The Sacred Feminine Revolution

By Amanda Eloesh
On the dynamic of women vs. men.   This has been percolating for me for a very long time. I’ve sat down to write many times, but the words just haven’t come out right. Still not sure they are as efficient as they could be, but I do want to share from my heart.   There has been so much coming up and out that is triggering deep, old, centuries old, generations old trauma for women.   It doesn’t matter whether you’ve “done your personal work” or not, watching how women are regarded by leaders in our country, disrespected, belittled, dishonored . . . is helping to unleash a rage that has been smoldering deep since the dawn of patriarchy.   There has been a deep slumber that has taken over humanity that is at the root of being able to see another human, whether it’s the color of their skin, their gender, or some other characteristic or trait, as “less than,” and somehow worthy of subhuman treatment. It has created a desire for power, and if the tables ever turn or the balance is shifted, the rage continues and is then used to justify the subhuman treatment of what once was the oppressor by those who were once the oppressed.   The only way I see of ending the cycle of pushing and pulling for power is to be willing to wake up together and to work for solutions together.   We are in fact, waking up together.   This rage that is bubbling up to the surface in women is helping us to finally find our voices. To stop letting coercion lead to unwanted submission (sexually, financially, socially, politically). What we as women are seeing is that we have been conditioned to cater to, submit to, comply with the needs, desires and preferences of men because it wasn’t so long ago (and is still actually happening for many) that not going along with this conditioning was a full on threat to our (and our children’s) lives.   We are waking up from that conditioning.   And so are the men.   Men, too, are starting to wake up (could be at a slower, more resistant pace, but I haven’t got any unbiased research on it so to be fair, I’m going to assume the best and call it even). They are starting to realize that “no” might actually mean “no,” and true consent is critical, and that women might actually have the same value and are worthy of the same rights and privileges men have.   Men were conditioned by the same fucked up ideology that women were, except that they are on the other side of this unhealthy and toxic coin: to believe that women are weak, too emotional to make a rational decision, are here mainly to please, serve and submit to men.   It’s just as “Not Okay” now as it was 50 years ago to treat women as less than, but we’ve all been under a spell that has put us into deep slumber and we’re all waking up together. Men are facing the horror of realizing that their “boys will be boys” behavior that was, just a short while ago, condoned and even rewarded is now the fucked up thing it really is: abusive, disrespectful and intolerable.   I’m not excusing it, but I am acknowledging that we are all waking up together from the nightmare. Some of us are “coming to” as victims empowering ourselves to stand in our power and speak our truth and demand justice, and some of us are “coming to” as ignorant perpetrators (some not so ignorant, but my sense is that most of it is genuinely the result of ignorance and ingrained/inherited beliefs) reacting to these atrocities with deep shame, guilt, denial, defensiveness, self-protection . . . all sorts of self-protective mechanisms.   When I started to realize (long before this current wave of #metoo) that I had allowed men to do things I didn’t want, I compassionately forgave myself because I saw that I was brought up in a society that teaches disempowerment to women constantly from all sorts of angles (fashion, music, politics, finances, business . . .). I had a deep rage toward the men who forced their desires on me and didn’t listen to the many ways I tried to say “no,” including actually saying “no.” What I ultimately realized was, while their behavior was intolerable, I could find compassion for their ignorance and their awful behavior because they were taught (and rewarded) to treat me that way, just as I was taught to accept that treatment.   It is not logical to assume that men, who have benefitted from this dynamic for centuries, and been taught by centuries of political, religious and societal beliefs/practices/values, are going to “wake up” and “get it” faster than women are. It is not logical or likelier than a snowball’s chance in hell that they are going to suddenly know how to behave in a “good way” just because we are now finding our voice, power and strength to say “ENOUGH!”   I’m still witnessing myself, my friends who are very strong women, and other powerful females around me feeling uncomfortable fully speaking our truth, unable to confidently say what we want and don’t want, not owning what we believe and letting “no” actually mean “no.” Many of us are just now learning how to give ourselves permission to be sovereign.   While we are all starting to recognize that NOW is absolutely the time for this bullshit to change, the only way it’s going to happen in a good way, that prevents a slipping into retaliation, revenge and a perpetuation of the “us vs. them” mentality is to recognize what is going to lead to mutual respect and honoring all humans: UNDERSTANDING. LISTENING. Being so focused on solutions that there is no time for blame, defense, guilt, denial.   Grief and processing all that is coming up is essential. Letting it out of our systems is crucial. Targeting that grief and anger at those whom we think “deserve it” will absolutely only perpetuate the struggle for power instead of the collaboration for healing.   Those of us who find themselves in the “perpetrator” role – whether they’ve ever done anything harmful to anyone or not – need to recognize that their perspective is skewed and full of convenient blind spots that have allowed them, their friends, their fathers, their uncles and countless generations before them to do things that we now recognize are not okay (and never were okay). Now is the time to just listen.   Men, that means giving your ear to more than 50% of the conversation. To start listening to the women in your life. (Recent research shows that if a woman takes up 50% of a conversation with a man, he is going to perceive that she dominated the conversation). Let’s give women the benefit of the doubt and give them the bulk of the conversation. Let’s ask women how they feel, what they need, and how they can be supported as we all go through this time of birth (that is full of intense labor pains for everyone). Focus on listening for the sake of actually understanding where women are coming from and where to go from this moment forward.   Women, let’s allow ourselves to be angry in ways that heal us, empower us, and completely transform the old struggle for power into a full stepping up into our own sovereignty (a sovereigness doesn’t struggle for power, she simply resides within it). Let’s be honest about how we feel and learn how to be angry without targeting people, retaliating, and let’s make sure we do what is healthy, helpful and looks like what we want to see in the world instead of falling into “justified” reactions.   And I feel this is the same with racial justice as well.   When I’m in a conversation with a friend of color, I have all sorts of feelings and opinions and my ego wants to jump in and say all those things. Right now, unless I am asked about my feelings and opinions, I have made it a policy to focus on just listening and understanding, asking how I can support, being compassionate, seeking to understand even more. . . and I have found that there isn’t anything I was going to say that actually needed to be said.   Listening needs to be the main role of anyone who is waking up and seeing that they have been in a place of privilege. Whether they think they have perpetuated harm or not, been accused of it or not.   The only way to learn the good way is to listen to the people we may have stepped on while we were asleep. We need to forgive ourselves for being assholes in the past, say “I’m sorry” for being an asshole, and truly mean it, and then be genuinely interested in how to not be “that asshole” in the future by listening to the people we were assholes to, to help them release their pain and to explore together how to make kindness, beauty and love happen instead of pain and suffering.     Read More

“I feel like a failure in my life.” Here’s what to do.

By Amanda Eloesh

This topic comes up often for my clients, and even for me.

It’s true. No matter how much money you make, or how many loving relationships, or how much success a person has, there are still little mental gremlins that try to convince us that we’re not worthy, that we’re failures in some way (or in every way).

In this week’s video, I share a little about this experience in my own life and what I do (and what you can do) to move through the negative self-talk that can sometimes lead to downward spirals that are hard to come back from.

If you know someone (or even think you might know someone) who suffers from “Wonder Woman” Syndrome (that “gotta be perfect all the time” disease), please share it with them. Comment and let me know if this was helpful, what more you could use support with and anything else that inspires you.

Your light is unique and needed in the world. Don’t let the downs that are a part of every story and every journey make you think you can’t do it. You can. I believe in you.

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What’s the meaning of life? Answer

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey Superstar;

No big whoop. I’m just going to share with you what Creator told me about the meaning of life. to get the scoop.

And of course, just because you know, doesn’t mean you have all the tools to actually integrate and put it into practice. But don’t worry! I can help.

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Here’s a :: LINK :: to get a “Live Your Purpose & Prosper” Discovery Session absolutely free. It’s my gift to you.

Until we connect again, May the Source be with you!

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Audio Interview: Wisdom of the Ancients

By Amanda Eloesh

Enjoy this audio interview (along with several other interviews with international teachers, healers & leaders) I did with Wisdom of the Ancients.

We dive into shamanism, plant medicine and other magic.


Oh, and you’ll need to scroll down until you see the photo of me (and feel free to enjoy the other interviews on this page!)

:: CLICK HERE :: to listen

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Interview: Sacred Feminine, Plant Medicine & the Subconscious

By Amanda Eloesh

Check out this recent interview I did with Sabin Minsky for her “Empowered Empath” Summit.

We dove into some of the Sacred Feminine practices that can help you to work less and live more in your purpose, how plant medicine allies can accelerate your path to empowerment, and I give a little Subconscious Success Repatterning journey.


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A Dream of Light & Darkness + I’m coming back to you

By Amanda Eloesh

It’s been a very very long time since I last posted here.

I took a wise and helpful hiatus from creating posts and dove deep into building a business of integrity after investing in some business mentorship that helped me to have a structure from which to refine and expand.

I’ve focused on creating a successful business from this structure and as the foundation became set, my business took off and I’ve been in a beautiful rabbit hole of success, service, deeply nourishing personal growth, heartache, triumph oh and did I mention magic and sacredness?

Things are only continuing to grow and expand in beautiful ways, but I realized that I do have spaciousness and am being called to share with you what I am learning. So, I’m dedicating some of my time (as much as possible), as my gift to you, to offer insights, tools and practices that have been quite successful for me and and my clients.

So, you’ll want to stay tuned here as what I will be sharing cost me thousands of dollars and years and long hours of my time. This is information that my clients pay me thousands of dollars to learn how to implement in a personalized way.

If you’re smart and a DIY’er you’re going to get all you need to build a successful business while living a life of meaning and purpose (that means having time for YOU, your loved ones, your community . . . and did I mention YOU?). What is success if it only includes money? It’s just money! Success for me is being joyful, making the world a better place, and thriving on all levels. Unfortunately, there are a lot of “successful” people who just have the money (and a bit of notoriety or fame), but are lacking joy, love, healthy relationships, healthy body. For me, success is all about how you feel.

So, I’m sharing spiritual, sacred and practical approaches.

Soon, I’m offering a free online call: “Build Your Business of Integrity“. In this class I’m going to be teaching you about the 6 biggest traps you can get stuck in that will keep you from your success, and I’ll be sharing how you can get out of those traps once and for all. Sign up :: HERE :: to get the details.

For now, I’d like to share with you a profound dream that I had the other night. I frequently have archetypal dreams and visions for the collective (as part of my intention and oversoul’s purpose in this lifetime). I’ll be sharing them here with you.

(I’d like to give artistic credit to this artist)

I am in a beautiful, old house. There are many people there getting ready for ceremonies. There is movement and quiet voices speaking pointedly. Everyone is wearing white and most are fairly genderless.

The house is filled with beautiful hand-made wreaths, candle holders and other ritual and altar items. There are many candles lit and the feeling inside is peaceful.

There are two groups of people creating different ceremonies. We are in the final moments of preparation before the ceremonies begin. One group is doing their ritual indoors and the other group, the group I am a part of, will be out on the lovely, large front lawn. The group inside is doing ceremony to feed darkness and a deity that is referred to as “satan,” however there is no sense of evil or darkness. The ceremony feels very peaceful. It seems more like the darkness that comes at night and during the winter – a natural balance.

The outside group is celebrating and feeding the light. This is my group.

Even though there is no sense of opposition, we are doing our ceremonies separately. I step outside of the house with my group but realize that there is something I need inside. Technically, I shouldn’t be going back in, but since the ceremony hasn’t started, I give myself permission to go inside to retrieve my belonging. I decide that as long as I’m not detected, then I haven’t harmed anyone. So I’m quiet and trying to go unnoticed. I retrieve my item (not sure what it is, but it feels like a stone or crystal), and turn to leave when someone does discover me and angrily shews me out of the house. There’s no real threat, but I’m being heavily scolded.

As I quickly exit the house, I put up an energetic shield to protect me from the negative projections from this person. As I step outside, I can see (as if from above and behind) large, dark grey wings coming out of my back. I start to feel very light and instantly jump into flight and I go straight up. I am feeling that this energetic experience should be a part of the ceremony and am curious if those below can see and somehow integrate this magical miraculous opening of my wings into our ritual.

The sky is gray and beautifully moody as I rise up beyond the treetops and the power lines.

I will leave you to sit with the imagery and possible meaning that it may hold for you.

What stands out to me as curious and interesting is . . .
1) that there is no sense of “evil,” only very distinctly different energies/frequencies
2) that I feel called to step back into the “darkness” after emerging into the light to retrieve something that belongs to me (makes me think about the Subconscious Success Repatterning system I channeled that brings loving kindness and compassion to traumatized and disconnected subconscious patterns that are running painful survival programs) – conscious soul retrieval
3) that from the darkness, and the retrieval of a part of myself, my wings are birthed (they arise after I visit the darkness and they are dark gray)

Enjoy this transmission and thanks for coming with me on this epic journey we call life!

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3 Signs Of Subconscious Patterns

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey SuperSTAR!
I’m so excited to announce that my new book, “Spiritual Composting: Turning Your Shadow Into Your Greatest Ally” is now available on Kindle!

This book is an offering of love to help all you DIY’ers to learn the simple (but not always easy) step-by-step process for identifying and rewriting painful, stuck, subconscious patterns.

To celebrate, I’m also doing a little video series that breaks down the steps. Here’s #1 in the series. The 3 Signs Of Subconscious Patterns. Take a moment to check this out to see if YOU are the victim of subconscious patterns.


woman hanster wheel

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Guilty About Being Happy? Here's A Solution.

By Amanda Eloesh

Have you ever found yourself feeling guilty about being happy? Or held a judgment that it’s not right to be successful or joyful or lighthearted when there is so much pain, poverty and suffering in the world?

I have and have found that most of my clients are held back by this guilt for all sorts of reasons.

What do we do when we are aware of the pain of others? Is it okay to laugh when there is so much suffering?

This latest video blog offers insight to help you reclaim your joy and still honor those who are stuck in misery.


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No Such Thing As Self Sabotage

By Amanda Eloesh

Can you believe it? Yup, there is no such thing as self-sabotage.

Watch this 3 minute video to get this radical, life-changing scoop.
self sabotage hitting self

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Want To Know My Biggest Secret?

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey Superstar!
I’m so excited to be back into making my video blogs. I know many of you were disappointed when I stopped. I was too! But it was important for me to focus on remaking my business. Now the structure is strong and elegant and operating smoothly so I can now dive back into serving up hot fresh content, so without further ado . . .

I wanted to go deep and raw and really share with you my deepest fears around my success to help you break through whatever is keeping you playing small.

Today’s video blog is a potent one. Check out this video and then come back to read the juicy finale:

So, I thought I was indestructibly confident. I’d faced all sorts of fears and come through without regrets. I thought nothing could throw me off, but . . . what I realized, as my business grew and I started to get more “likes,” more views, more clients, and more stage time was that, geee, not everyone loves me like my friends and family. I actually stir things up in people and they can project some pretty intense things and, truthfully, it hurts sometimes.

At one point I wouldn’t have allowed myself to feel that, and certainly wouldn’t have allowed myself to admit it to ANYONE, but I’m here to say that, yes, it does impact me. I have a really great daily practice that helps me to shed the projections and get back into my center, but it is actually scary to put myself out there sometimes. But that is NOT the confession I have to share with you today. What I want to do is share with you my deepest and most sensitive growing edge, so here goes:

I still have some frustrating blocks around money and success. I know, it’s crazy and may seem contradictory because I help professional women to attract more wealth, make more money AND have time for themselves and their loved ones . . . AND yet it is still one of the biggest challenges I face.

On one level it may seem hypocritical, I fully understand. How can I help other people do something that I have struggles with myself? But on another level, it makes perfect sense. Those things that we wrastle with the most can be our greatest teachers. Because of what I’ve learned through my own challenges, I’ve been able to help women to jump start their business (see the testimonial video from Dr. Peticolas), take their business to the next level, enhance their success while doing less work, and the stories go on and on. I’ve also grown my own business with a sense of grace and ease and continue to have the time to do a daily prayer and meditation practice, exercise, get out in nature, do yoga, spend time with my loved ones, help out my friends and family and enjoy quality time in other areas as well. I live a truly opulent life and yet I still have struggles and they are in the exact areas that I help others to excel. At times I’ve had those feelings of “What if everyone knew?” and wanted to do my best to hide it. I’m quite certain that it’s held me back, so I’m doing exactly what I suggest you do . . .

GET OVER YOURSELF! Don’t expect perfection. Recognize that your challenges can be your greatest gifts. Someone who’s had to learn things the hard way probably has a few more insights into an experience than someone who breezed through it. Don’t look at your challenges, look at your results, and don’t give up on yourself. Tell the world how exactly human you are. Share your deepest sense of shortcomings and see what happens (or sit back and watch what happens to me first. I don’t mind being the canary in the coal mine!).

Whew! That felt great! Now I don’t need to worry about what people will think if they knew my most challenging struggles. It’s all out in the open now, and I have a feeling it’s not going to kill me or lead me to bankruptcy or failure.

If this seems too scary to do by yourself, or it seems like a great idea, but you just have no idea how to go about embracing your shadow and would like some help so you can finally kick your fears to the curb, quit playing small and start living your dreams, I’d like to gift you with a “Break Through To Success” Discovery Session. These aren’t for everyone. These break through sessions are limited and only for those of you who are really serious about not letting fear run the show anymore so you can finally step up into your big, successful life.

And, for those of you who are interested in my events here in the California Bay Area . . .

There are 3 different ways here for you to join with a powerful community of sacred witnesses in ceremony to gain clarity and vision for what is possible for you, break through old limitations and heal your life. Want to know more? Click on one of those little icons down at the bottom of this page (Living Wisdom School, Sacred Feminine Medicine Amazon Priest:ess Apprenticeship, and Visioning Circles) or hop on over to my events page.

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Work got you in the fetal position?

By Amanda Eloesh

I just had to share this hilarious article from The Onion. And reflect that, well, it’s funny because it’s true. We love these jabs about our jobs, but deep down, most of us, at least 2 out of 3 according to studies, are doing work that we don’t feel passionate about. In fact, 66% of us are outright unhappy. That’s at least 8 hours of your waking life every day you are unhappy!,36240/

No surprise that when 1500 elders were interviewed in a Cornell University study, their biggest words of advice were “Don’t do work that makes you unhappy.”

But fears about such a huge transition and all it could entail: losing income, status, and feeling like a failure all add up to keep us feeling stuck.

If you’re feeling chained to your desk, knowing deep down you have gifts that are wasting away while you slave away at your 9-5, I have a gift for you.

pink gift

I’m passionate about helping professional women (and a few extraordinary men) who are fed up with their j.o.b. and would like to have a breakthrough. Get it now. These spots are, understandably, limited and first come first serve.

Until we connect, shine on!



Fantastic close up pic

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F*@k Monday!

By Amanda Eloesh

Your alarm goes off and your whole body screams “NO!” as you hit the snooze, dreading another day at a j.o.b. that pays your bills, but is killing your soul. You down some coffee (cold, because it’s from yesterday) and rush out the door, once more beating up on yourself because you were going to pack a healthy lunch, but it took you so long to drag yourself out of bed, there’s no time for that today.

Another day consumed by a job you feel chained to. Another day your superpowers don’t get to shine. Another day of your precious life that you don’t get to do what you love or nourish your soul.

professional woman head against building

You’ve thought about quitting, but the first thing that hits is “I can’t afford to quit. How will I pay my rent?”

What if you didn’t have to choose between your soul-sucking job and the poorhouse?

I’m Amanda Elo’esh, and that’s why I’m here. To help you discover another way.

To celebrate the make-over of my business and my website (shifting into a focus on helping professional women who are fed up with not feeling valued in their job), I’m not only going to give you a complimentary 1:1 “Break Through Your J.O.B.” Discovery session (valued at $250), I’ll also throw in my popular and fun Love Bomb mp3 that’ll help you let out your frustrations without taking someone’s head off. This is for the first 10 people who sign up, so don’t delay!

Banksy love bomb

I’ll be adding in tips and inspirations for the stresses you face at your j.o.b. here on a regular basis, so make a book mark and come back often.

I’m here for you because I know what it’s like, and I know there’s another way.

So, stay tuned and we’ll go on a magical journey . . . together.




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Getting Below the Surface

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey, SuperSTAR!

I want to apologize for not posting here last week. I’ve had some unexpected and currently unexplained physical challenges that kept me from doing a video. I did, however, send out a newsletter, so if you’re not on my mailing list, here’s a great reason to join up now (it’s right up there where there’s a space for your name and email). I send out some special things in my newsletter that don’t make it to my blog, and I prioritize my newsletter over the blog, so get on the magic carpet ride and don’t miss out again!

On with this week’s Goddess Diary!

The Old Lady Crone gets dismissed a LOT. She has lost Her youthful charm, and is often overlooked and dismissed because She’s slow and saggy, but She has a really helpful message that She wants me to share with you today. And at the end of this message, I’m going to give you an opportunity to learn how to see through the eyes of this Wise Old Grandmother, so make sure you tune in to the very end.

Here’s this weeks Goddess Diary download . . .

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to help out my friend, Tristram Stuart with his world tour of the Feed 5000 program (feeding people with food that would normally never make it to market because it’s cosmetically flawed).

I was an event promoter, and that meant that I was out in the neighborhood of Downtown Oakland, letting people know they could have a free lunch. What an amazing blessing that was, and it drove home the message of the Crone. “Below the surface, the true essence of a human, a circumstance, an experience awaits to be discovered. Don’t get caught on the surface. Allow yourself to go deeper to find the truth.”

Being able to walk up to EVERY person on the street: dirty and unkempt, lonely, walking with purpose, looking lost, shy, outgoing . . . I was able to make a connection with people I’d normally not give notice to, or at least would not attempt to engage in conversation. Some of the people who looked immensely relieved that there was a free meal awaiting them just minutes away were not people I would have guessed were going hungry. I was surprised at some of the people who stopped to talk with me and wanted to help out. All day long I had my surface level assessments of people shattered and it was beautiful.

When I did work with children with autism, there was this popular saying: “If you’ve seen one child with autism, you’ve seen one child with autism.” Basically admonishing that every child with autism is different and it’s good not to assume one observation carries over to another person. And when it comes right down to it, that goes for any sort of grouping of people: women, children, different races, different vocations and abilities. Of course we, as humans, share a LOT of similarities, but how they impact us and weave into our unique lives is, well, unique.

The Crone has had the true blessing of living long enough to see that the surface, the packaging of a person or experience, can change in an instant and there are MANY times that the surface belies what is underneath. When we make a snap judgment based on our assessment of what we see on the outside, we are missing 99% of the truth, and that’s a conservative estimate in my mind. Take a moment to let that in. We rely on those quick decisions about “yes” or “no,” “left” or “right,” “this one” or “that one,” often in just a few seconds, and those decisions are based on that 1% of surface APPEARANCE.

Now, take a moment to really drop in to what might be different if we recognized that what we see from the outside is hiding worlds of wisdom underneath the veneer. Pain, wisdom, stories, advice, healing . . .

That plain old man may be the scholar whose work brought a cure for someone you love. That homeless person may have rich stories that would melt your heart. That attractive business woman who seems to have it all together may be about to fall apart on the inside.

beautiful iceberg

For all intents and purposes, it might be more accurate to assume that what we are seeing on the surface is actually a complete farce, and to know what’s really happening, we must engage the world with all parts of ourselves. Listen with your belly. See with your heart. Feel with your soul.

To get to the truth requires slowing down, and in this potent time of Mercury in Retrograde and as we move into darker days, now is the time to practice just that. Slow down. Question your first impressions. Take your time to get to know more about what you engage with so that the treasure, or at least the wisdom of what IS may reveal itself to you fully.

Now, here’s that invitation I mentioned before. I am starting up the Living Wisdom School where we learn to sink deep beneath the surface to allow those sacred, divine, hidden fears shed their old misinformed layers and emerge as the superpowers they truly are. If you’re ready to be free from old stuck patterns and let your inner SuperStar finally fly, this is your place to grow and strengthen those wings.

I will be teaching the SuperPower skills of the Wise Old Crone and 12 other Avatars of the Sacred Feminine in the Living Wisdom School. If you’re ready to stop hiding your beauty and ready to rock this Divine Human life, join us for the Magic Carpet Ride of the Living Wisdom Mystery School. We are now opening the circle to Men & Women. Are you ready to get the WHOLE PICTURE? APPLY NOW.

Visioning starts 11/1/14 and space is limited.

Isis Neith by Kris Johnson-Michiels

Isis Neith by Kris Johnson-Michiels

Applications are due NOW and there are some scholarship and work trade positions still left and available on a first-come-first served basis, so don’t delay. Send in your contact form today.

Until next week, may Truth and the Source be with YOU!

If you have questions or comments, send them to me, and I will add them to future letters.

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x & o & <3 amanda_signature

small Cherry Blossom close up

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Speaking Grief

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey SuperSTAR!

Apparently, the intensity is not letting up. Are you feeling it? EVERYONE I talk to is going through a hard time. There are LOTS of feelings: old, new, who knows from where, bubbling up right now. If you’ve been riding waves of emotion, you are DEFINITELY NOT ALONE!

It’s all over the place. It came bubbling up in me just yesterday, and what I did is the thing you’re not supposed to do. Check out this week’s Goddess Diary to see what happened.

As an optimist, a teacher, a counselor and spiritual leader, I feel like, while it is ESSENTIAL to embrace the full spectrum, it is also a tricky edge to vent grief.

Creating more negativity in the world is NOT on my “To Do” list. But acknowledging it and exploring WHAT to do with it when it comes on like a tsunami feels CRITICAL!

We all, no matter how faithful, joyful and resourced, get hit with those waves that can take us down. While it is important to be mindful of not attaching to these experiences and not reinforcing them with story, it can be helpful, even essential to say what is real. This is the edge every conscious person walks. We manifest our reality and our words are POTENT BUILDING BLOCKS for that reality.

So, how do we navigate grief? How do we stay human, with human feelings and honor our experience without getting lost in it?

I’m going to do another taboo here and say “I don’t f*&$ing know.” Not for sure. I think the most courageous thing a human can do, on a daily basis, is to allow that deep awareness and feeling of the grief to be metabolized and to be committed to turning it into love, compassion, grace, beauty. I am not sure, exactly, how to do that, but my prayer is to open myself to guidance so that I may give it a noble shot.

My guess is that being honest about our feelings. Acknowledging them, gives them that nudge they need to flow on out. Choosing things like art, poetry, dance, music, exercise, supportive conversations with friends are all helpful ways to create the alchemy of being a conscious human being.

If we could all make the hard choice to walk that uncomfortable edge of being a true human. Having feelings, being real with them, and choosing to metabolize them into beauty, we’d all be heroes and the world would know peace.

My challenge to you, this week, is to get real with your feelings and seek ways to let them flow that might add a little more beauty to the world.

If you would like inspiration and support in the sacred alchemy of turning grief into beauty, you may want, consider joining us for the Magic Carpet Ride of the Living Wisdom Mystery School. We are now opening the circle to Men & Women. The Sacred & Divine will show you your superpowers and unlock the secrets for rocking the bumps in life like a SuperStar. APPLY NOW.


Isis Neith by Kris Johnson-Michiels

Isis Neith by Kris Johnson-Michiels

Are you a sacred man with a spiritual path, frustrated & confused by how to call in or stay connected with YOUR GODDESS?

Here’s your chance to learn:
*Why goddesses are attracted to the “bad boys”
*The biggest loving mistake you are making when trying to serve the Sacred Feminine
*The most attractive quality you can cultivate that will make you an irresistible goddess magnet.

Krishna & Radha

This $88 call is available to you FREE
When: Sunday, October 12th 7pm PST
Call #: 530-881-1212
Code: 884-502-288

Whew! We covered a LOT of territory today!
Until our paths cross again, may the Source be with you!

x & o & <3 amanda_signature

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Talk truthy to me

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey SuperSTAR!

Wow, it is so uncanny! The Goddess always shows up potently in sync with the archetypes we are focusing on in the Living Wisdom School!

The Goddess of Transformation we are focusing on this month is the Initiatress, who helps us bring ourselves, our relationships and our experiences into alignment with our highest truth through our courageous choices to speak up when things feel wonky. Have you ever had an exchange that left you feeling heavy, discombobulated, and fixating on it in your head? If so, you’ll LOVE today’s Goddess Diary.

I am usually really great at saying what’s on my mind, but recently hit a challenging wobble and wanted to share it with you.

I was recently at a ceremony with a community I feel are very much mi familia. When it was my turn to pray, someone who is seen by me and many in my community as a spiritual leader spoke to me in a way that was painful. It pulled me out of my heart and into my head. I felt defensive, attacked and really confused. In the moment, I did not have the words to express what was happening for me. The combination of being on a deep cleanse and being in a very altered and expanded space really made my head a strange place to be in the middle of ceremony. I was supposed to be making a prayer for myself, and what came out was NOT an accurate reflection of my prayer. When I sat down, I felt twisted up and out of sorts.

Putting my ego aside, (because I felt a bit shamed and misunderstood publicly), what I was left with was that I came to make a prayer for myself and I hadn’t been able to really express it. I could feel, energetically, that something needed to be done to bring things into alignment again.

open mouth

My heart opened again as there was truly only loving intentions in the ceremony. But I noticed that my head was still fixating over what had happened and was trying to make sense of it all. When I find myself doing this: obsessing over trying to “figure” something out or making arguments over something that happened in the past, I know I am leaving the present moment and going into stories, judgments and projections. So, I knew that there was a “twiggly dangler” as one of my mentors and Fairy Godmothers, Ariel Spilsbury, likes to say. I asked my brain to give it a rest and promised to address it.

Once I had dropped into my heart and my womb, and was in a place of openness, I asked to speak again. It was a little scary because I was putting myself out there again.

But this time, I was able to express MY prayer from my heart, and I also was able to share that the verbal exchange that had happened previously pulled me out of that prayer. No blame. No right or wrong. Simply expressing what was real in MY HOLODECK.

Saying what was real for me brought me out of my fixated thoughts, out of making up a story about it and helped me to get to what was really important. MY PRAYER. Everything went from feeling all twisted up and wonky to peaceful, grounded and present.

After the ceremony, several people told me how glad they were that I spoke up and got to have my real prayer be heard. I also was able to speak with this amazing person I’d had the confusing exchange with and share honest and helpful reflections between us. Now I feel great. There’s no more discomfort and I am able to move on and stay focused on what’s going on now, rather than what went on days ago.

Was all of that scary? Yes! It was scary to speak an uneasy truth to someone I and others in my community look up to. But taking that risk lead to not only helping me get the help and the peace I needed, it also, apparently, inspired other people as well. When we don’t address mis-alignments, we end up walking around feeling all twisted up. Over time, it accumulates and we find ourselves sick, depressed, irritable . . . it doesn’t support our loving nature. It keeps us from our joy.

Silence in the midst of warped interactions is a way of saying it’s okay. It’s so very important for us all to have the courage to speak up when we experience something out of whack. It doesn’t mean blaming anybody, it just means we are not going to pretend everything is alright when it just isn’t.

Initiator: Ariel Spilsbury's 13  Moon Oracle

Initiator: Ariel Spilsbury’s 13 Moon Oracle

Offering up the perceptions as an opportunity for everyone involved to straighten out the wobble creates CONNECTION and helps us walk around peacefully in the present, rather than going over the WTF? moments from the past and getting stuck there. Focusing on what we need to learn, see, understand is important. Making sure the “other” sees things our way is not. Understanding, regardless of agreement, is what helps us to support living in a world of diversity and staying connected with all our relations.

So, I dare you to pay attention to when your heart closes or your belly tightens or your throat gets stuck. Don’t let it go. Take the opportunity to smooth out the wrinkles.

If you long to be able to speak up when things feel all twisted and out of sorts, but don’t yet have the skills or confidence, you may want, consider joining us for the Magic Carpet Ride of the Living Wisdom Mystery School’s 13 Queens of Transformation. These Sacred Feminine Allies will show you their superpowers and all their secrets for rocking the bumps in life like a SuperStar. APPLY NOW.
School starts October 4th and space is limited.

Isis Neith by Kris Johnson-Michiels

Isis Neith by Kris Johnson-Michiels

Applications are due NOW and there are some scholarship and work trade positions still left and available on a first-come-first served basis, so don’t delay. Send in your contact form today.

Sacred Men Offerings Small

Are you a sacred man with a spiritual path, frustrated & confused by how to court YOUR GODDESS?

Would you like a Sacred Union, but can’t seem to make it happen?
Due to repeated requests by my male friends, I have created an opportunity for you to access the Sacred Mysteries of the Divine Feminine so that you will have the insights you’ve been wanting to get a better connection with the Sacred Sisters in your life. Whether it’s to call in YOUR beloved, get closer to the one already in your life, or simply know how to better show up for those strong, spiritual, SuperSTARS in female form, this call is for YOU. Don’t worry about cost! This $88 call is available to you FREE because you are reading this now.
When: Sunday, October 12th 7pm PST
Call #: 530-881-1212
Code: 884-502-288

Please, readers of all genders, feel free to pass on this invitation to your male friends who have been frustrated & confused about how to connect with the goddesses in their lives. This call will cover:

Why goddesses are attracted to the “bad boys”
The biggest loving mistake you are making when trying to serve the Sacred Feminine
The most attractive quality you can cultivate that will make you an irresistible goddess magnet.

Until next week, may strength, magic, and the Source be with YOU!


Amanda in Charlie's Angel Pose

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Un-Break Your Self

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey SuperSTAR!

Have you ever felt broken? Like, there were either too many times you made bad decisions, or too many f*&ked up things happened to you to cause damage for you to EVER get on track and have a good life?

Or maybe life’s knocks have somehow convinced you that what you thought might be possible: Those dreams and all that magic you believed in as a kid. It just can’t happen now. It’s not real. It was just a fantasy.

Get this week’s download on how to shake the inner nag and UNBREAK YOUR SELF.

It seems like no matter how much healing I do, there is still a part of me who is still holding the echo of “broken,” and when I get tripped up, it all comes spilling out. I actually think that is a good thing. Why?

I believe we all chose the challenges we wanted in this lifetime to teach us. The knocks, bumps and bruises were all pre-designed by us because we wanted to have certain strengths, insights and experience you just can’t get any other way. So, we got the ass-kicking we signed up for. Some of us forgot it was to help us grow. Some of us think that if we did a workshop and some Interchange Counseling, it should all be taken care of, right? As we heal these parts of ourselves, it is important not to abandon them. They aren’t broken. The are our teachers and they deserve respect. We DON’T need to submit and repeat old wounds when they circle around again, and it doesn’t mean we are permanently broken when they do. We co-created them. If we can learn to simply WATCH what is happening when that old story gets triggered, and help our energetic, neurological, emotional and physical bodies to REMEMBER that we are NO LONGER STUCK IN THAT PATTERN, then we can learn NEW ways to make our way out of the muck that will serve us in all aspects of our lives (we can even show others who are in the same boat how to steer through those rough waters).

Inside the “I’m broken” message is an opportunity to see the truth. Nothing was ever broken; this is simply an opportunity to learn, grow and strengthen. It’s easier said than done, I know. My secret weapon has been the inspirations of the Sacred Feminine Archetypes. They too hold shadow and they remind me that I have choices that are more helpful than my limited emotional reactions.

When the shadow of “not good enough” comes up, I can realize that I am in the brokenness/shadow of the Great Mother or the Goddess of Love, and can look to these Divine Feminine Allies to help me move through it as a strength training course that leaves me feeling more confident, energized and grateful because I’ve learned something rather than feeling like I just got my ass kicked by the Universe.

Goddess Emerging

If you’re ready to stop feeling broken, stop getting beat up by the life YOU SIGNED UP FOR, and start turning your challenges into magic-building, spiritual fitness training, you may want to consider joining us for the Magic Carpet Ride of the Living Wisdom Mystery School’s 13 Queens of Transformation. These Sacred Feminine Allies will show you their superpowers and all their secrets for rocking the bumps in life like a SuperStar. APPLY NOW. School starts October 4th and space is limited.

Isis Neith by Kris Johnson-Michiels

Isis Neith by Kris Johnson-Michiels

Applications are due by September 30th and there are some scholarship and work trade positions still left and available on a first-come-first served basis, so don’t delay. Send in your contact form today.

Until next week, may strength, magic, and the Source be with YOU!


_AfroDite with foot

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Step Away from the Mundane

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey SuperSTAR *|FNAME|*!

Has this ever happened to you? Those waves of negativity that roll in and EVERYTHING SEEMS WRONG?

I’m a pretty die-hard optimist, with a strong faith that I am guided by sacred guardians and allies and, despite challenging times, I will always come out ahead, and then . . .

Something can come along (usually it’s a few things all at once) that triggers my biggest insecurities and BAM! All of a sudden, everything is WRONG. The story that runs for me is that I’ve just made too many mistakes for things to work out well for me. It’s all f*&k3d up and there’s no coming back.

Click here to find out what I do to pull myself out of the sh*t tsunami.

Fortunately, I’ve had priceless help from my work with the Sacred Feminine to show me how to navigate my way out of those waves quickly and without missing a beat.

For that, I am endlessly grateful, and now it brings me the greatest joy to show other amazing people how to blast through those negative attacks that say “See? I TOLD YOU you couldn’t do it.” or “You’re never going to get it right!” or “You’ve just f*&k3ed up too many times to have a good life.”

Having the BIG picture perspective of the Sacred Feminine allows me to step beyond my limited human perspectives and my old wounds that have taught me inaccurate lessons about the world. These Divine teachers give me the tools and wisdom to not let myself get held back by the bumps that can sometimes take a person down hard if they don’t have the resources to get back on their feet again.

These Holy Allies help me to see the gifts hiding inside the pain, the magic in the mundane, and the deeper meaning that is available but eludes those who don’t have the lenses to see it.

If you are tired of feeling like there’s got to be more to life than the boring old routine you’ve been doing for so long, or you hear a voice inside who just knows there are superpowers in there waiting to emerge, and you’re ready to surf those tsunami-sized waves of negativity that seem to catch all of us at some point, rather than getting pulled under, maybe you are ready for a journey with the Living Wisdom Mystery School.

Isis Neith by Kris Johnson-Michiels

My next course is starting SOON (October 4th), and there are still a few spaces left. Applications are due by September 30th and there are some scholarship and work trade positions still left and available on a first-come-first served basis, so don’t delay. Send in your contact form today.

Until next week, may you navigate the waves of negativity that come your way with grace & ease, and may the Source be with YOU!

x & o & <3 amanda_signature

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Releasing Shame

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey SuperSTAR!

If you are a human being who, like the majority of us, can feel the difference between right and wrong (ie: NOT A SOCIOPATH), you dance with shame on a regular basis. Some of us do it more than others, but truly, if we are feeling human beings, one of those feelings that cycle through is shame.

Shame is a SUPERPOWER. If we could harness the potency of shame we could probably quit worrying about renewable energy all together. Especially since shame just does not seem to go away, no matter how many self-help books we read or inner work we do.

The problem is, shame is not helpful. In fact, it is incredibly harmful to us, not just as individuals, keeping us small and disconnected from ourselves. Shame is, according to Brene Brown (and I am definitely summarizing here), at the heart of what seems to be eating away at the human spirit: depression, apathy, cynicism, isolation and all that keeps us separate from our fellow human beings.

So, what do we DO about it? If it’s something that’s so common and being a feeling human being means we are vulnerable to it?

Check out this week’s Goddess Diary, and then keep reading because I have some tips for getting that stuff OUT of the system.

Secrecy keeps it stuck and is unhelpful. The silence and judgment team up to amplify the shame. So, letting it out is ESSENTIAL. Not just letting it go from the mind, but from the BODY. Childhood issues, or even something that happened last week can get lodged in the body if it isn’t given it’s proper flow. Challenging experiences, like shame, tend to get trapped in the contractions of fear and self-judgment (“I can’t let anyone know about this.” or “I’m just going to pretend that didn’t happen.”). But what do we do? It actually isn’t safe to share some of these things with just ANYBODY. And some of us don’t really have that trusted friend or ability to seek professional help to let it out. So what are the options?

1) Let it out verbally – If you don’t have someone who can listen with empathy and compassion, write it out in a journal. You don’t need to keep the written words around. It can be really helpful to burn it or destroy it somehow to really let yourself witness it moving on.

2) Get it out physically – There are LOTS of options here. Exercise & singing have been practices I’ve used even before I had the Goddess Superpower Tools. When I was doing child welfare, feeling overworked, stressed, traumatized by the abuse I was constantly surrounded by, sometimes I’d roll up the windows on my car and scream out to Hole or some other angsty music. It was REALLY HELPFUL! Also, I would get on my bike and just go until I could feel the stress was pumped out of my system. Some other ideas: tapping (here’s a link to my friend, Sonya Sophia’s powerful work in this realm), dance, yoga, martial arts . . . you get the idea. Some sort of MOVEMENT while consciously inviting the stories of shame to release.

3) Come to my workshop this Sunday, September 14th in the East Oakland Hills where we will not only learn how to unwrap the stories of shame and guilt so we can access that energy to fuel us through our challenges, we’ll also activate and awaken the Kundalini Life Force Energy in the body, which will help keep that potent energy flowing and bringing in vibrant health. DISCOUNTED TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME. GET YOURS NOW

That’s it for this week.

May you find yourself free of the shame that has kept you from your joy, and until next week, May the Source be with YOU!

x & o & <3 amanda_signature

Amanda in Charlie's Angel Pose

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Reclaim Your Body

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey SuperSTAR!

How many times have you felt like you needed to alter the way you dress so that you would be treated better? Whether it was making yourself look sexier or hiding your sexy self so you wouldn’t get harassed, most of us goddesses have felt like we had to manipulate our authentic self-expression to be safe, get ahead, be seen, be respected or just be in the world. My guess is that there are ingrained habits most of us don’t even think about that have worked their way into our daily practices that are based in pleasing others. It causes me grief, and when I really dig deep, sometimes rage, to realize that the beauty of the feminine form has been so distorted, objectified and controlled instead of honored as beautiful, sacred and the precious and miraculous gift it is.

If you’ve ever censored yourself to feel safe or exploited yourself to be acknowledged you’ll want to catch this week’s Goddess Diary.

I remember reading recently the number of laws that have been passed to exert some kind of control over the female body. I don’t remember the exact number, but it was shockingly in the triple digits. The number of laws out there to control the male body? None.

Being sexy shouldn’t be an invitation for exploitation or objectification. It CAN BE an invitation to enjoy and celebrate the beautiful human form in a respectful way. We can’t control how other people are going to react to how we present ourselves in the world, and sometimes we truly don’t have the ability to authentically express ourselves the way we want without serious consequences. When I think about it, remember the times it’s happened to me, or when I’ve witnessed it happening to my sisters, it brings up grief and even rage, as I mentioned earlier. When it happened to me, recently, it touched a nerve that flowed back through the generations and I felt a deep sadness that has been passed down for centuries along the lines across cultures, across time amongst all women, and I realized that it is a sleeping giant who was waking up and wanted to ROARRRRRR!

I know that, even though I am pretty confident and willing to express myself in the face of criticism, I still make choices both consciously and subconsciously to manipulate my sexual self-expression to feel more safe and accepted in the world. It’s a sad fact of life, even for a strong and courageous goddess like myself, and I know I’m not alone. What is important is to let that grief go, especially that ancestral stuff that has been building up and ready to burst out like a volcano. If it’s kept in, it turns into depression, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, illness & injury and other unpleasant consequences.

goddess breathing fire

To do my part, I’m offering a workshop on Sunday, September 14th to get that GRRRRRRRR out of your system in a really enjoyable way and turn it into valuable and ecstatic energy to fuel your powerful life. If you’re ready to drop the shame and reclaim your body, this is a great way to step into your power. We’ll also be activating our powerful Kundalini Life Force Energy and learning how to let go of old stories so that the GRRRR doesn’t have to come exploding out of us, and instead can be a consistent source of helpful and healthy biofuel for our body, mind and spirit. Are you ready to get the GRRRRRRR out? Reclaim your body and claim your spot for this powerful don’t miss event NOW.

Limited discount tickets are available for a short while. Get ’em while they last.

Until next week, may your authentic Self and the Source be with you.

x & o & <3 & GRRRRRRRRR! amanda_signature
Amanda in Charlie's Angel Pose

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Turn your GRRRR into Bio-Fuel

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey SuperSTAR!

Have you ever noticed how exhausting stress can be? It taxes the immune system and makes your whole nervous system all haywire. The worst part of it is that it’s usually during stressful times that we most need our precious energy.

What if you could transform your stress into helpful energy for your body so you actually had that extra surge to get you through your hard times? Check out the download on how to turn your GRRRRR into bio-fuel.

It may take time and practice, but it’s SUCH a worthy investment!

When we attach old opinions, stories and limiting beliefs to experiences, we automatically trigger emotional responses. We also tend to get really attached to our feelings, which is harmful because feelings tend to need to flow. They get triggered and need expression and release.

The combination of getting stuck in the stories and the old stagnant feelings keeps us wrestling around and expending our energy on something that really, just naturally, wants to get the heck away from us and move on. At the very LEAST, letting go of our attachments to our emotions and our story lines leaves us free of the wasted energy it takes to struggle with them. It also allows us to be more focused on the present, leaving us more clear and able to respond to what is happening now (rather than obsessing and worrying about what has been or what may be).

At the MOST, we can learn how to use the energy that was once bogged down in story and stuck feelings, and access it for energizing us and giving us the fuel we need to power through a difficult time.

The best practices I have found to help continually let go of my stories and turn my angerrrrrrr into helpful energy are meditation and asana yoga. Tantra, (not necessarily the westernized version) is a practice that brings breath, movement, meditation, visualization, mantra (chants), mudra and yoga practices together to maximize energy in the body and liberate us from the mental, emotional and physical blocks that keep us stuck in the suffering of our attachments.

So, it’s a great idea, but easier said than done. The truth is, though, that ANY amount of time you choose to invest in these practices with this intention is going to help you, significantly, to stop wasting your energy and staying stuck in unpleasant thoughts, feelings and physical discomfort and fatigue and start turning up your chi.

If this intrigues you and you’d like a taste of what it feels like to start to activate that potent energy in your body that is free from old mental and emotional junk, you’re invited to join me for a live event to awaken your Kundalini and learn some easy and potent practices for starting you off in the right direction. GET YOUR DISCOUNTED TICKETS HERE NOW. There are only a few, so don’t wait!

Electric Cheetah

Until next week, may more energy and the Source be with you!

X’s & O’s

Amanda in Charlie's Angel Pose

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Sexual Bliss 101

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey SuperSTAR!

So, what the heck IS Sexual Bliss Through Good Housekeeping, anyway? I’ve been spending the past 15 years trying to really crystallize it into a format that I can share with others, but here’s the most basic nugget of wisdom I can share . . .

It’s about tuning into the Zen-like flow of my own biorhythms and paying attention to how they can dance with the natural flow of the elements all around me so that everything I do is filled with a sense of ease, magic and bliss: from my daily “toilette” to housecleaning to intimate connections with my beloved and self-care practices.

It’s fully in alignment with the Goddess of Love because she is all about honoring the body as a temple: “All acts of love and pleasure are Her rituals,” and giving to yourself and to others from a place of abundance manifests opulence and healing immeasurable.

Because I am unique in my needs, strengths and preferences, it has taken me a LONG time to figure out how to share this magical way of moving through life so that it can be helpful for LOTS of people, not just offering a cookie cutter way of trying to follow rules or having a book you need to reference to get inspired. That’s NOT my idea of bliss.

So what I’m creating is a book that’s filled with the basic philosophy, along with examples of how I do it so that you can be inspired to consciously create YOUR own magical flow.

Here’s the most basic pearl of wisdom I want to share with you:
If you don’t make sure that your body, mind and spirit are healthy and vibrant, there isn’t going to be any magic happening. You can’t skip this step. You have to take care of yourself. And instead of seeing it as a task or as a guilty pleasure, I invite you to see it as the wisest investment you can make AND indulge in it like a decadent and pampering day at the spa that’s well-deserved. YOU ARE WORTHY OF BLISS! So give it to yourself!

TIP: It doesn’t have to cost ANY extra money or take much extra time. We like to tell ourselves we can’t afford helpful things or we don’t have time to make positive changes in our schedules. There’s no excuse here. Some of the most helpful ways I care for myself don’t cost extra money and they don’t take that much time.

PRACTICE: When I get ready for my day, I use my time in the bathroom doing my “toilette” as a nourishing way of remembering my body as a sacred temple, and that shifts my mind and my emotions (and my physical experience) in immensely positive ways. I give thanks for the hot water and see it as a great gift and friend and imagine that it’s taking away everything on every level that doesn’t serve me. Old stuck stories that keep me small, a negative experience I had recently, any negative self-talk about my body, any dis-ease that may cause harm to any part of me. As I wash my hair, I love it up. I massage my scalp and let the experience be more than a thoughtless routine. As I wash every part of my body, I offer loving touch and for the places I’ve judged as too large, too small, not good enough . . . I put love and gratitude there. As I apply moisturizer, same thing. I anoint myself as a priestess honoring the body of a queen. I pump in the love. And on and on. You get the idea. It’s really a conscious choice, at the heart, to invite self-love into everything you do.

When you fill yourself up with love, it can’t help but spill out and get all over the place. Before you know it, it’s getting on everyone around you and then they’re getting it all over the people they know and the bliss factor goes off the charts.

Go ahead, give it a try! What do you have to lose?
And if you want some support in truly manifesting Sexual Bliss through Good Housekeeping, give a shout by replying to this message. I’ll help you get on track for more bliss in your body, your home and your relationships.

Until next week, may Bliss & the Source be with you!

X’s & O’s

Amanda eating chocolate

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My issues with LOVE

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey SuperSTAR!

Are you like me? Someone who has learned how to be independent, sovereign and able to function really well as a soloist? But also finding that maybe that BIG L hasn’t made it’s way to you despite your loving nature?

I’ve got some big tips on how to stay HEALTHY, SOVEREIGN AND CALL IN ALL THE LOVE YOU WANT.
Here’s the Big Scoop on the Big L.

In my attempts at not falling into a co-dependent relationship and stepping into my power, it seems as though I stepped a little too far into the realms of Sovereignty to truly receive the BIG LOVE I have been calling in for myself.

It makes sense. We get hurt and, if we are doing our work, we see what it was that brought on that hurt, and sometimes our response is to step a little too far in the other direction like I did.

I had made up some pretty strong and not so easily changed ideas about what it means to be sovereign within a loving relationship. I had created so many safe zones around me to assure I wasn’t going to fall into an entangled and co-dependent relationship that I was actually pushing away a love that is exactly what I’ve been wanting (I was in a ceremony during the Winter Solstice where I made a prayer to have a beloved who wanted to be in a “love showdown” with me, meaning just blasting out the love and expressions of affection and adoration with abandon). And yet, when it was looking me, quite literally, in the face and making that suggestion, my first instinct was to label it as unhealthy and step back.

Thank goodness my beloved had the wherewithal to suggest that I consider the possibility of being incredibly loving, expressive and available for each other WITHOUT it being unhealthy or co-dependent. Thank goodness I decided to hear him and really sit down and ask my higher Self to help me see the whole thing more clearly.

Now my heart is open more and I am enjoying the sweet romantic texts, notes, thoughtful acts and loving responses I’d been praying for for so long. Yes, it is scary because it is unfamiliar and I know I need to make sure I don’t step all over my personal practices that keep me centered to consciously or unconsciously maintain the relationship with my man over my relationship with myself, but it’s such a worthy cause. I can say for certain that the rewards of taking the risk of stepping outside my comfort zone and into the love showdown ring are completely worth the effort it takes to check in and make sure I am still staying accountable to me.

So, if you’re like me, hiding inside a big bubble of sovereignty that’s keeping you safe from pain, but also out of the reach of the BIG L, try taking the risk of stepping outside the safe zone and into the LOVE. You’ll never look back.

Here are some pics from our big dive into the Temple of Love last weekend as we learned about Sexual Bliss Through Good Housekeeping:

LWS LOVE 2014 Altar

SBTGH workshop champagne

Making Love Potions

AfroDite Hippie Heart Mudra

Until next week, may healthy, BIG LOVE & the Source be with you!

x & o & <3 amanda_signature

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Love as your greatest weapon

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey SuperSTAR!

Are you feeling the immense weight of what’s happening in the world? Do you feel overwhelmed with grief, worry and hopelessness at times? Me too!

What can we do about it? It may feel like nothing, but that’s just not true. You can do A LOT!

Catch this week’s inspiration for transforming your grief into a weapon of Mass ELATION.

This month, the Goddess of Love is here to remind us that the potent frequency of LOVE can transform everything that is heavy and negative into bliss, or at least something that feels really good: peace, joy, kindness, generosity . . .

Grief is something that needs to be honored, expressed and released, but when it isn’t released it gets lodged in the body and gets in the way of our ability to experience joy. When that happens, we end up spreading the grief. Even if we do our best to keep it to ourself, it can spread like wildfire.

The wars that are going on, the violence, apathy and anger are all self-justified reactions to something someone did that was harmful (intentional or not, perceived or real). THE ONLY WAY TO END WAR IS TO CHOOSE TO STOP RESPONDING WITH NEGATIVITY. That means letting go of evening the score, no matter how hard it seems.

In a restorative justice class I took last year, the teacher said “Hurt people hurt people.” It is so true. When we are in a place of pain, it is difficult for us to not pass it on. The only way to heal up the anger, violence and harm on the planet is to focus on letting go of the negativity and generating more love in the world. Even if it feels like you’re faking it, doing something that brings a smile to someone else’s face is bound to generate a sense of warmth and goodness inside of you too and before you know it, your presence is creating more peace and kindness everywhere you go.

Love Wins Graffitti

Think about this:

So, here’s a little practice for you:
Every time you start to feel overwhelmed by grief over circumstances you cannot personally impact, take a moment to stop and turn the grief into a prayer. Not just for the people being harmed, but EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY for those who are causing the harm. They need to start feeling the love even more.

Imagine some person or circumstance you CAN feel a lot of love for and let that expand in your body and when it feels like the love can’t get any bigger, send it out with your prayer for the love to infiltrate any energy that has forgotten to be love inside of you and out there in the world. Keep sending it out, and set your intention to let love guide your day. It’s okay if you forget. Love and forgive yourself and start again.

Instead of letting the negative messages and information out there overwhelm you and numb you out, focus on turning that frustrated and helpless feeling energy into an act of loving kindness (even if it’s you that is the recipient).

You can’t make others change their course of anger with more anger. LOVE is THE ONLY WEAPON that can STOP the generation of HARM. Are you ready to gear up?


If you aren’t sure exactly how to generate love from a broken and heavy heart, JOIN ME on August 10th (that’s THIS SUNDAY) for a dive into the Temple of Love. It’s a gentle journey into bliss where you’ll nourish your heart and create a stockpile of love ammo. DISCOUNTED TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE HERE NOW.

Until next week, may LOVE, PEACE & the Source be with you!

x & o & <3 amanda_signature

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Love Magic

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey SuperSTAR!

Are you in the market for more love? Single and hoping to find “the one?” Or maybe you have a relationship, but the love that once flowed freely is a little trickle that could use a booster?

Yes? Then this week’s Goddess Diary is for YOU!

Any journey one takes starts with the self. We have to prepare, we have to make sure we are fit for the trip, we are responsible for gathering the resources we need before we head out.

The journey into love is no different. Most of of think that if we do lots of great things for other people, then they will love us. That is the greatest misconception. I was raised in a really great home where “Do unto others” was practiced and taking care of others before taking care of the self was the order of the day. What it lead to was NOT KNOWING MYSELF for a very long time, and depleting my resources, my energy, my health and my self-esteem. It also lead to a great internal deficit that, guess what? I needed to reimburse. How did I rebuild my stores? Through hidden agendas (I’ll take care of you, but then I am going to expect you to take care of my needs later on when I crash). That isn’t loving, isn’t kind. It is co-dependent and a set-up for a complete collapse since the relationships built this way are ALL OFF CENTER.

Once you start the practice of self-love, you’ll soon find how easy it is to fill up your stores and then offer what is flowing from your abundant cup to others. THAT is an amazing gift. Whether we want to admit it or not, I think we can all easily recognize the acts of kindness that come from a place of abundance and the acts of kindness that come from a place of self-sacrifice that are offered in exchange for hidden needs and a sense of unworthiness. When we offer gifts from a place of abundance we are spreading the mentality of “plenty for everyone,” and we give permission to those around us to also operate from that place of abundance. Before long, we have families, work places and communities that are full of a sense of abundance and genuine generosity.

When we give from a place of martyrdom, we spread an unspoken debt that creates a sense of “not enough-ness” (resources, personal worthiness . . .) and that just isn’t sustainable. And truthfully, it isn’t attractive (except to unhealthy people who will either feed off of it and then leave the martyr high and dry, or perpetuate that co-dependent debt.

If you find yourself continually doing lots of nice things for others and then feeling like there is no one there to help you when you need it, you have become trapped in the martyr mind. Consider pouring the abundant resources you so freely give to other people into your own needs first. Any friends you lose as a result of taking care of yourself weren’t your friends to begin with. And you’ll be much more likely to draw in the kinds of relationships, especially romantic ones, that are genuine and based on the wonderfulness of you, not what you can do to bribe someone to be with you.


If you aren’t sure exactly how to get the ball rolling in the right direction and would like some MORE support in the self-love department, JOIN ME on August 10th for a dive into the Temple of Self-Love. It’s a gentle and G rated journey into bliss where you’ll nourish your senses and awaken the self-love bug. DISCOUNTED TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE HERE NOW.

Until next week, may LOVE & the Source be with you!

x & o & <3 amanda_signature

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Trade in the F Bomb for a Love Bomb

By Amanda Eloesh

Do you drop the F bomb like a hot potato? Would you like to put even MORE POWER into your words?

I have a little download this week about shifting your mood (and the mood of everyone around you) by making one simple shift in your language. It’s directly from the expressive mouth of the Muse as she starts to transition toward the Goddess of Love.

I’m a little under the weather and to be kind and gentle with myself, I’m going to skip the video blog this time. Thanks for understanding!

So, that old stand-by, the F Bomb. It can come in handy when you’re trying to get someone’s attention, drive a point home, or really emphasize and express the immensity of what you’re feeling, especially when directing it towards a stranger or, even worse, someone you know and are upset at.

It may not seem like that big of a deal. It’s just a word, right? Well, if that is the case, then the Muse has a fun little challenge for you. For the next week, start replacing all swear words, especially the F Bomb with the word LOVE. As you do, watch what happens in your mind, your heart and with those around you.

Banksy love bomb

If it makes no difference, then you can send me a message about your experience and I’ll send you a special gift. If you try it out and you see the kind of shifts that I experience, let me know and I’ll send you something even more special. What do you have to lose? (Except for the potty mouth, that is).

Here are some examples of what the new way of self-expression might sound like:
“Ah Love! That is so Loved up!”
“Love you, you Mother Lover!”
“Go Love yourself!”

It’s silly, I know. It IS from the Muse after all, so what do you expect? Still wondering how and why this is helpful?

The F Bomb, no matter how lightly it is used, comes from an origin of expressing aggression and violation. Love connotes something much different. You can still have the same feelings, but when expressing them through the filter of light-heartedness and love, it can help you get the kaka out and at the same time, bring a little double take from those around you. It will, no doubt, drive your point home and will grab attention (probably even more effective than the F Bomb) AND instead of littering the atmosphere with something aggressive, you are launching a little silliness and love into the world. It may sound fluffy, but it takes a lot more moxie to take this Muse challenge than to drop the F Bomb every time you get worked up.

As I have been thinking about this week’s message, I’ve wondered what would happen if all nations who were fighting just starting launching care packages filled with good food, chocolate, warm blankets and love letters at their enemies. Shock, and confusion, but probably not more of the same retaliation and endless violence. Aggression begets aggression. Violence usually spawns more violence. The only way to stop it is to make a choice to use all of that energy built up inside and do something good with it. We can all start with the baby steps of our language and see where it gets us. In the grand scheme of things, our words are potent initiators of what we create in the world. And the world could use a LOT MORE LOVE, don’t you think?

I’ve talked about love bombs before, and I’m inviting you to send more of them out there in the form of loving language. You don’t have to change your feelings. Go ahead and be mad. Just try using different language to express it. You’ll find that the simple replacement of Love for any swear word will help you get the negativity out of your system more quickly and help you focus on what really matters. Your well-being and the well-being of your fellow human relations.

I have been doing it more and more and find that, even though I am all worked up for a minute about that love-hole who cut me off on the freeway, I quickly get a smile on my face and remember that maybe that mother lover is just distracted or having a bad day and I can let it slide. Sometimes I even open my heart and send him some actual love. What a crazy concept, huh?

So, go ahead. Take the Muse’s F Bomb challenge and trade in the potty mouth for a love mouth this week and see what your lovin’ lips can launch out there. If you really want to go the full lovin’ nine yards, try visualizing the Love Bomb you send with your words spreading loving messages and energy all over the place like a mushroom cloud of sweet lovin’ that spreads far and wide.

In a time when many of us are feeling full of upset and hopelessness about the violence and war that’s raging across the planet, this is one simple yet powerful way to add more love to the world, which is exactly what we all need more of, no matter how good we have it.

Oh, and if you’re interested in getting MORE LOVE INTO YOUR LIFE, join me on August 10th in Oakland for a journey into Sexual Bliss through Good Housekeeping. No it’s not doing laundry in your lingerie. It’s about feeling amazing inside and out through some fun and simple self-love practices that’ll squeeze love into every possible place you can imagine. It’s PG and sure to bring more bliss to your body, mind, spirit, relationships and, yes, maybe even your house cleaning.


May more LOVE and the Source be with you!

x & o & <3 amanda_signature

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