Gratitude Gravy: Pour it on THICK!

When I look at some of the biggest pearls of wisdom that I’ve learned in my relationship with the Divine Feminine, my baby steps into the shamanic realms, and learning indigenous traditions and teachings from different cultures, there’s one particular nugget that not only intersects all of these, it stands out as, probably, the number one practice that HEALS ALL SUFFERING, and UNLOCKS MANIFESTATION MAGIC. Want to know what it is?

Check out this quickie for this week’s Heads UP for Thriving Outside the Box.

Giving Thanks is at the heart of love. It is the key element of Spiritual Composting, which turns all suffering into limitless joy. It is at the core of all healing.

As a key to unlocking manifestation magic, it tells the mind and body, especially those old stuck parts, that whatever it is we were longing for, well, it’s already here, and letting the whole mind*body*spirit resonate with that new reality is the fastest way of calling in what we want. (I’ll get more into that in future messages, and have touched on it already. It’s a BIG topic to dive into).

Gratitude is, if there really is such a thing, the cure-all. It is a simple and easy way of practicing loving kindness. It’s hard to turn a hard heart to a show of gratitude.

Marilyn Monroe Prayer Mudra

Imagine being able to be grateful for someone’s mistreatment of you. The wounding would dissolve into love, and the “mistreator” has no option but to be stunned and melted by the graciousness (at worst, it creates such an unpleasant discord because there’s no place for the intended harm to land, that the “mistreator” will excuse him/herself from the situation).

Gratitude is one of my greatest weapons, along with love. Actually, I think Gratitude is the weapon and love is the ammunition. Regardless of the metaphor, the two together are unstoppable, truly.

Just give it a try.

Here’s a simple practice to turn everything around:

First thing in the morning, take 5 minutes to simply list all the things you are grateful for. You can say them out loud, or write them down and carry them with you as a reminder.

Here’s another practice:

1) Put reminders ALL OVER THE PLACE (in your calendar, alerts on your phone, stick-it notes . . .) “What are you grateful for now?”
2) Simply allow that mantra to reside in your mind and heart: “What am I grateful for now?”
3) Don’t react or respond to anything in a challenging situation until you’ve found at least 1 thing (not something unrelated, but something directly involved with the challenge) to be grateful for.

One last pearl about gratitude: The more time you give yourself to feel grateful, the more, you will notice, there is to be grateful for.

I believe that all the Elements and Guides who are here to help us need to be acknowledged and fed in some way, and gratitude is one of the foods that pretty much all of them like. And the more I feed them, the more they want to help me out. I’m not kidding. I can almost not get an offering of thanks out there before it is reciprocated in multiple ways.

So, that’s it for today’s transmission. I hope it serves you well.

Do YOU have a Gratitude Practice? If so, what is it? If not, try one of these and tell me what happens in the comments section below! I love to hear from you <3 My signature

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