Turn your GRRRR into Bio-Fuel

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Have you ever noticed how exhausting stress can be? It taxes the immune system and makes your whole nervous system all haywire. The worst part of it is that it’s usually during stressful times that we most need our precious energy.

What if you could transform your stress into helpful energy for your body so you actually had that extra surge to get you through your hard times? Check out the download on how to turn your GRRRRR into bio-fuel.

It may take time and practice, but it’s SUCH a worthy investment!

When we attach old opinions, stories and limiting beliefs to experiences, we automatically trigger emotional responses. We also tend to get really attached to our feelings, which is harmful because feelings tend to need to flow. They get triggered and need expression and release.

The combination of getting stuck in the stories and the old stagnant feelings keeps us wrestling around and expending our energy on something that really, just naturally, wants to get the heck away from us and move on. At the very LEAST, letting go of our attachments to our emotions and our story lines leaves us free of the wasted energy it takes to struggle with them. It also allows us to be more focused on the present, leaving us more clear and able to respond to what is happening now (rather than obsessing and worrying about what has been or what may be).

At the MOST, we can learn how to use the energy that was once bogged down in story and stuck feelings, and access it for energizing us and giving us the fuel we need to power through a difficult time.

The best practices I have found to help continually let go of my stories and turn my angerrrrrrr into helpful energy are meditation and asana yoga. Tantra, (not necessarily the westernized version) is a practice that brings breath, movement, meditation, visualization, mantra (chants), mudra and yoga practices together to maximize energy in the body and liberate us from the mental, emotional and physical blocks that keep us stuck in the suffering of our attachments.

So, it’s a great idea, but easier said than done. The truth is, though, that ANY amount of time you choose to invest in these practices with this intention is going to help you, significantly, to stop wasting your energy and staying stuck in unpleasant thoughts, feelings and physical discomfort and fatigue and start turning up your chi.

If this intrigues you and you’d like a taste of what it feels like to start to activate that potent energy in your body that is free from old mental and emotional junk, you’re invited to join me for a live event to awaken your Kundalini and learn some easy and potent practices for starting you off in the right direction. GET YOUR DISCOUNTED TICKETS HERE NOW. There are only a few, so don’t wait!

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Until next week, may more energy and the Source be with you!

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