the trees that sprout up and make more Divination Seeds.

This is a part of the Lady of Communion, but it is important to bring in as a reflection for the Creator* Preserver* Destroyer archetype as well. We see the seed cracking and give thanks for the food that is growing to nourish us, but when we are to be the food, are we so gracious? What happens when we quit running from growth/death/change and feed the natural cycle of life with excitement and devotion?

Hands holding sprout

The Priestess knows how to see the cracking seed as a gift of new life AND the completion of another. She can both honor the grief of this great offering and use that grief to make ceremony and ritual to celebrate and feed the new life that is coming in.

Jesus is a male counterpart to Kali Ma. There are a lot of strange twists in many of the modern Christian plots around Jesus and his death and resurrection, but when looked at from the world perspective, we see how many other mythologies, origin stories, and natural phenomenon reflect these same cycles. Springtime is the time of resurrection for everything. Plants come back to life. Seeds crack and grow into plants. The Earth is renewed. The cycles of Jesus’ life and Kali’s cycles are parallel. What are the cycles?

(Re)Birth Jesus: Resurrection
Kali: ReBirth – all that is devoured is
composted and reborn (Chinnamasta cuts off her own head to nourish her

Life Jesus: Devoted to Love, Compassion &
Kali: Devoted to Mercy, Truth & Liberation

Death Jesus: Giving up life for the sake of life
Kali: Clearing out old growth for new

Big differences in teachings:
Jesus: Suffering for sins – need for repentance.
Kali: Pain is illusion – at the heart of the illusion of pain is ecstatic release from attachments. Embrace the shadow and let it lead you to ecstatic union.

Andrew Gonzalez Union Mystica

So, this has been a conjunction of the influences of Spring, the themes of life and death that have come up so strongly with the celebrations of Easter and Passover, and the passing of my father, and the teachings of The Priestess we’ve been focusing on this month.

No surprise that they can all come together and make so much sense. May it serve you well as we are all, it appears, walking some pretty tight and high, obstacle-ridden paths together.

Until next week, may New Life and the Source be with you!

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