My issues with LOVE

Hey SuperSTAR!

Are you like me? Someone who has learned how to be independent, sovereign and able to function really well as a soloist? But also finding that maybe that BIG L hasn’t made it’s way to you despite your loving nature?

I’ve got some big tips on how to stay HEALTHY, SOVEREIGN AND CALL IN ALL THE LOVE YOU WANT.
Here’s the Big Scoop on the Big L.

In my attempts at not falling into a co-dependent relationship and stepping into my power, it seems as though I stepped a little too far into the realms of Sovereignty to truly receive the BIG LOVE I have been calling in for myself.

It makes sense. We get hurt and, if we are doing our work, we see what it was that brought on that hurt, and sometimes our response is to step a little too far in the other direction like I did.

I had made up some pretty strong and not so easily changed ideas about what it means to be sovereign within a loving relationship. I had created so many safe zones around me to assure I wasn’t going to fall into an entangled and co-dependent relationship that I was actually pushing away a love that is exactly what I’ve been wanting (I was in a ceremony during the Winter Solstice where I made a prayer to have a beloved who wanted to be in a “love showdown” with me, meaning just blasting out the love and expressions of affection and adoration with abandon). And yet, when it was looking me, quite literally, in the face and making that suggestion, my first instinct was to label it as unhealthy and step back.

Thank goodness my beloved had the wherewithal to suggest that I consider the possibility of being incredibly loving, expressive and available for each other WITHOUT it being unhealthy or co-dependent. Thank goodness I decided to hear him and really sit down and ask my higher Self to help me see the whole thing more clearly.

Now my heart is open more and I am enjoying the sweet romantic texts, notes, thoughtful acts and loving responses I’d been praying for for so long. Yes, it is scary because it is unfamiliar and I know I need to make sure I don’t step all over my personal practices that keep me centered to consciously or unconsciously maintain the relationship with my man over my relationship with myself, but it’s such a worthy cause. I can say for certain that the rewards of taking the risk of stepping outside my comfort zone and into the love showdown ring are completely worth the effort it takes to check in and make sure I am still staying accountable to me.

So, if you’re like me, hiding inside a big bubble of sovereignty that’s keeping you safe from pain, but also out of the reach of the BIG L, try taking the risk of stepping outside the safe zone and into the LOVE. You’ll never look back.

Here are some pics from our big dive into the Temple of Love last weekend as we learned about Sexual Bliss Through Good Housekeeping:

LWS LOVE 2014 Altar

SBTGH workshop champagne

Making Love Potions

AfroDite Hippie Heart Mudra

Until next week, may healthy, BIG LOVE & the Source be with you!

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