How to Make Life’s Tragedy an Initiation

How do you respond when everything falls apart?

Throughout my life, I’ve had multiple experiences where seemingly everything I had put together for myself crumbled in short order. Just before the first one, I got a message from one of my guides that I was going to be just fine, and that I needed to pay attention to HOW I navigated the shit-show that was about to ensue so that I could help other people to do the same.

What I’ve found is that these total life wipe-outs (Kali Etch-A-Sketch moments as I refer to them) when everything gets shaken and you are left with a blank slate, are gifts.

Yes, gifts.

We put our lives together a certain way, limited by conscious and subconscious beliefs about ourselves and about the world around us.

When our prayer, our Noble Purpose, and our Spiritual Contracts are bigger than what our small minds can manifest, things tumble so that we can strengthen and have an opportunity to rebuild based on a new paradigm.

Problem is, many of us just struggle to try to get back to where we were, or spend all of our energy trying to prevent the deconstruction. We miss the many gifts and treasures that are on the path of dissolution and then we can, with our attachments, get lost in victimhood, regret, and all the other hard feels when we don’t see that this is not a punishment or a loss, it is an opportunity for renovation and upgrades. Indigenous cultures initiate their young people. It is a rite of passage into young adulthood.

These initiations are no joke. Some don’t make it. They bring the initiate face-to-face with the humbling reality of their reliance on so many elements that are greater than them, and the fragility of life. Passing through that gauntlet creates a reverence for and a deep relationship with everything that gives them life, which creates that sense of belonging (not just to the community, but to the world), a respect for the full spectrum of life (the ebbs and the flows), and an inner sense of strength and confidence as a result of making it through the intense trials.

We don’t have these cultural initiations anymore, but we do experience them through the unexpected and unplanned losses, tragedies, and the crumbling of all we build up based on ego-motivated goals.

There is no way around the initiation(s).

We need them to help us wake up to the depth and majesty of life. It’s so much greater than that botched order at Starbucks or even that argument with a partner over money . . . again.

These challenges are a collusion of our soul and everything that is greater than us that wishes us well to help us to wake up out of our illusions and delusions about life and step into the greater magic and meaning that is all around us, yet mostly invisible to the uninitiated eye. If you feel like you are in a life wipe-out, things are crumbling, or you simply find yourself constantly wondering if (and longing for the possibility that) there might be more to life than meets your eye, let’s connect.

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