Spider Mudra for Healing

Wow, wow, wow!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a true healer? Are people just born with it, or what?

If you’ve been on this journey with me for a little while, you already know that I have a potent connection with Spider Woman (the WEAVER of the COSMOS). She has come to me many times and shared with me magical practices that have changed my life and the lives of those I’ve shared the downloads with.

Well, last night, after sharing the story of my powerful initiation with Spider Woman, She came to me in another dream and activated a new SuperPower. One that I will be weaving into my upcoming class- Priest:ess Reiki I (Weaving in Spider Mudra and Sacred Anointing). It’s incredibly high vibration and has already been helping me to alleviate painful tension I tend to build up in my neck and shoulders.


I have a special message and invitation for you from Spider Woman you DON’T want to miss.

Click here for this week’s invitation to SuperCharge your personal healing gifts.

AND AS A SPECIAL BONUS because it’s Spring and Spider Woman wanted me to share the VISION, here’s a 2nd quick video of the Spider Medicine Dream.

The first time that Spider Woman came into my life, she shared with me a potent mudra practice that I have used to manifest amazing beauty and magic in my life (money, home, relationship . . . she’s shown me how to make my dreams come true), and I’ve shared it with others who have also seen undeniable, fast and positive results:

“After taking Amanda’s Spider Medicine Manifestation Mudra workshop I got 3 new clients!” ~ Dr. Michelle Peticolas

Now, Spider Woman has gifted me with a new, potent practice for pulling disease, pain and stuck energy from the body which I will be adding to my upcoming Priest:ess Reiki I offering (Weaving in Spider Mudra and Sacred Anointing for deep healing).

If you’ve ever felt called to help your friends, family and community to heal, this is an amazing first step to activate your innate healing gifts. If you are already an energy healer who works with your hands, this potent practice will supercharge what you’re already doing.

I’m offering a LIVE EVENT: Priest:ess Reiki I (Weaving Spider Mudra and Anointing into your Healing Arts)! Unbelievably affordable early bird tickets are available to those who act NOW. And Spider Woman’s potent new practice will be added into the teachings.

If you want the full, deep and mystical download from Spider Woman and you can’t make it to my live event, make sure to sign up for my Spider Medicine package. Get one-on-one Spider Medicine mentoring. (Send me a message on the contact form.)

And keep that eye out for my upcoming journey: Sexual Bliss Through Good Housekeeping – A 101 Guide & Class for Emerging Priestesses Who Want to Turn Old School Perfectionism into Graceful, Sexy, Sassy Living the Beauty Way!


Until next week, may you feel empowered to share YOUR healing gifts, and may the SOURCE be with you!

xo & <3 amanda_signature

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