Feeling Masterful or Overwhelmed?

CROPPED Rough Draft Alchemical Goddess by Adrianne
(unfinished) Image by Adrianne Tamar Arachne

Today has been full of potent transmissions.


I just returned from visiting my sweet Mama in Southern Utah, where she was born and raised, to celebrate her 90th birthday! It was a deeply nourishing and powerful experience.


Today, as I put my body back together from the hours in planes and cars and being with the loved ones, this transmission came through.


I felt deeply nourished by it, and thought you might enjoy it too.


The first thing that happened was that I was reminded of a powerful message that came through over a year and a half ago . . .


You are in a powerful time of transformation. This prayer is already in Sacred Motion. There is nothing you need to do to MAKE it happen. Your only invitation is to soften, and allow, and witness the unfolding of this Divine Plan.


That message carried me through my own personal apocalypse back then, and it continues to resurface to remind me that the Sacred Motion of the Divine Plan is still unfolding. I've already made my prayer and agreements for why I am here in this particular body, in this particular life, at this particular time.


I know what I am here to do. I am here to help people access their own deep personal relationship to Source so that each of you can also know your unique Divine Plan and get the guidance to show up to it in a good way.

Today, as I have pondered the challenges that have arisen for me, financial in particular, this is what came through that wants to be shared.


Don’t believe that having trauma or disaster in your life is proof that you are damaged or stuck.

We have all inherited the task of cleaning up the messes made before us.


We are all being called to action. The most capable are being called to even more action.

Some of us know how to elevate it.

Some of us are still becoming overwhelmed by our own past traumas & conditioning. Trying to do anything from this hard and challenging state will generate more of the same.


Hurt people hurt people. Healing people heal people.


Some days those who were masterful will need help getting out of overwhelm from their wounds. Some days, those in overwhelm will be masterful in their response to the dissolution taking place right now.

We are not quite yet in rebuild mode. There are still many structures and pieces that need to be composted and transformed. Many of them are things that you really like.


Can you meet your calling with an open loving heart yet? Not just your intention but your actions?


Are you in joy? Or are you in complaint?

Are you generating peace? Or something else?


Don’t get lost in blame. That is a distraction from what lies in front of you that you can change. Focus on what you can do with an open loving heart. Focus on what you can do that generates health, kindness, and peace (or whatever other awesome thing that brings you life).

If you see something you do not like, either step up and take sovereign responsibility to make it better, or release judgment about it not being to your preference (better yet, do BOTH!).

If you don’t know how to make it better, it isn’t your business. Ask for help if it needs attention.

Focus on what you CAN do, not on what others cannot.

Complaint is a symptom of a subconscious program that is disempowered. There is no complaint when you are truly Sovereign.



So, that is what's driving my ship today.


May it serve you and your journey to sovereignty!


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