Practical Magic

My Mormon Mom was also a Magician - not the kind that pulled rabbits out of hats (that was actually my Dad).
My Mom had a way of manifesting amazing experiences, like birthday parties everyone in the neighborhood wanted to come to, and finding a way to pay for things that, honestly, we couldn’t afford.
My Mom practiced money magic . . .
Which was a combination of disciplined money management, wise planning, commitment to offering 10% of our often insufficient income to those who had less than us, and prayer.
We grew up pretty poor as a family of seven in Salt Lake City, Utah in the early 70’s with just my Dad’s meager income. My stay-at-home Mom sewed most of our clothes and actually reupholstered and painted our furniture to keep it looking up to date.
While I was one of the poorest kids on the block, a lot of the kids thought I was one of the richest because of all that my Mom did to turn our very sparse resources into abundance.
I learned early on that money wasn’t what determined your joy.
My Mom also knew how to bring magic into every day with treasure hunts and fun games that always fed my creativity.
My connection with the fairy realms, chasing elves and dwarves, and keeping my own magic alive, while not always understood, was given a lot more nourishment than I would guess most kids in similar circumstances got.
An unusual combination of the practical & magic
Because of this unusual mixture of magic and resourcefulness, I’ve been able to live an extraordinary life.
I’ve traveled the world, taken part in sacred gatherings that have opened me up to the multi-dimensional, mystical realms. I’ve studied with a rich array of world class teachers from around the world and many different wisdom lineages.
I’ve been invited into exquisite and rare ceremonies, and been to places that few people ever get to know about, let alone visit.
It’s a unique combination of practical planning and resourcefulness mixed with true magic assisted by the spirits and sprites of the 4th & 5th dimensions that has given me the life of adventure, travel, and getting backstage access.
I’ve truly lead a rich and magical life, and as opposed to a lot of people who purchase exclusive experiences with power and money, I’ve learned to open the doorways to magic and delight with my authentic presence, (and flashing my Rainbow Unicorn Catching License - they DO exist and I do have one).
Are you someone who believes that magic exists, but want to find a grounded approach to manifesting new possibilities with the help of the multiverse? Are you also practical and want to see observable results?
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