Ecstatic Living: Beet Fennel Gazpacho Recipe

Beet Fennel Gazpacho

This gorgeous looking (and tasting) chilled soup I made up has become such a hit, I just had to share it with you!

For those of you who love to follow tight recipes with precise amounts and measurements . . .


MOST SINCERE APOLOGIES! This is intuitive cooking! I'm glad I can even remember what all I put in it to begin with 😀


I cook with a lot of intuition, flow, and . . . complete lack of measuring cups, measuring spoons and the like. Please do bear with me.

I recommend, as always, getting organic produce, locally sourced is best.


Get a bunch of beets (3-4 medium/large), remove the stems & leaves (saving them to add to smoothies or salads later), wash them, and then steam them until they are soft to cut, but still firm (don't worry if you cook them longer). The cooking helps to sweeten them up in the soup. Add to your blender (I prefer Vitamix or something similar that can provide a very smooth consistency).

Roughly cut up one cucumber (you'll want to remove the peel if it is not organic). Add to your blender.

Roughly cut up one bulb of fennel (if you can wild harvest this, it's amazing). Save some of the beautiful greens for garnish, and if you're on the conservative side, keep some of the stems out and mostly use the bulb. Add to your blender.

Remove most of the peel from 2 lemons. Add to your blender.

Fresh mint to your liking (Save some for garnish!)

Add 1/2 cup (or more if you like) cup of good quality and good tasting olive oil.

Add 1 tsp. good quality salt (NON-IODIZED) Add dulse seaweed flakes for a healthy, natural source of iodine 😀

Add pepper to taste (If you can find Balinese or another sweet and fragrant long pepper corn, this is best).

Add 2-3 cups spring water depending on consistency you prefer. Start out with 2 and add in more as you go.

Blend until silky smooth.


Serve (How many does it serve? Well, that depends on whether you want to share or not!) It's very tasty and could be offered as a little refreshing shot to quite a few people, or it works great as a meal replacement or mid-afternoon hearty snack for 2-4.


OPTIONAL GARNISHES (use one or all): Gomasio, seaweed seasoning (especially dulse flakes), pumpkin seeds, mint, fennel sprigs, cultured (vegan) yogurt, toasted croutons (make sure to add ghee to them for over the top goodness)!