Love as your greatest weapon

Hey SuperSTAR!

Are you feeling the immense weight of what’s happening in the world? Do you feel overwhelmed with grief, worry and hopelessness at times? Me too!

What can we do about it? It may feel like nothing, but that’s just not true. You can do A LOT!

Catch this week’s inspiration for transforming your grief into a weapon of Mass ELATION.

This month, the Goddess of Love is here to remind us that the potent frequency of LOVE can transform everything that is heavy and negative into bliss, or at least something that feels really good: peace, joy, kindness, generosity . . .

Grief is something that needs to be honored, expressed and released, but when it isn’t released it gets lodged in the body and gets in the way of our ability to experience joy. When that happens, we end up spreading the grief. Even if we do our best to keep it to ourself, it can spread like wildfire.

The wars that are going on, the violence, apathy and anger are all self-justified reactions to something someone did that was harmful (intentional or not, perceived or real). THE ONLY WAY TO END WAR IS TO CHOOSE TO STOP RESPONDING WITH NEGATIVITY. That means letting go of evening the score, no matter how hard it seems.

In a restorative justice class I took last year, the teacher said “Hurt people hurt people.” It is so true. When we are in a place of pain, it is difficult for us to not pass it on. The only way to heal up the anger, violence and harm on the planet is to focus on letting go of the negativity and generating more love in the world. Even if it feels like you’re faking it, doing something that brings a smile to someone else’s face is bound to generate a sense of warmth and goodness inside of you too and before you know it, your presence is creating more peace and kindness everywhere you go.

Love Wins Graffitti

Think about this:

So, here’s a little practice for you:
Every time you start to feel overwhelmed by grief over circumstances you cannot personally impact, take a moment to stop and turn the grief into a prayer. Not just for the people being harmed, but EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY for those who are causing the harm. They need to start feeling the love even more.

Imagine some person or circumstance you CAN feel a lot of love for and let that expand in your body and when it feels like the love can’t get any bigger, send it out with your prayer for the love to infiltrate any energy that has forgotten to be love inside of you and out there in the world. Keep sending it out, and set your intention to let love guide your day. It’s okay if you forget. Love and forgive yourself and start again.

Instead of letting the negative messages and information out there overwhelm you and numb you out, focus on turning that frustrated and helpless feeling energy into an act of loving kindness (even if it’s you that is the recipient).

You can’t make others change their course of anger with more anger. LOVE is THE ONLY WEAPON that can STOP the generation of HARM. Are you ready to gear up?


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Until next week, may LOVE, PEACE & the Source be with you!

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