The White Stag & The Great Mother

Happy time of celebrating the coming of Spring, SuperSTAR!
What a powerful time! Here in the Bay Area, the rain has returned to bless our dry earth, awakening the frogs and helping the new sprouts to jump up and live again. As Nature sprouts to life, I am inspired to share with you a deep and sacred vision; a love story really, that came to me a year ago, and is now showing up in this dimension in physical form.

Through the traditions that weave together inside of me, from my work with Martin Prechtel to the Sacred Feminine archetypes, I see this much-needed rain as a breaking of the sacred waters, allowing something new to be birthed. This is a time for ALL of us to receive this blessing and let our love child (our Divine Purpose) manifest in beauty rather than in crisis.

Click Here for the Vision I had about The Stag & The Great Mother

princess mononoke white stag

The beauty and depth of this vision continues to help me to see the world around me as living poetry – love letters and delicious words from the Holy, offered to help us remember that we are Sacred too. We are in a sacred agreement, a marriage of sorts, with Nature and all that is Holy, whether we want to acknowledge it or not. The more we choose to nurture that relationship, the more it pours in for us.

Poetry is not a metaphor-rich escape from reality but a reminder that there is no such thing as metaphor. Everything that is happening is a fractal reflection, in unique iterations, of the Holy speaking itself into reality. What we offer back, sacred food full of gratitude or discarded scraps, is what cycles back around to us.

I invite you to let this vision support more sacredness and less mundane in your life. More beauty, less apathetic responses to the crises that signal the birth of the new.

We are all midwives to our lives. And you can choose whether your response is filled with grace, kindness and respect for the new life being birthed, or whether to continue on with “business as usual,” struggling, pushing and laboring in crisis mode. Here is your personal invitation to not waste another moment letting the crisis before the birth overwhelm you.

Personal Support:
If you’d like support in making your birth a joy-filled ecstatic celebration of beauty instead of a tango with crisis, pain and suffering, I have a few personal sessions available on a first-come, first-served basis that will help you to step beyond crisis and into ecstatic birth. CLICK HERE TO CLAIM ONE NOW BEFORE THEY’RE GONE.

Remember Your Priestess Lineage:
The Living Wisdom School, has just launched into our 13 month voyage, and just completed our first journey into the Temple of the Great Mother. What a blessing! We’ll start another live, in-person, group in 2015. Stay tuned and know it’s never too early to apply for the next round.

Get It Every Week:
And, if you’re craving more goddess goodness and don’t want to wait a whole year, consider joining me for my weekly teleclass which I co-teach with the visionary Kerani Marie Lomonaco. We’re just getting going and there’s still time to join in if you respond NOW.

Hot Stuff Comin’ Right Up:
Keep an eye out for upcoming opportunities to join in on my Sexual Bliss Through Good Housekeeping journey. It’s in the kitchen cookin’ up and it’s almost ready to serve up hot!

All Blessings, 13 Thank You’s, and may the SOURCE be with you!
[I’m out of town and off the grid, studying with one of my favorite and deeply admired teachers, Martin Prechtel, so there won’t be a post next week : ( See you in March!]

xo & <3


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