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Wow, it is so uncanny! The Goddess always shows up potently in sync with the archetypes we are focusing on in the Living Wisdom School!

The Goddess of Transformation we are focusing on this month is the Initiatress, who helps us bring ourselves, our relationships and our experiences into alignment with our highest truth through our courageous choices to speak up when things feel wonky. Have you ever had an exchange that left you feeling heavy, discombobulated, and fixating on it in your head? If so, you’ll LOVE today’s Goddess Diary.

I am usually really great at saying what’s on my mind, but recently hit a challenging wobble and wanted to share it with you.

I was recently at a ceremony with a community I feel are very much mi familia. When it was my turn to pray, someone who is seen by me and many in my community as a spiritual leader spoke to me in a way that was painful. It pulled me out of my heart and into my head. I felt defensive, attacked and really confused. In the moment, I did not have the words to express what was happening for me. The combination of being on a deep cleanse and being in a very altered and expanded space really made my head a strange place to be in the middle of ceremony. I was supposed to be making a prayer for myself, and what came out was NOT an accurate reflection of my prayer. When I sat down, I felt twisted up and out of sorts.

Putting my ego aside, (because I felt a bit shamed and misunderstood publicly), what I was left with was that I came to make a prayer for myself and I hadn’t been able to really express it. I could feel, energetically, that something needed to be done to bring things into alignment again.

open mouth

My heart opened again as there was truly only loving intentions in the ceremony. But I noticed that my head was still fixating over what had happened and was trying to make sense of it all. When I find myself doing this: obsessing over trying to “figure” something out or making arguments over something that happened in the past, I know I am leaving the present moment and going into stories, judgments and projections. So, I knew that there was a “twiggly dangler” as one of my mentors and Fairy Godmothers, Ariel Spilsbury, likes to say. I asked my brain to give it a rest and promised to address it.

Once I had dropped into my heart and my womb, and was in a place of openness, I asked to speak again. It was a little scary because I was putting myself out there again.

But this time, I was able to express MY prayer from my heart, and I also was able to share that the verbal exchange that had happened previously pulled me out of that prayer. No blame. No right or wrong. Simply expressing what was real in MY HOLODECK.

Saying what was real for me brought me out of my fixated thoughts, out of making up a story about it and helped me to get to what was really important. MY PRAYER. Everything went from feeling all twisted up and wonky to peaceful, grounded and present.

After the ceremony, several people told me how glad they were that I spoke up and got to have my real prayer be heard. I also was able to speak with this amazing person I’d had the confusing exchange with and share honest and helpful reflections between us. Now I feel great. There’s no more discomfort and I am able to move on and stay focused on what’s going on now, rather than what went on days ago.

Was all of that scary? Yes! It was scary to speak an uneasy truth to someone I and others in my community look up to. But taking that risk lead to not only helping me get the help and the peace I needed, it also, apparently, inspired other people as well. When we don’t address mis-alignments, we end up walking around feeling all twisted up. Over time, it accumulates and we find ourselves sick, depressed, irritable . . . it doesn’t support our loving nature. It keeps us from our joy.

Silence in the midst of warped interactions is a way of saying it’s okay. It’s so very important for us all to have the courage to speak up when we experience something out of whack. It doesn’t mean blaming anybody, it just means we are not going to pretend everything is alright when it just isn’t.

Initiator: Ariel Spilsbury's 13  Moon Oracle

Initiator: Ariel Spilsbury’s 13 Moon Oracle

Offering up the perceptions as an opportunity for everyone involved to straighten out the wobble creates CONNECTION and helps us walk around peacefully in the present, rather than going over the WTF? moments from the past and getting stuck there. Focusing on what we need to learn, see, understand is important. Making sure the “other” sees things our way is not. Understanding, regardless of agreement, is what helps us to support living in a world of diversity and staying connected with all our relations.

So, I dare you to pay attention to when your heart closes or your belly tightens or your throat gets stuck. Don’t let it go. Take the opportunity to smooth out the wrinkles.

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Isis Neith by Kris Johnson-Michiels

Isis Neith by Kris Johnson-Michiels

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Until next week, may strength, magic, and the Source be with YOU!


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