Spiritual Interstitial Space

As you may know, I have been in a deep process of letting go. There have been several deaths and lots of loss and grieving in my life, and while it has been incredibly challenging and requiring presence, gentleness, and LOTS OF REST, it’s also been a potent teacher and guide.

I’ve found that this interstitial space, this in-between place that is empty IS THE GREAT MYSTERY, from which all possibility arises. Even though it can bring up all sorts of fears around “not having,” being lonely, and survival, it is an immense opportunity to allow ourselves to start something new that is a quantum leap beyond what we thought possible for ourselves. How do we do that? Watch my video for some insights into the potent time.

I believe that we have these huge clearings because the Universe is preparing us for something really big, and so I try to really stay present with each step, honoring it, showing up the best I can, going easy on myself, and preparing to receive.

I’ve been letting go of lots, and plan on continuing that until this in-between time feels complete.

What are you letting go of? How does it feel to do a big clearing? What pearls of wisdom or hidden treasure are you uncovering as you allow the old to leave and make way for the new?


Until next week, All blessings!
xo & <3
AfroDite Hippie Heart Mudra


  1. Shayna on June 20, 2013 at 6:51 pm

    I enjoyed witnessing this process. You are supported!

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