Mixed Tape from the Goddess: Journey through Loss


Today I want to be brief with the words and offer up for you a musical journey. A mixed tape, if you will, from the Goddess. It’s a journey through loss. May it see you through into the light at the end of the tunnel and to your personal freedom and take you on a journey through loss that might support your graceful transition from emptiness into what lies on the other side of this passage.

Ganesh Invocation
Chant of the Paladin
Monk With Bell
Fortune Presents Gifts not According to the Book
Sarve Shaam
Morning Song
Meeting In The Aisle
Dawa The Cradlesong
Refuge & Sevenfold Offering
Thank You For Hearing Me

How dow music impact your life? Do you use it to support you in troubled times? What is your favorite music when you’re sad? Angry? Ready to pop? PLEASE SHARE IN THE COMMENT SECTION BELOW!

Once again, thanks for tuning in, and until next week, blessings on your journey!

xo & <3
Close Up Big Smile


  1. Ms A on July 13, 2013 at 10:01 pm

    Well, now, I have the great pleasure of tuning in to this mix tape on the very day I was playing old cassettes in my stereo.. They Might Be Giants, to be exact. Made me happy, playing something I loved and sang every word to with dear friends so long ago. SO thank you muchly for this musical melange… it weaves light and sound into my heart’s prayers for healing and happiness.

    Keep Pressing “Play” !! 😉

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