Not YOU again!

Hey SuperSTAR!

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a hopeless rut because some issue you’ve done loads of work on comes back into your life as if you’d never done anything at all to heal?

Don’t get discouraged! You are NOT alone!

Get this week’s inspiration on how to dance with old demons in new ways and quit feeling like you’re stuck in an endless rut.

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Remember that just because something has come back around doesn’t mean the healing you did before was worthless or ineffective. Look for ways to dance with this familiar partner again with your eyes wide open.

Notice what you’ve learned already about this teacher from the shadows. Use that wisdom to have more grace in the dance this time around. Acknowledge yourself for how you’ve grown since the last dance with this “demon.”

What NEW wisdom, strength and insights can you gain from this new dance? It may seem like the same old same old, but see if you can learn something new so that the next round is even more graceful.

Take time WHILE IT IS HERE IN YOUR LIFE to be with it intimately and ask it what it is here to teach you? Get ALL you can from it. Despite it’s outer unwelcome presence, it may have gifts for you that are necessary to get where you want to be. They may be gifts you can’t get anywhere else, so treasure this challenging time and focus on the treasures that lay hidden.

Say “thank you,” for the dance. Gratitude can open the eyes along with the heart and mind to help you to really see what is being offered here.

And if you are really fed up with a repeating pattern in your life and feel like you just can’t get a good perspective on it, I invite you to get one-on-one support. My speciality is helping to bring those subconscious self-sabotaging parts of the self up to the surface to “make nice,” so you’ve got the whole YOU on your team, rather than working against you behind the scenes. There’s nothing more valuable than being able to outgrow old dance partners who have kept us feeling hopelessly stuck in repeat gong-show performances.

One more thing before we sign out for the week . . .

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Sexy in the kitchen

Until next week, may you enjoy a new dance with old patterns, and may the SOURCE be with you!

xo & <3 amanda_signature

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