3 Steps to Connection After a Wobble

By Amanda Eloesh

At the end of this month, I will have spent 6 months of my life connecting, deepening and building the life of my prayers with my beloved, Ramadin.

In some ways it feels like lifetimes because there is so much that feels solid, grounded, and deeply rooted. I almost can’t imagine (and honestly don’t particularly want to) life without him. The visions I have held near and dear to my heart for so long are all manifesting with grace, ease, and the delight of sharing and celebrating it with a loving partner in healthy and aligned partnership.

His presence in my life helped me to realize how much I had been holding and manifesting on my own, and how many high expectations I had put on myself that, honestly, were superhuman and unfair to myself. It’s such an immense gift to share a vision, dream, and prayer with someone who is “ALL IN” and as enthused about making it happen, on the daily, as I am.

In some ways it feels like no time at all as I am remembering that just a year ago my life was completely different and, I thought, everything I wanted. So much has transformed, it truly feels like the caterpillar who is now a butterfly. My life has grown wings and is elevating each day.

The full on truth about deep and loving partnership – the kind that dreams and prayers are made of – is that it is not free from conflict, but what it is free from is antagonism. We both still have our core wounds that get triggered. Ramadin is very sensitive and I am very fiery and sometimes that combo leaves us both feeling a bit raw, but the love is still there, the kindness is still there.

Healthy, long-lasting relationships can’t be forced into an expectation of being conflict-free. One of my most esteemed teachers, Martin Prechtel says that the absence of conflict is not peace. The absence of conflict (and he meant allowing natural and healthy conflicts to arise and be worked through) is violence.

Pretending everything is great so that you can stay in the “love bubble,” is a sure fire way of bursting it even faster and taking even longer to rebuild it. It is really helpful to address wobbles before they become earthquakes. That means accepting conflict as an important part of creating peace and even deeper connection.

I wanted to share some helpful bits that I’ve found have been really helpful in my new (yet so deeply familiar) relationship.

Here are 3 quick steps you can take to step into clearing a wobble with more ease . . .

1) Name what you feel (WITHOUT MAKING UP A STORY ABOUT IT)
Example: “I’m feeling some tightness in my heart and I’m not feeling as close to you as I would like to. That’s bringing up some insecurities and making it hard for me to focus on anything else.”

Our egos like to make up stories about why we feel what we do. Negative feelings are always being contextualized through the lens of our core wounding, and therefore it’s always, to some degree, skewed and lacking perspective. Believing and repeating the story you’re making up about your feelings will only perpetuate old core wound stories. A better approach is to simply name what you’re feeling without a why behind it. This allows you and your partner to focus on what can happen now to help greater connection moving forward.

2) Create spacious time and setting to explore how to be close (DON’T MAKE IT A PROBLEM SOLVING MISSION).
Example: “I’d love to focus on how we can feel more close and connected when we’re both back from work and have had some food and time to relax. Does that work for you? I’m looking forward to finding some ways to feel closer and to feel more confident in our connection.”

Trying to find out what “the problem” is will no doubt bring you to finding many problems. If you can both commit to focusing on what needs to happen in this moment, now, to create a greater connection, then you can, from that connected place, look at how to refine, enhance, or otherwise elevate future similar circumstances by making clear requests. This prevents blaming, shaming, and “should”ing on each other.

Example: “I value what you shared with me about your experience and I appreciate you hearing me and valuing what I had to share.”

Neither party is right or wrong. You both have your own experiences. You both may be hurt. The level of hurt is NOT an indicator of who was “done wrong.” Don’t get into a war over who feels worse either. The victim role is not a healthy place to be for anyone. Really taking a deep breath and choosing to honor the feelings and experiences of your partner (without assuming any sort of blame for yourself or them) will start to create connection and the ability to find a healthy and helpful way forward.

REMEMBER: YOU BOTH LOVE EACH OTHER. That’s why you want to talk and work it out. Assume that each of you only wants the best for the other (if that is NOT the case, then get the fuck out!). AND SAY IT “I only want the best for you, even if I don’t always know how to make that happen.”

There is SO much more to a healthy and long-lasting relationship than these 3 steps, but it’s a great start and a helpful reminder on how to step deeper into love.

The other day, Ramadin and I were both in our wounding and feeling heavy-hearted. Ramadin sweetly offered to hold space for me to share what was on my heart, but all that was there in the moment was my old core wounding story, which my ego definitely wanted to re-explain and defend, but my higher self knew it wasn’t going to be helpful at all, so I said exactly that: “I don’t want to repeat an old, false, painful story. I need to just focus on centering back into my resourced self. If there’s anything I need from you after that, I will gratefully let you know.”

The moment I sat down at my altar and tuned in to that painful place in my heart, it softened and opened and I felt great. I realized, yes indeed, that core wounding lens had created a story that just wasn’t true. I was able to share from a loving place, later on, about my process so that Ramadin could get a deeper look at my inner world, but instead of trying to work our way out of our stuck algorithmic loops, we were able to move forward into something much more elevated, loving, and helpful.

May this help you step more deeply into your journey with love. And please know that, many times, these processes can be tricky and easier to talk about than actually make happen. So, if you and your beloved can’t seem to find your way out of your repeating patterns of conflict and you’d like some support, we’d be honored to help you turn your conflict into greater intimacy.

:: CLICK HERE :: to fill out an assessment and schedule some time to talk with us about how our ceremonies, programs, and packages can help you step out of broken record patterns and into your unimaginable happiness.

Until our paths meet again . . . may the Source be with you!

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Pain: a love story

By Amanda Eloesh

When I was born, my feet turned in (“pigeon toed,” I believe it is unceremoniously referred to). In 1971, the treatment was to turn my feet in the “right direction” and then cast my legs all the way up to my hips to force the growth like tree branches being bent into pretty shapes.

One of the sets of casts put on my tiny legs at birth.
A set of tiny casts that were on my legs at birth.

My fate was much better than my Mom’s, who had to wear braces, but I was given special exercises to help my feet to grow forward facing.

The result of my deformity at birth and the consequential cures left me with ankles that sprained easily and with legs that would feel full of hot daggers after a gentle hike or night of dancing.

Over time, I started to feel critical of myself. Not realizing that my body had been twisted out of alignment. I was young. I “should” be able to run and jump and do whatever I wanted, so I turned on an inner critic that would badger me every time I felt resistant to being active.

In my late twenties, I had fears that I would be in a walker by the time I was thirty because of the immense pain I experienced from doing fairly ordinary things that other people seemed to enjoy without ever thinking twice.

By grace and happenstance, I read a lovely book on Insight Meditation and started to practice on my own. I started to apply the practice to my own body. I started to breathe into the places where the pain was and to bring love, compassion, and life force with each breath.

Very quickly, I noticed a huge shift. If I was conscious about my knees and ankles and breathed into them while out in Nature or on the dance floor, I felt fine the next day. Over time, it seemed like I had found my way to being “normal,” whatever that means and no longer had to be so vigilantly mindful of every single breath while using my legs and feet.

Later on, as I started to work with plant medicines and Entheogens, they taught me how to, even more deeply, bring my conscious awareness towards my pain, physically, mentally, emotionally . . . and how to do deep healing through being loving, kind, and compassionate towards the pain I held in my body, mind, and spirit. This practice, along with some other deep experiences and training, lead me to the powerful transformational process I now do with clients, which I call “Subconscious Success Repatterning.”

Some people may be surprised to hear that the work I do on the subconscious level started out as a practice for healing the physical body. If you know much about whole being health, you will not be surprised to hear that challenges in the subconscious make their way into everything we do – our thoughts, feelings, actions, and body (health, vitality, movement . . .).

I was able to use this practice in my practicum for my Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology through California Pacific Medical Center, Marin General Hospital, Marin Cancer Resource Center, and the Institute for Health & Healing. I was able to apply this process across many different cases – mothers with labor pains, post-partum depression, women fighting cancer (dealing with pain, fear, grief and other challenges), patients unable to sleep, patients dealing with nausea and pain that was not able to be controlled by pain-killers . . . and since completing that internship, I’ve been able to use it to help people with eating disorders, addiction, depression, and mysteriously stuck and repetitive, painful cycles of self-sabotage, scarcity, and survival.

I received 1600 cumulative clinically supervised hours applying this work to patients and clients and had enthusiastic support from my supervisors to take this work into the world. “You are a TRUE healer,” they told me.

I’ve used this on myself to heal from obsessive-compulsive behavior, an eating disorder, body dysmorphic disorder, and the ordinary human experiences of “not good enough,” and my own survival and scarcity patterns.

So, I thought I was fairly invincible . . .

Fast forward to five months ago. I met this amazing man who would soon open my heart wide with his safe and loving presence, his capable and dependable acts of kindness, and his mastery in communication and navigating challenges.

Ramadin initiated our friendship with an offer for bodywork. It is probably my most favorite experience. A massage, even if it’s not so great, is almost always a welcomed offering. So, when he offered, I was incredibly receptive. But right away, I could feel that what he was doing was more than just massage. I could feel the energetic shifts he was creating.

It almost felt too intimate for someone I was just starting a new friendship with, he was so intuitively dialed in to the origins of my wounding, but I could also feel that what he was doing was incredibly helpful. After the first massage, he sent me a message telling me that my legs were “talking” to him. I said “Oh really? What did they say?” “Help!” was the reply.

He asked me “On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate the pain in your legs?” “Um, zero.” I responded with a bit of a question in my reply. He was slightly incredulous and shared that, based on what he could feel going on in my legs, he was surprised I could walk. “?!?!?!”

I shared with him my experience of being in casts and how it had caused an immense amount of limitations and pain early on and that I had done a great deal of healing through my practice. He very lovingly shared that while I may have done some deep healing and been able to eliminate the pain, my legs had hypertonicity . . . probably had since I was very young. The lack of pain was not a sign of being healed.

He said “You could meditate and breathe and do all sorts of visualizations, but it’s not going to loosen up the steel cables in your legs. Only hands on work can do that.” He asked me if I was up for the committed journey to heal my legs. I said “YES!”

Ramadin holding my legs.
Image by Candace Smith
Image by Candace Smith

And so it began. Pretty much every week, I get some sort of focused work on my legs. It has been fucking painful. Sometimes, after a session, it feels like I need to learn how to walk again. The “steel cables” are now getting blood flow and it’s creating sensations of pain that feel like I was in a horrible accident. Sometimes I feel immense weakness from misaligned and repetitive movements that left some parts of me petrified and other parts unable to gain strength.

It is incredibly humbling.

And it has helped me to see on a much more tangible, palpable level, why so many people are willing to just deal with the limitations and the stuck patterns in their lives. I have conversations with people who are not living their purpose, who can’t seem to get out of painful realities. I know I can help them, and even offer them a guarantee I can help them, but instead of moving forward, they get to the edge and back down. I know it’s scary, and now I have an even more intimate perspective on it.

The pain can be ignored away sometimes, or at least adjusted to. We tell ourselves, like I had told myself, “this is the best it gets.” It can feel almost overwhelmingly scary, frustrating, daunting and confronting to think that we can have a better reality, but have let ourselves live in something far far below our Noble Purpose, abundance, and unimaginable happiness.

Admitting to ourselves that we could have a better life is hard sometimes – especially if we have a “not good enough” wound. That realization sits right on that wound a pours the salt in generously. The the realization that we have to go in and feel all the feelings in order to heal them and let them go can feel like too much to take on. It’s easier to just sink back into the denial and the old coping mechanisms and hope that someone or something else will offer a quicker, easier relief.

Since I am who I am, having done the dive into my pain and experienced great liberation, my response was immense gratitude to be shown that I could have better mobility, greater vitality, and a more embodied reality. It meant that I was going to have to step out of the blissful ignorance my body had been in, and it meant that I was going to experience deep pain, but I knew it is worth it.

Every massage has been intense, requiring deep breathing, mental focus, sometimes tears. Each massage leaves me exhausted and feeling, as I mentioned before, like I’ve been in some sort of accident. Now I do feel what’s actually happening in my legs. I can feel the contortions of tendon, muscle, joints and bones all pulling in funky ways, and it is painful. But I can also feel the new life coming into my body. As Ramadin works on me, even though it’s painful, there’s a quality to it, just like the Subconscious Success Repatterning, that lets me know it is the kind of pain that is helpful, healthy, and necessary to move into a more elevated reality.

The work I do as a ceremonial guide requires a lot of getting up, kneeling, bending, squatting, walking, carrying . . . and my body had been telling me it wasn’t sure how long it could do this, which I thought was strange since I seldom had any real pain. Now I know my body was trying to tell me that I needed some serious help. I am so grateful I am getting that serious help before my body seized up altogether.

As I was getting my healing and talking about the huge shifts, my clients started to get work from Ramadin as well, and now we are working together to help liberate our community from the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental wounding that is keeping them playing a much smaller game than their spirit knows they are here to play.

If you are struggling with pain, in your body, your mind, your spirit, your finances, or your relationships, we would like to support you in breaking free from the mental, emotional, and physical wounding that has you stuck needlessly suffering.

We would be honored in helping you to live a much bigger prayer for yourself. If you would too, we have a special gift for you . . .

:: CLICK HERE :: to receive your special gift.

I wrote an eBook about Subconscious Success Repatterning called “Unlock Your Success Code” and I also recorded a basic Subconscious Success Repatterning guided journey. If you would like to receive both of these, use the link above to get your very own “Spiritual Success Mentoring Kit,” which has the book and the guided journey mp3. And if you’d like to get personal support in breaking free from any physical, emotional or mental pain, you can use the “Live Your Purpose & Prosper” Discovery Session link to fill out an assessment form and schedule some time to talk with us about how we can help you. It’s a no obligation exploration of the programs and packages we have to help you release the pain in your life.

You don’t have to keep fighting alone. We’re here for you.

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Ceremony: An Act of Rebellion

By Amanda Eloesh

How can attending a ceremony be an act of rebellion?

We spend a good chunk of our days moving through programs. How we engage with our screens to communicate, schedule, get information, make plans and connections . . . creates patterns of movement and thought. How we get from one place to another, obeying traffic signs and navigating city design. How we go about feeding and sustaining ourselves . . . all of these experiences have patterns of movement, thought, and behavior, and most of them are created from a human intention of getting you to follow a predictable flow of actions, thoughts, and even feelings.

It may seem benign from the outside, but what we subject ourselves to, daily, continues to create programming that limits the creative thought processes and ways that we shape our lives. We absolutely know that our data is being mined and used to influence our every move online (and that flows into our offline reality too). We can most certainly trust that most of that influence is not aimed at helping us to reach our best and highest potential.

When we step outside of the programmed realms online, and choose to commune with forces and elements that are greater than us that wish us well (Nature, The Holy, Creator, Source . . .), we step into the liminal space of the Unknown. We create a sacred time and space where we come to experience something beyond our current ability to comprehend. We invite in that Higher Wisdom and Energy to help us to elevate our minds, our spirits, and our physical reality. There is no pre-programmed outcome. There is no agenda other than being of service to our healing and personal growth.

If we don’t give ourselves regular opportunities to leave the previously scheduled programs we’ve tuned into and make ourselves available to the magnificent and limitless love, wisdom, healing, and beauty of That Which Created Us (whether we have an anthropomorphic idea of that Source or whether we believe it is completely impersonal and powerful beyond our ability to fully comprehend), we are voluntarily subjecting ourselves to being programmed just like computers and smartphones. If we don’t give ourselves opportunities to access something beautiful, elevated and beyond our current limitations, we are doomed to behave, think, and feel just as the data mining big brothers choose.

Ceremony, when done in a good way, offers a safe and sacred container for us to come and commune with Higher Powers that wish us well and want to help us break through the mundane and lower frequency programming so that we can access our unimaginable happiness and live our Noble Purpose.

This is why I am devoted to bringing Sacred back, building community, and it’s why I founded the Church of Living Wisdom. There are no dogmas here. We are here, as a collective, to create safe and sacred spaces for our diverse community to heal, learn, and grow together (and to break free from the intentional and unintentional programming we subject ourselves to every time we interact with a screen, or a system designed to control human behavior).

We know that Sacred Plant Allies, like mushrooms (Niños Santos), Cannabis (Santa Maria), San Pedro (Huachuma), Ayahuasca, and Iboga offer a quantum leap in breaking free from those old subconscious and external programming, and there is also no need to ingest these medicines if they are not calling to you.

Sound Healing is the oldest and most potent tool in the shaman’s medicine kit since everything in the known Universe is made up of vibrating energy particles. Witnessing our fellow humans in making a prayer for their lives is the foundation of miracle manifestation. Dance, play, and simply engaging with a safe and welcoming community with loving intentions all elevate us because there is no program and little predictability, and it is founded in the best default medicine around: Love.

If you are feeling called to truly shake up the current systems of oppression that are woven into our modern means of survival, then it is essential to not only participate in frequent opportunities to access Source Wisdom, it is important to also learn how to create them for yourself, your family, your community, and in your working environments.

We are starting a year-long Ceremonial Leadership Certification Program to help you learn many ways (from clinical to traditional approaches) for creating safe and sacred spaces and experiences that will help us all to break the programs and start co-creating new ways of seeing, thinking, and being in the world that are in harmony with Creator. (How can we be in harmony with something we never spend time getting to know?).

Religion does not have a monopoly on Spirituality. In fact, it can often stand in the way of truly accessing our own unique relationship with Source, which is sacred and does not require an intercessor or medium.

We are bringing Sacred back as an act of rebellion.

Care to join us?

If you are interested in learning more about our Ceremonial Leadership Certification Program or simply desire a safe and sacred space to heal, learn, and grow with other diverse community members, please contact us to learn more about the best fit for your goals, needs, and desires. :: CLICK HERE :: to fill out an assessment and schedule a call with us.

And until our paths meet . . .

May the Source be with you.

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How Your Low Self-Worth is Making You Come Off as an Ingrate

By Amanda Eloesh
First off, I'll say that I'm facing this one myself, so I'm speaking from personal experience as the arrogant ingrate. And I see it all around me. It's heartbreaking that this painful trauma program can create such a paradoxical reality, and so I thought I would break it down a bit. Maybe you'll see yourself on the giving or receiving end and have more compassion (for yourself or someone else).
So just recently, I was with someone I care about quite a bit. We're getting to know each other better and he said some things that were profoundly touching. They were expressions that let me know he wants to step in with me on a deep level. Like, if I were to write a really fantastic romance novel scene, this would be in it.
What I felt was "Oh my god, I can't believe I'm hearing these words. It's breaking my heart open. It is touching me in places that hurt because they have been so in the dark and now here's this bright light shining and it's almost too much to take in. I can't believe I am lucky enough to have this kind of presence and enthusiastic participation from someone I care about this much, but who is so new in my life."
What I said was "That's really beautiful. Thank you."
And honestly, that response is the result of me working on my self-worth story for many years.
Of course, as I let it all settle and I really let myself feel the potency of what had been offered to me, I realized my response was paltry at best. I later followed up with the deeper experience and it was well received, but it could have been so much more potent if, in the moment, I was able to stop, really take it all in, and acknowledge it right there on the spot.
What's scary is that it would have been so easy for me to deflect it altogether and not even let myself see the profound gift that had been offered to me, because yes, indeed, it was painful. It went right in to that tender self-worth wound and opened it right up.
I know there have been times when someone has offered me a compliment or some other gift of the heart that I didn't feel worthy of, so I diminished it, ignored it, or in some other way couldn't let it mean what it actually meant, and I not only deprived myself of receiving that beautiful heart offering, I sent a signal to the giver that what they offered wasn't worthy of mention or wasn't good enough . . . see the paradox?
My own lack of self-worth can actually create a message for someone else that they aren't good enough.
And then over time, those people learn not to offer those vulnerable and valuable heart shares because they don't have a safe place to land and then the lack of acknowledgment now feeds my low self-worth wound.
Fortunately, I didn't ignore it, and was able to go back and deepen my response, but like I said, that's from years of working on this.
I see friends and clients inflicting this same scenario upon themselves and their loved ones constantly. I see it all around me.
When we don't receive the loving offering in front of us, we create suffering for ourselves and others.
I hope this is helpful. If you'd like to unpack your self-worth wounding even further so that you can start to let more of the love in and stop signaling to others that they (and you) are not worthy of the love, I can help you with that.
Here's a link to fill out an assessment and schedule some no-cost time to talk with me about where you're stuck, where you'd like to be, and whether I can support you getting out of the story and into more love.
May you let yourself feel the pain and let the love in anyway.
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Medicine Story: Healing my relationship with the Sacred Masculine – what the Fox told me.

By Amanda Eloesh
goddess and fox

My Healing with the Masculine

The Sacred Mythology of Fox Medicine

As I dive into deep healing of the wounding I have been engaged with over my relationship with the masculine, I ask, “What is the evolution of this painful story?”

The only way to heal is to allow a vision of an elevation to arise.

What has emerged from that prayer and meditation is a true story that is also a mythology. This story is a Medicine story, meaning that it is shared in a ceremonial way.

I offer it to you in that way. May it serve an awakening of healing and elevation within you.


One day, several years ago, as I walked on my favorite trail, just beyond my back yard, I came around a bend to see something run from a big winding Oak tree. I thought “Fox!” and then immediately thought how silly that was. A fox? During the day? Must’ve been a cat or a raccoon.

But as I came around the bend, there he was. The fox, who had just been up in the tree, standing there, looking at me.

Letting me look at him.

“Thank you! Thank you for letting me see you!” and he turned and ran off the trail, disappearing into the leaves and vines.

The next day, I made a prayer with the Chanupa, the Sacred Pipe, and asked to have a deeper relationship with Fox Medicine.

A few days later, before heading out onto the trail, I stopped in at the altar of the Wise Woman. She had just started speaking to me. She told me that, in addition to tobacco, I needed to bring sweet grass with me. So, without question, I took the sweet grass, curious about when and where I would offer it.

As I turned onto my favorite trail, I found a golf ball with a hand-written number thirteen, circled. “Okay. Nature Oracle time!” I thought with excitement. And just moments later, after stopping at the wild honey bee hive and giving some tobacco and prayers of gratitude, I came around a bend and there he was again - the fox. Only this time, he was dead.

I gasped and in an instant I recognized that he was my brother and that he had given himself to me as an answer to my prayer with the Chanupa. Deep sorrow, deep humility, and deep reverence came over me, and then I knew why I had been told to bring the sweet grass.

I knelt by his side. I took the braid out and laid it down on his heart. No signs of injury. His body was soft still. A few ants on his closed eyes. I was overcome with so many feelings at once. I prayed and asked how I could possibly honor this life. I was instructed to “Do ceremony with me.”

So, I wrapped him up in my shirt, and carried him back home with me. I laid his body underneath the Acacia tree that once stood in the back yard. I sent a message to George Gray Eagle, our medicine man, asking for guidance on what a proper ceremony might entail.

I soon received a response. Two brief sentences about how to skin him. “Oh. That kind of ceremony.” I had never skinned an animal before. I had done some skin preparation with Martin Prechtel and had an idea on how to treat the skin, but that was it.

My friend, Ayden, held space for me, and with sage, tobacco, and sweet grass, I made a prayer to ask for help to honor this medicine and be with this ceremony in a good way.

Slowly I took apart his body, starting with the skin. I delicately cut where George had instructed and with ease, his skin slipped off like a tight glove. The intimacy of the experience was profound. I opened up his belly and put my hands inside of him. I pulled out his organs. They looked so perfect. I buried them and the bones in the East with prayers and sacred offerings. I took his head and his heart and buried them in the garden.

I stretched out his skin on a board panel, rubbed it down with salt, and planned to attend to it the next day.

I gave thanks for the immense offering and the precious experience of taking my spirit brother’s body apart. I still couldn’t really take it all in. So many messages, so many gifts in this experience. And the question that hung in my head: “Why had he offered himself – given his whole life – to me?”

When I awoke the next morning, I was sick. I had a fever and felt pain all over my body and a deep fatigue. I had to stay in bed, resting and dreaming with the Fox. It was as though I was purging or somehow overwhelmed by the intensity of it all.

The next day was a Monday and I had to work. So many appointments I threw myself into. Telling myself I would get to the skin when I was done. But at the end of the day, I was still feeling the edges of my returning health and turned in early to rest.

The next day was clear. I could finally attend to the skin. I got up early and went straight to work. But to my utter shame and sorrow, the skin had become infested with all sorts of tiny predators. The hair was coming off in clumps, and it looked awful.

Normally, I am pretty good at forgiving myself for mistakes, but this felt unforgiveable. I immediately decided to never tell anyone what I had done. I would just bury it and say that was the plan all along. I was so overtaken with grief and shame, that I went into the shadow of denial and hiding my transgression. What’s worse, is that shame created an inability to attend to the skin even then. I tucked it away where it couldn’t be seen and left it.

At that time, I was teaching a weekly course about the 13 Sacred Feminine Archetypes (Wise Woman is one of them). This week, we were focusing on the Goddess of Compassion. I was tuning into Her and also carrying the grief and shame of the Fox in my heart. This particular combination created an opening.

As I sat at my altar, the Fox spoke to me through the lens of compassion. He said “I gave myself to you because I am your brother and you needed me. I knew you were going to fuck it up – taking my skin, that is. It doesn’t matter, and in fact, that is the whole point. THIS is the Medicine. The offering is the Medicine. Not my skin. Your intimate connection being in ceremony with me was the gift. Not some impressive remnant to put on your altar.”

It reminds me of the story of Christ, who gave his body as a gift, and also the story of Chinnamasta. She is in the forest with her mentees and they are complaining of hunger, so without hesitation, she chops off her own head to feed them as a symbol of living in trust and pure devotion. The offering of the small self in service to life and love. The humility that was infused into me from it all was actually painful - to take in the possibility of being worthy of such a Noble and generous gesture, especially since I had not shown up in a good way.

Finally, I did get to attend to his skin. Enough time had passed that I dug his head up from the garden and, again with sage, tobacco, and sweet grass, I cleaned the skin. Anointed it, and wrapped it tightly around the now white and clean skull that had been dutifully prepared by all of the tiny creatures below the surface of the earth. I bundled these up inside of red wool felt and it sits at my altar now as a reminder of the true gift, the many lessons, and the BIG Medicine from this often undervalued animal ally.

So, in my prayer to heal the story of the masculine that attacks, or is absent altogether, I was brought back into the Medicine of Fox. The presence, the generosity, the compassion, and forgiveness. Acknowledging my own abandonment, shadow, and denial, and forgiving it within and without.

The liberation from the old painful story of being harmed requires the liberation of all players. Letting myself off the hook requires letting everyone else off as well. My Spirit Brother, Fox showed up for me as an embodiment of the Sacred Masculine as a provider and a liberator; that is undeniable and is far more precious than anything I could or would ever ask for.

I am sitting with the depth of this potent journey. The journey with love that continues in countless forms.

May this story serve to help you find your own liberation through compassion and forgiveness through the Sacred Masculine eyes of Fox Medicine.

If you would like to explore your possibilities of elevating painful wounds and repeating patterns into transformation and deep healing, I invite you to receive some one-on-one time with me to look at how my programs can help you :: CLICK HERE :: to fill out an assessment and schedule some time to talk with me now.


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How I quit giving my power away to men (by surrendering)

By Amanda Eloesh

I had the immense pleasure of receiving deep and profound healing recently. There are elements of my wounding that I have done so much work on and at some point, several years ago, got the message that I had done everything I could do for myself and needed someone else to assist me.

Because so much of the wounding that I carry in my spirit and my body come from ruptured relationships with the masculine, it seemed most reasonable that it would be from the hands of the masculine that I would be most fully liberated - at least that's what Source showed me, and after sitting with it, it made sense.

I had hoped that partners could do it, but often, those wounds were activated, but not held in the way that my spirit so longed for.

So, I have been in a prayer for a very long time. Seeing the vision of what was possible and calling in the help I needed. As a healer, I hold space for others and have often had it reflected to me that the container I offer is powerful and deep. Maybe it is because of this that it has been hard to find the person who could engender the trust necessary to allow me to fully surrender. I've had many powerful healing sessions, but few can go deep and no one has been able to access the deep wounding that I have been searching for. I was starting to doubt that anyone could have the gift and skill to find those places in my subtle and physical body, and then thoroughly release the tangles and toxins that have been stuck there for, apparently, lifetimes.

So, it was with humbling and almost overwhelming gratitude that I found myself being held and healed by the loving hands and heart of a good man who heard the cries for help (literally) from my spirit and generously offered his gifts to free me from the pain that have kept me from being fully embodied.

As I surrendered into this deep healing, I witnessed so many pieces coming together and have realized that it is likely that these are pieces many women carry within them, too. I share them here, hoping they will serve an awareness that can help you to access deep healing within your body, mind, and spirit, too.

What came through most powerfully was a vision of myself as a young girl, full of powerful life force energy. I was innocent, and full of strength. I saw how I channel so much Shakti and how, as a child, that potency was not empowered. I was not taught how to work with my power. I was taught, not so much directly, but unavoidably and constantly from my religion, my culture, TV, movies, music . . . that there was something shameful and inappropriate about my power, and somehow it didn't belong to me. As I got a little older, my life force energy was projected upon and fed upon by ignorant men who, growing up in the same imbalanced culture that I did, saw my life force energy, my Shakti, as something to feed upon or judge, objectify, and take as an entitlement.

I saw how many times, because of the messages I got from so many places, I gave that part of me away to the masculine – partly because I knew I needed protection – longed for it, actually, and thought I needed to trade my power for safety – and partly because I was taught that my survival and value depended upon placating and fulfilling the desires of the ignorant masculine that did not know how to treat it as sacred. I didn’t know how to treat it as sacred. Over and over again, I offered these precious parts of myself up, hoping someone would care for me/this part of me in a way that would bring a sense of wholeness, not realizing how ridiculous that was. I actually saw a vision of my spirit as a sad and helpless child offering her most precious gift up to strangers, not realizing what I was doing. Not realizing I am the one who needed to care for this part of me, to cherish and protect it. That vision has brought so much shame I couldn't bare to really fully see it.

By the time I realized that my Sacred Feminine energy, my life force, my power to create IS ACTUALLY SACRED, I felt ashamed that it had taken me so long to recognize it as such. And, as shame will do, it created a disconnect from the deep wounding that had been etched into my mind, my body, and my spirit. I moved forward, learning how to honor myself and how to start cultivating my Shakti to nourish myself and all I create. I learned how to start treating myself, my body, my offerings, and my gifts as sacred – I’m still learning, in fact.

And eventually, as I learned the true costs of shame, I started to dismantle the layers that had been built to keep me from seeing all that I had allowed to take place and all that I had done to myself because of ignorance and a disconnect from the sacred feminine. I did SO MUCH FUCKING HEALING with plants, ceremony, ritual, meditation, prayer, traditional therapy, shamanic soul retrieval, and my deep inner practice to remove trauma from the subconscious, Subconscious Success Repatterning. It has all been immensely helpful. It’s all been essential, but what I realized after years of healing from within is that there are elements of myself – physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually . . . that I cannot fully see or access on my own. I need a mirror to trim my hair and see what I look like from behind, and so is the case for other aspects of my healing and self-care.

Now, here I was on this massage table, feeling the vibrations of sound and witnessing the detangling of so many years – lifetimes actually – of feeling defensive and alone, needing to carry everything and unable to trust.

I saw the role I played in innocently offering precious parts of myself to men, who couldn’t possibly know how to hold it in a good way. I saw how it perpetuated so many expressions of the same old stories. I was able to see it with not just eyes of compassion, but with a full embodiment of compassion towards myself, towards those who played a role in teaching me this twisted view of myself, and towards those who saw what I had and fed on it in the many painful ways they did. I found forgiveness for all of it.

I saw my magic through the eyes of the uninitiated and ignorant masculine - witnessing my magic and, being taught to conquer, hunt, and posses, simply did what was natural – served himself without having a clue how it might impact me, and often leaving the empty shell of me behind to look for the next conquest.

I saw how I have done the same thing to the earth – seen something amazing and delightful and just assuming it was mine to take. I saw how the human instinct is filled with this entitlement: land to develop, fruit from the trees, coal from the earth, fish from the sea . . . Slave labor dyed clothing made with chemicals that poison the earth, purchased on Amazon - just $13.99! "I have to have those leggings!"

And it needs to stop. And shame is the veil holding all of the wounding that is keeping us from truly seeing.

It is time to see the roles we are playing in our own exploitation – where we give away our power because we think we have to. It is time to see the ways in which we are doing the same thing in our relationships and to the world around us. All of us are complicit on some level.

So, while I am still just in almost disbelief at finally receiving the miraculous gift of being liberated from deeply embedded wounding all glued together with shame, the work, in some ways, is just now beginning.


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The Problem with Science

By Amanda Eloesh
Amanda tipping hat

There have been a LOT of posts about the importance of science, and science IS important, but . . . “science” can mean a LOT of things.

Monsanto has science behind them but I don’t buy it. I have a friend who is a scientist who says that the reports she’s seen do not support claims of climate change; and there are many scientists who say it is a real and impending issue – I tend to agree with them. NASA has scientists who sent people to the moon, and there are scientists who have interesting arguments that have convinced many that the moon landing couldn’t have happened.

Even when we can look at “just the facts,” there are many ways of interpreting them, what is focused on, what is considered unimportant, what connections are made and what conclusions are drawn.

Scientists have biases that skew their approach and their findings because, come to find out, they’re human. It’s not as straight forward as one might think.

Survival-based programming impacts everyone and it actually can make an impact on something we consider to be static and straight forward, like science.

Add to it all of the purposefully fabricated shit that gets put out there to fill personal agendas and wallets, and it can feel impossible to know what the real truth is, especially if you don’t have the education to pick apart detailed studies and data points.

So it is important, now more than ever, to learn how to feel truth from within. Our bodies know. Our minds can make up and follow and believe all kinds of things – if that wasn’t the case, there wouldn’t be so much divisiveness right now, but deep within us is our innate wisdom. I’m not talking about emotional responses – those are just as wishy washy. There is a knowing we can all tap into.

If you have anxiety or stress in your system or are not actually curious about Truth beyond personal preferences and opinions, then it will be hard to find. We know that our personal data is being mined and we are being given social media stimulants to drive our behaviors in all sorts of ways.

The only way to have a snowball’s chance in hell of breaking free and actually exerting some sense of free will that is guided by higher wisdom is to be able to tap into the Truth that lies buried inside of us. Do you know how to do that?

It can require deep work to dig down beyond the layers of programming from our childhood, our culture, and our ancestral epigenetic inheritances, but it IS possible. The first step is to let yourself be genuinely curious and passionately committed to learn the Truth, even though it might contradict our beliefs (even about ourselves).

Now is the time to take your behaviors and decisions out of the hands of information miners and take back your power. The revolution can’t happen if you can’t stand in your own personal power, and you can’t stand in your personal power if you don’t know what the Truth is.

If you feel called to take more steps to reach the Truth you hold inside of you, and would like to get some support in learning how to access the wisdom deep within, and how to tune into Source for greater guidance beyond your own human limitations, that is what I do. You can get some valuable time to speak with me live to look at what you’re struggling with and what I can do to support you. :: CLICK HERE :: to fill out an assessment and get this time with me – it’s my gift to you.

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I’m sorry. I want to do better. Please read.

By Amanda Eloesh
Hey Spiritual SuperSTAR;

I want to acknowledge that I haven't really been pouring the kind of deliciousness and value into this place that I have wanted.

You deserve better, and I am going to make a commitment to you right now to start offering more of me to you.

It has been exactly forever since I had the time, bandwidth and clarity to sit down and offer something deep and from the heart here.

I’ve done my best to post things on Facebook and Instagram, and at some point, the immensely fast pace at which my life has been moving has made it seem not only impossible, but even pointless to try to summarize or put a pin in somewhere. So many poignant moments, lessons, insights and valuable pearls I've wanted and tried to share, but the pace of personal growth has been faster than the speed of a Facebook live-stream.

For those of you who have not been able to follow along through the random and inconsistent posts I’ve provided here and there, this is my last year in a nutshell.

I went into the Amazon for my sixth time, feeling a completion with the tribe and land I have grown to love and call family and home for the past three years.

I met my twin flame, quite unexpectedly as I was engaged at the time to someone else. We were in Hungary at a psychedelic festival I was teaching at. After four short, yet transformational days, I knew there was something cosmic and life-changing from our connection. My heart and mind had confusing thoughts, worries and stories about how to navigate this potent heart-opening connection while being engaged to someone else.

I decided to let LOVE take the lead.

To show me the way to navigate this potent, magical and potentially ass-kicking experience, and LOVE has guided me into a loving and peaceful completion of my engagement with Michael, through many initiations with my twin flame beloved, Gerwin, that have taken us both into dark and hard places, clearing out space for new light, new love, new possibilities.

I lost my home, where I had built a thriving and sustainable business as a priestess and medicine woman. I lost my sustainability. Most of my reality was, in a matter of just a couple of months, shaken, threatened, destroyed, irreversibly altered, and reformed. I actually lost count of the profound losses and challenges because they were coming so quickly. I hit many edges where I said “I just can’t take another hit,” and three more would come, and I realized that I could, actually, take it, and in fact, I needed it all.

My core wounding was triggered to the point of completely questioning and even fully letting go of everything  I was attached to and reliant upon – relationships, income, my privileges, my titles, my entitlements, my identifications, everything that meant something, I surrendered it all to Source, and, with the immense loving kindness and support from my beloved, my family, my friends, was shown what is truly mine and what my Noble Purpose is. When it is written into the sacred codes of your DNA, you can’t put it down. It IS you. But I hit that place of despair and hopelessness that is necessary to be reborn and to truly see and value the immense gift of life in its utmost simplicity and without distracting bells and whistles.

I remembered my prayer . . . to trust that Love was taking the lead on my life and that all was in sacred motion to bring me to higher ground.

I manifested, in a deeply sacred and profound way, the most amazing new medicine temple home, with my beloved, Gerwin. It was an answer to a potent prayer we made together that showed up within a few weeks. I was about to start putting my stuff in storage and make a plan for my exit from the Bay Area, but this home showed up magically, and has taken us in and is showing me that many visions, dreams, and hopes that I have been collecting in journals and in the corners of my heart over the past few years, are all about to become manifest. I have literally dreamt of being here and the magic I am being called to offer to the world on a deeper level than I have given myself permission to experience.

The container of this place: sacred, safety, beauty, magic, renewal, solidity, serenity, groundedness, healing . . . HOME.

I am not done with the transformation, but I do see the undeniable light at the end of the tunnel. {THANK ALL THAT IS GOOD!}

Once again, Spirit has shown me that this practice, Subconscious Success Repatterning, and the manifestation magic from my spirit ally, Spider Grandmother, turns chaos and loss into a powerful upgrade. Truly greeting the loss of everything we hold dear with a trusting, loving welcome and the curiosity to ask “How is this serving my Noble Purpose?” reveals that everything truly is a gift, IF we’re willing to trust and allow it to unfold itself before us.

My greatest superpower, and it’s quite a good one in my own humble opinion, is to turn the hard edges, chaotic break-downs, and unexpected tragedies into priceless upgrades we couldn’t have achieved otherwise.

I will continue to share more of the juiciness of my forward momentum with you here, but I will be sharing more deeply, and much more intimately, about this journey (the past year’s epic tale, and that which is unfolding in real time now) in a slightly more private place. I believe in complete transparency, AND I also VALUE my intimate and vulnerable experiences and only want to share them with my family, friends, and community who also respect and value the preciousness of what I am offering up.

For that reason, I am asking for a very small donation to get the inside scoop about the high magic, an intimate look at the hard shadows, and up close and personal access to the insights, tools, practices and wisdom that have allowed me to turn tragedy, trauma, anxiety, scarcity, disease, and destruction into the most abundant, loving, magical reality I could have imagined or prayed in for myself. It is truly priceless, but I want to make it available to everyone who feels called to join me on my journey.

I am offering up these deep behind-the-curtain transmissions :: HERE :: and I hope you can come along with me on the journey. I've created really affordable, income-based options so that it is easily accessible to everyone.

I know there are many of you who have wanted to work with me one-on-one and have not had the resources to do so. This is the BEST way to get a personal connection with me for less than a couple of cups of fancy coffee each month, and my best guess is that you’ll find some inspirations that will help guide you out of your scarcity patterns, and into abundance. {So, now you see my selfish agenda . . . to help you to thrive so you can invest more fully in your own personal growth, and come and join me for my LIVE and private offerings.}

We are building a community of safe, loving family who value diversity, healing, loving kindness and creating spaces that feel like home. If you value this, too, and want to make a commitment to weave your Noble Purpose and your prayer in with ours, please join us :: HERE :: for free, and for a deeper, more intimate look into our vulnerable, dark, and deeply sacred experiences, please join us :: HERE ::

Things to look for on our income-based membership site:

  • "Sexual Bliss Through Good Housekeeping: Pleasure Rituals for Better Living" - regular installments
  • Free online courses
  • Intimate diary entries
  • Pillowcasts: intimate, behind-the-curtains conversations between Amanda & Gerwin

This is our journey with love. I can’t wait to connect with you on the path!

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The Trouble with Spin

By Amanda Eloesh
spin records

We all do it in some form or another. We can’t help it. We feel connected with people and that changes how we communicate with them. We start to attune to their perspectives and that shifts how we see the world.

But there is a point at which natural resonance and attunement shifts over into spin. You can feel the difference.

Changing what you say about a situation, a person, yourself . . . to influence someone to buy into a story or a position. It’s not lying per se. Everything that’s being shared is true, but there is a purposeful slant that opens an easy slide into perspectives that serve our own personal desires.

It’s human nature and it happens in more than 80% of our conversations. So what makes it troublesome?

Instead of talking about what’s wrong with spin, here’s what NOT spinning creates:

When we speak authentically we are allowing that everything which is in true resonance with us will be attracted to us.

Easier said than done, right? Especially when we take into account that more than 80% of our decisions and behaviors are ruled by the subconscious, and that’s where a LOT of our spin comes from.

Our survival-based, fear-riddled programs are all there in the subconscious, which has full on dominance over us, and you can bet all your crypto-currency that you’re putting spin on everything you communicate when it comes to making money, feeling safe, being liked or approved of by others, moving up in the workplace, attracting a partner, receiving pleasure . . .

Basically, anything that is tied in with our sense of safety and well-being is going to be spun into different sizes, shapes, and flavors based on who we’re dealing with. And like I said before, the problem with that is that we then find ourselves attracting resources, friends, jobs, clients, relationships, and all manner of circumstances that don’t really fit our deep authentic needs, and they don’t support us in living in our Noble Purpose.

In fact, all of this requires a LOT of maintenance because it is not natural. It eats away at our attention, our energy, our joy, and we burn out and then things fall apart.

There are many invisible hooks that extend from our energy body. These are parts of us that are afraid we aren’t going to survive if we don’t have _________________ (Fill in the blank: love, sex, food, sugar, money, a nice car . . . ). They extend out and grasp, push, pull . . . If you are very in tune you can feel it happening. If you aren’t aware of your energy body, it is something that many people can learn.

This hook that grasps, pushes, pulls, and forces pulls us away from the natural flow of abundance and resources that are aligned with our authentic self and burns up all of our reserves.

As I continue to drop deeper and deeper into trust that being my authentic self will serve my best and highest, I'm finding that manifestation is accelerated.

If you have found that you’re working really hard, worn out, overwhelmed, feeling like you don’t have enough, then you are running this in your system and it is killing you a little more every day– death by a thousand cuts.

It’s time to free yourself from those subconscious programs that are going in all the wrong directions and keeping you from Royal Ease.

I have a LOT of resources to support you that are free, and I have some ways of helping you that are profoundly life-changing that are an investment.

If you want to find out about the free resources I have to offer, reply FREE ME in the comments and I’ll hook you up.

If you would like to talk with me about getting my personal help in quickly shifting your survival-based programs into thrive-based abundance, you can schedule some time with me here for a no pressure, no push conversation:

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A peek behind closed doors: Navigating a shit-storm as a leader

By Amanda Eloesh

If you know me on a personal level, you know that part of my Noble Purpose as a “leader” is to be as transparent, raw, and vulnerable as possible in the name of sharing how and where I fail, and how I use my failures and unexpected, unforeseen “wipe-outs” to put me in a better place than I was before.

I’ve been through some doozies. A marriage destroyed by meth-amphetamines, ending in a restraining order, losing most of my possessions and my home . . .

But I was given a vision (one I hoped was just a teaching through awareness rather than personal experience) that if I am to truly step up as a leader, the kind I want to see in the world, then I will need to be open to sharing in my hardest moments, and I was shown that I would be given some hard moments to navigate.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to peek behind the curtains or listen in on those private conversations to see what REALLY happens to teachers and leaders when they're in their shit . . . here’s your chance.

Beyond just the focus on calling in Twin Flame love and knowing how to navigate it through deep, raw, uncensored, unfiltered, transparency, Gerwin and I are diving into the full spectrum that comes up when you’re human. Financial challenges, losing your home, core wounds getting triggered at the same time . . . All our messiest moments we are consciously having in a documented way that helps you to see how we walk our talk. We call them "Pillowcasts"

When I was little, I was told not to cry. I was threatened with “something to REALLY cry about,” if I showed any tears of grief or sadness.

It took me YEARS into my adulthood to be able to even cry in front of a partner, and even longer to be able to cry in front of more casual acquaintances. Never in front of strangers.

It is incredibly vulnerable to be willing to let you all see into my hardest, grief-filled moments, full of tears and snot, when I’m feeling the least resourced . . . but I also think it is important to let you all see it because these are the moments where so much gold can happen if you know how to find it.

I’ve been blessed with the ability to find it, and ever since I was a very little girl, seeing how some things were just easier for me that were very hard for others, I’ve been passionate about helping other people to access the same navigational skills for the challenges that happen to us as humans – death, loss, survival threats, heartbreak, betrayal, abandonment . . .

If you value this experience, then you are invited to see what this deep and intimate process is like. There is no better way than to experience it as present and real as possible. This is our gift of Love to you.

You are invited to be with us on our Journey with Love. Get in on our Pillowcasts that we are making of our deep conversations normally kept behind closed doors.

We want you to find the gold with us. We want you to live Royal Love and learn how to navigate the Epic Unknown that opens up when love stretches you beyond your comfort zone and starts purging you of all that is NOT love. (It makes Ayahuasca seem like Pepto-Bismo.)

You can learn more and get your free gift and start this powerful journey at our site:

The thought of losing the home I’ve dedicated myself to and built my whole business around as a steward of this land, it has been a trauma that has hit me very deeply.

I’ve not been able to sleep much more than 2-4 hours each night, which has been going on for the past 10 days now. I’m so aware of the old survival-based programming. It goes into anxiety and panic and my whole body is in incredible pain. My heart feels like it’s folding in on itself, my head throbs, my whole body aches. My instincts are to jump into adrenalized action and “DO something about it!” And fortunately, I have learned that this doesn’t really help much. What is most important is to allow my nervous system to relax and come back into center and THEN I can make inspired, at-choice decisions that serve and are created from a resourced and stable place.

In fact, an old practice, inspired by a long time sister and friend, Sonya Sophia, world-renowned EFT practitioner, has deepened and expanded to a multi-dimensional access portal as a result of the potent energies that are being kicked up in this particular Kali Etch-A-Sketch life shakedown.

I’ve found that trauma and tragedy have gold that is not accessed any other way – insights, inspirations, growth . . . there’s a certain quality – because we would NEVER willingly sign up for them (deaths, losses, traumas) that make them particularly rare and precious. The gifts hidden inside of these shit-storms are priceless. I’ve been (un)fortunate to have been able to walk through a few of these shake-down shit-storms and find immense treasure.

That’s what my number one passion has been ever since I realized I could do this, but few other people even know it’s possible. To help everyone possible to be able to turn their hardest experiences into alchemical gifts of gold. Spiritual composting.

If you have any belief this might be true, but don’t know how to do this for yourself, I’ve created many resources – many of which are completely free, many are incredibly cheap, and some of them are full of all sorts of lovely bells and whistles that are an investment to experience. Whatever level – I’ve made it available for you to serve you.

Please let it serve you.

I’m going through a potent metamorphosis: Finding my Twin Flame, navigating long distance relationship, epic and quantum level personal growth, triggering core wounds for healing, unexpected shifts that are shaking my financial stability, losing my home. I have no idea how this all will turn out, but I am committed to being open with you so that you may have some inside scoop access to see an example from someone who’s been able to do it in a very good way, many times over. And now, I'll be doing it with my beloved partner, Gerwin

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My Twin Flame Story + What no one else is telling you about Twin Flame relationships

By Amanda Eloesh

Last Summer, I met my Twin Flame. It was a potent and magical experience and I thought you might be interested in hearing it.

I also wanted to share with you a little bit about Twin Flame relationships. It's something you need to know if you want to attract your own cosmic, epic LOVE.

There are shadows to this kind of relationship that everyone who wants one or is in one should know.

I created a quick video to share the secrets.

Also, my Beloved and I have created a whole website dedicated to helping others who want Royal Love (that's the BIG L-O-V-E). We want you to have this potent and beautiful experience and we want you to know how to navigate the intense challenges that will most definitely arise as you step into the flames of this passionate union.

We have a free gift for you: "Journey with Love" Guided Practice. It's the practice I did to call in my Beloved and it's mixed with a beautiful soundscape that my twin flame, Gerwin, created to take you deep into the frequencies of Royal Love.

Get your gift here :: FREE GIFT ::

And here's the quick video I made for you . . .

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The Sacred Feminine Revolution

By Amanda Eloesh

On the dynamic of women vs. men.


This has been percolating for me for a very long time. I’ve sat down to write many times, but the words just haven’t come out right. Still not sure they are as efficient as they could be, but I do want to share from my heart.


There has been so much coming up and out that is triggering deep, old, centuries old, generations old trauma for women.


It doesn’t matter whether you’ve “done your personal work” or not, watching how women are regarded by leaders in our country, disrespected, belittled, dishonored . . . is helping to unleash a rage that has been smoldering deep since the dawn of patriarchy.


There has been a deep slumber that has taken over humanity that is at the root of being able to see another human, whether it’s the color of their skin, their gender, or some other characteristic or trait, as “less than,” and somehow worthy of subhuman treatment. It has created a desire for power, and if the tables ever turn or the balance is shifted, the rage continues and is then used to justify the subhuman treatment of what once was the oppressor by those who were once the oppressed.


The only way I see of ending the cycle of pushing and pulling for power is to be willing to wake up together and to work for solutions together.


We are in fact, waking up together.


This rage that is bubbling up to the surface in women is helping us to finally find our voices. To stop letting coercion lead to unwanted submission (sexually, financially, socially, politically). What we as women are seeing is that we have been conditioned to cater to, submit to, comply with the needs, desires and preferences of men because it wasn’t so long ago (and is still actually happening for many) that not going along with this conditioning was a full on threat to our (and our children’s) lives.


We are waking up from that conditioning.


And so are the men.


Men, too, are starting to wake up (could be at a slower, more resistant pace, but I haven’t got any unbiased research on it so to be fair, I’m going to assume the best and call it even). They are starting to realize that “no” might actually mean “no,” and true consent is critical, and that women might actually have the same value and are worthy of the same rights and privileges men have.


Men were conditioned by the same fucked up ideology that women were, except that they are on the other side of this unhealthy and toxic coin: to believe that women are weak, too emotional to make a rational decision, are here mainly to please, serve and submit to men.


It’s just as “Not Okay” now as it was 50 years ago to treat women as less than, but we’ve all been under a spell that has put us into deep slumber and we’re all waking up together. Men are facing the horror of realizing that their “boys will be boys” behavior that was, just a short while ago, condoned and even rewarded is now the fucked up thing it really is: abusive, disrespectful and intolerable.


I’m not excusing it, but I am acknowledging that we are all waking up together from the nightmare. Some of us are “coming to” as victims empowering ourselves to stand in our power and speak our truth and demand justice, and some of us are “coming to” as ignorant perpetrators (some not so ignorant, but my sense is that most of it is genuinely the result of ignorance and ingrained/inherited beliefs) reacting to these atrocities with deep shame, guilt, denial, defensiveness, self-protection . . . all sorts of self-protective mechanisms.


When I started to realize (long before this current wave of #metoo) that I had allowed men to do things I didn’t want, I compassionately forgave myself because I saw that I was brought up in a society that teaches disempowerment to women constantly from all sorts of angles (fashion, music, politics, finances, business . . .).

I had a deep rage toward the men who forced their desires on me and didn’t listen to the many ways I tried to say “no,” including actually saying “no.” What I ultimately realized was, while their behavior was intolerable, I could find compassion for their ignorance and their awful behavior because they were taught (and rewarded) to treat me that way, just as I was taught to accept that treatment.


It is not logical to assume that men, who have benefitted from this dynamic for centuries, and been taught by centuries of political, religious and societal beliefs/practices/values, are going to “wake up” and “get it” faster than women are. It is not logical or likelier than a snowball’s chance in hell that they are going to suddenly know how to behave in a “good way” just because we are now finding our voice, power and strength to say “ENOUGH!”


I’m still witnessing myself, my friends who are very strong women, and other powerful females around me feeling uncomfortable fully speaking our truth, unable to confidently say what we want and don’t want, not owning what we believe and letting “no” actually mean “no.” Many of us are just now learning how to give ourselves permission to be sovereign.


While we are all starting to recognize that NOW is absolutely the time for this bullshit to change, the only way it’s going to happen in a good way, that prevents a slipping into retaliation, revenge and a perpetuation of the “us vs. them” mentality is to recognize what is going to lead to mutual respect and honoring all humans: UNDERSTANDING. LISTENING. Being so focused on solutions that there is no time for blame, defense, guilt, denial.


Grief and processing all that is coming up is essential. Letting it out of our systems is crucial. Targeting that grief and anger at those whom we think “deserve it” will absolutely only perpetuate the struggle for power instead of the collaboration for healing.


Those of us who find themselves in the “perpetrator” role – whether they’ve ever done anything harmful to anyone or not – need to recognize that their perspective is skewed and full of convenient blind spots that have allowed them, their friends, their fathers, their uncles and countless generations before them to do things that we now recognize are not okay (and never were okay). Now is the time to just listen.


Men, that means giving your ear to more than 50% of the conversation. To start listening to the women in your life. (Recent research shows that if a woman takes up 50% of a conversation with a man, he is going to perceive that she dominated the conversation). Let’s give women the benefit of the doubt and give them the bulk of the conversation. Let’s ask women how they feel, what they need, and how they can be supported as we all go through this time of birth (that is full of intense labor pains for everyone). Focus on listening for the sake of actually understanding where women are coming from and where to go from this moment forward.


Women, let’s allow ourselves to be angry in ways that heal us, empower us, and completely transform the old struggle for power into a full stepping up into our own sovereignty (a sovereigness doesn’t struggle for power, she simply resides within it). Let’s be honest about how we feel and learn how to be angry without targeting people, retaliating, and let’s make sure we do what is healthy, helpful and looks like what we want to see in the world instead of falling into “justified” reactions.


And I feel this is the same with racial justice as well.


When I’m in a conversation with a friend of color, I have all sorts of feelings and opinions and my ego wants to jump in and say all those things. Right now, unless I am asked about my feelings and opinions, I have made it a policy to focus on just listening and understanding, asking how I can support, being compassionate, seeking to understand even more. . . and I have found that there isn’t anything I was going to say that actually needed to be said.


Listening needs to be the main role of anyone who is waking up and seeing that they have been in a place of privilege. Whether they think they have perpetuated harm or not, been accused of it or not.


The only way to learn the good way is to listen to the people we may have stepped on while we were asleep. We need to forgive ourselves for being assholes in the past, say “I’m sorry” for being an asshole, and truly mean it, and then be genuinely interested in how to not be “that asshole” in the future by listening to the people we were assholes to, to help them release their pain and to explore together how to make kindness, beauty and love happen instead of pain and suffering.



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“I feel like a failure in my life.” Here’s what to do.

By Amanda Eloesh

This topic comes up often for my clients, and even for me.

It’s true. No matter how much money you make, or how many loving relationships, or how much success a person has, there are still little mental gremlins that try to convince us that we’re not worthy, that we’re failures in some way (or in every way).

In this week’s video, I share a little about this experience in my own life and what I do (and what you can do) to move through the negative self-talk that can sometimes lead to downward spirals that are hard to come back from.

If you know someone (or even think you might know someone) who suffers from “Wonder Woman” Syndrome (that “gotta be perfect all the time” disease), please share it with them. Comment and let me know if this was helpful, what more you could use support with and anything else that inspires you.

Your light is unique and needed in the world. Don’t let the downs that are a part of every story and every journey make you think you can’t do it. You can. I believe in you.

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What’s the meaning of life? Answer

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey Superstar;

No big whoop. I’m just going to share with you what Creator told me about the meaning of life. to get the scoop.

And of course, just because you know, doesn’t mean you have all the tools to actually integrate and put it into practice. But don’t worry! I can help.

Get in on all my free gifts (all the posts here + all the cool stuff I send you when you join my mailing list). If you’re not already on my mailing list, make sure to go to the home page, scroll down and give me your name and email and then you’re in!

And if you’d like to talk with me about how my personal Spiritual Success Mentoring can help you to actually implement this higher wisdom so you can have a life much happier than you can currently imagine, I’d love to connect.

Here’s a :: LINK :: to get a “Live Your Purpose & Prosper” Discovery Session absolutely free. It’s my gift to you.

Until we connect again, May the Source be with you!

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Audio Interview: Wisdom of the Ancients

By Amanda Eloesh

Enjoy this audio interview (along with several other interviews with international teachers, healers & leaders) I did with Wisdom of the Ancients.

We dive into shamanism, plant medicine and other magic.


Oh, and you’ll need to scroll down until you see the photo of me (and feel free to enjoy the other interviews on this page!)

:: CLICK HERE :: to listen

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Interview: Sacred Feminine, Plant Medicine & the Subconscious

By Amanda Eloesh

Check out this recent interview I did with Sabin Minsky for her “Empowered Empath” Summit.

We dove into some of the Sacred Feminine practices that can help you to work less and live more in your purpose, how plant medicine allies can accelerate your path to empowerment, and I give a little Subconscious Success Repatterning journey.


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A Dream of Light & Darkness + I’m coming back to you

By Amanda Eloesh

It’s been a very very long time since I last posted here.

I took a wise and helpful hiatus from creating posts and dove deep into building a business of integrity after investing in some business mentorship that helped me to have a structure from which to refine and expand.

I’ve focused on creating a successful business from this structure and as the foundation became set, my business took off and I’ve been in a beautiful rabbit hole of success, service, deeply nourishing personal growth, heartache, triumph oh and did I mention magic and sacredness?

Things are only continuing to grow and expand in beautiful ways, but I realized that I do have spaciousness and am being called to share with you what I am learning. So, I’m dedicating some of my time (as much as possible), as my gift to you, to offer insights, tools and practices that have been quite successful for me and and my clients.

So, you’ll want to stay tuned here as what I will be sharing cost me thousands of dollars and years and long hours of my time. This is information that my clients pay me thousands of dollars to learn how to implement in a personalized way.

If you’re smart and a DIY’er you’re going to get all you need to build a successful business while living a life of meaning and purpose (that means having time for YOU, your loved ones, your community . . . and did I mention YOU?). What is success if it only includes money? It’s just money! Success for me is being joyful, making the world a better place, and thriving on all levels. Unfortunately, there are a lot of “successful” people who just have the money (and a bit of notoriety or fame), but are lacking joy, love, healthy relationships, healthy body. For me, success is all about how you feel.

So, I’m sharing spiritual, sacred and practical approaches.

Soon, I’m offering a free online call: “Build Your Business of Integrity“. In this class I’m going to be teaching you about the 6 biggest traps you can get stuck in that will keep you from your success, and I’ll be sharing how you can get out of those traps once and for all. Sign up :: HERE :: to get the details.

For now, I’d like to share with you a profound dream that I had the other night. I frequently have archetypal dreams and visions for the collective (as part of my intention and oversoul’s purpose in this lifetime). I’ll be sharing them here with you.

(I’d like to give artistic credit to this artist)

I am in a beautiful, old house. There are many people there getting ready for ceremonies. There is movement and quiet voices speaking pointedly. Everyone is wearing white and most are fairly genderless.

The house is filled with beautiful hand-made wreaths, candle holders and other ritual and altar items. There are many candles lit and the feeling inside is peaceful.

There are two groups of people creating different ceremonies. We are in the final moments of preparation before the ceremonies begin. One group is doing their ritual indoors and the other group, the group I am a part of, will be out on the lovely, large front lawn. The group inside is doing ceremony to feed darkness and a deity that is referred to as “satan,” however there is no sense of evil or darkness. The ceremony feels very peaceful. It seems more like the darkness that comes at night and during the winter – a natural balance.

The outside group is celebrating and feeding the light. This is my group.

Even though there is no sense of opposition, we are doing our ceremonies separately. I step outside of the house with my group but realize that there is something I need inside. Technically, I shouldn’t be going back in, but since the ceremony hasn’t started, I give myself permission to go inside to retrieve my belonging. I decide that as long as I’m not detected, then I haven’t harmed anyone. So I’m quiet and trying to go unnoticed. I retrieve my item (not sure what it is, but it feels like a stone or crystal), and turn to leave when someone does discover me and angrily shews me out of the house. There’s no real threat, but I’m being heavily scolded.

As I quickly exit the house, I put up an energetic shield to protect me from the negative projections from this person. As I step outside, I can see (as if from above and behind) large, dark grey wings coming out of my back. I start to feel very light and instantly jump into flight and I go straight up. I am feeling that this energetic experience should be a part of the ceremony and am curious if those below can see and somehow integrate this magical miraculous opening of my wings into our ritual.

The sky is gray and beautifully moody as I rise up beyond the treetops and the power lines.

I will leave you to sit with the imagery and possible meaning that it may hold for you.

What stands out to me as curious and interesting is . . .
1) that there is no sense of “evil,” only very distinctly different energies/frequencies
2) that I feel called to step back into the “darkness” after emerging into the light to retrieve something that belongs to me (makes me think about the Subconscious Success Repatterning system I channeled that brings loving kindness and compassion to traumatized and disconnected subconscious patterns that are running painful survival programs) – conscious soul retrieval
3) that from the darkness, and the retrieval of a part of myself, my wings are birthed (they arise after I visit the darkness and they are dark gray)

Enjoy this transmission and thanks for coming with me on this epic journey we call life!

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3 Signs Of Subconscious Patterns

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey SuperSTAR!
I’m so excited to announce that my new book, “Spiritual Composting: Turning Your Shadow Into Your Greatest Ally” is now available on Kindle!

This book is an offering of love to help all you DIY’ers to learn the simple (but not always easy) step-by-step process for identifying and rewriting painful, stuck, subconscious patterns.

To celebrate, I’m also doing a little video series that breaks down the steps. Here’s #1 in the series. The 3 Signs Of Subconscious Patterns. Take a moment to check this out to see if YOU are the victim of subconscious patterns.


woman hanster wheel

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Guilty About Being Happy? Here's A Solution.

By Amanda Eloesh

Have you ever found yourself feeling guilty about being happy? Or held a judgment that it’s not right to be successful or joyful or lighthearted when there is so much pain, poverty and suffering in the world?

I have and have found that most of my clients are held back by this guilt for all sorts of reasons.

What do we do when we are aware of the pain of others? Is it okay to laugh when there is so much suffering?

This latest video blog offers insight to help you reclaim your joy and still honor those who are stuck in misery.

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No Such Thing As Self Sabotage

By Amanda Eloesh

Can you believe it? Yup, there is no such thing as self-sabotage.

Watch this 3 minute video to get this radical, life-changing scoop.
self sabotage hitting self

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Want To Know My Biggest Secret?

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey Superstar!
I’m so excited to be back into making my video blogs. I know many of you were disappointed when I stopped. I was too! But it was important for me to focus on remaking my business. Now the structure is strong and elegant and operating smoothly so I can now dive back into serving up hot fresh content, so without further ado . . .

I wanted to go deep and raw and really share with you my deepest fears around my success to help you break through whatever is keeping you playing small.

Today’s video blog is a potent one. Check out this video and then come back to read the juicy finale:

So, I thought I was indestructibly confident. I’d faced all sorts of fears and come through without regrets. I thought nothing could throw me off, but . . . what I realized, as my business grew and I started to get more “likes,” more views, more clients, and more stage time was that, geee, not everyone loves me like my friends and family. I actually stir things up in people and they can project some pretty intense things and, truthfully, it hurts sometimes.

At one point I wouldn’t have allowed myself to feel that, and certainly wouldn’t have allowed myself to admit it to ANYONE, but I’m here to say that, yes, it does impact me. I have a really great daily practice that helps me to shed the projections and get back into my center, but it is actually scary to put myself out there sometimes. But that is NOT the confession I have to share with you today. What I want to do is share with you my deepest and most sensitive growing edge, so here goes:

I still have some frustrating blocks around money and success. I know, it’s crazy and may seem contradictory because I help professional women to attract more wealth, make more money AND have time for themselves and their loved ones . . . AND yet it is still one of the biggest challenges I face.

On one level it may seem hypocritical, I fully understand. How can I help other people do something that I have struggles with myself? But on another level, it makes perfect sense. Those things that we wrastle with the most can be our greatest teachers. Because of what I’ve learned through my own challenges, I’ve been able to help women to jump start their business (see the testimonial video from Dr. Peticolas), take their business to the next level, enhance their success while doing less work, and the stories go on and on. I’ve also grown my own business with a sense of grace and ease and continue to have the time to do a daily prayer and meditation practice, exercise, get out in nature, do yoga, spend time with my loved ones, help out my friends and family and enjoy quality time in other areas as well. I live a truly opulent life and yet I still have struggles and they are in the exact areas that I help others to excel. At times I’ve had those feelings of “What if everyone knew?” and wanted to do my best to hide it. I’m quite certain that it’s held me back, so I’m doing exactly what I suggest you do . . .

GET OVER YOURSELF! Don’t expect perfection. Recognize that your challenges can be your greatest gifts. Someone who’s had to learn things the hard way probably has a few more insights into an experience than someone who breezed through it. Don’t look at your challenges, look at your results, and don’t give up on yourself. Tell the world how exactly human you are. Share your deepest sense of shortcomings and see what happens (or sit back and watch what happens to me first. I don’t mind being the canary in the coal mine!).

Whew! That felt great! Now I don’t need to worry about what people will think if they knew my most challenging struggles. It’s all out in the open now, and I have a feeling it’s not going to kill me or lead me to bankruptcy or failure.

If this seems too scary to do by yourself, or it seems like a great idea, but you just have no idea how to go about embracing your shadow and would like some help so you can finally kick your fears to the curb, quit playing small and start living your dreams, I’d like to gift you with a “Break Through To Success” Discovery Session. These aren’t for everyone. These break through sessions are limited and only for those of you who are really serious about not letting fear run the show anymore so you can finally step up into your big, successful life.

And, for those of you who are interested in my events here in the California Bay Area . . .

There are 3 different ways here for you to join with a powerful community of sacred witnesses in ceremony to gain clarity and vision for what is possible for you, break through old limitations and heal your life. Want to know more? Click on one of those little icons down at the bottom of this page (Living Wisdom School, Sacred Feminine Medicine Amazon Priest:ess Apprenticeship, and Visioning Circles) or hop on over to my events page.

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Work got you in the fetal position?

By Amanda Eloesh

I just had to share this hilarious article from The Onion. And reflect that, well, it’s funny because it’s true. We love these jabs about our jobs, but deep down, most of us, at least 2 out of 3 according to studies, are doing work that we don’t feel passionate about. In fact, 66% of us are outright unhappy. That’s at least 8 hours of your waking life every day you are unhappy!,36240/

No surprise that when 1500 elders were interviewed in a Cornell University study, their biggest words of advice were “Don’t do work that makes you unhappy.”

But fears about such a huge transition and all it could entail: losing income, status, and feeling like a failure all add up to keep us feeling stuck.

If you’re feeling chained to your desk, knowing deep down you have gifts that are wasting away while you slave away at your 9-5, I have a gift for you.

I’m passionate about helping professional women (and a few extraordinary men) who are fed up with their j.o.b. and would like to have a breakthrough. Get it now. These spots are, understandably, limited and first come first serve.

Until we connect, shine on!



Fantastic close up pic

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F*@k Monday!

By Amanda Eloesh

Your alarm goes off and your whole body screams “NO!” as you hit the snooze, dreading another day at a j.o.b. that pays your bills, but is killing your soul. You down some coffee (cold, because it’s from yesterday) and rush out the door, once more beating up on yourself because you were going to pack a healthy lunch, but it took you so long to drag yourself out of bed, there’s no time for that today.

Another day consumed by a job you feel chained to. Another day your superpowers don’t get to shine. Another day of your precious life that you don’t get to do what you love or nourish your soul.

professional woman head against building

You’ve thought about quitting, but the first thing that hits is “I can’t afford to quit. How will I pay my rent?”

What if you didn’t have to choose between your soul-sucking job and the poorhouse?

I’m Amanda Elo’esh, and that’s why I’m here. To help you discover another way.

To celebrate the make-over of my business and my website (shifting into a focus on helping professional women who are fed up with not feeling valued in their job), I’m not only going to give you a complimentary 1:1 “Break Through Your J.O.B.” Discovery session (valued at $250), I’ll also throw in my popular and fun Love Bomb mp3 that’ll help you let out your frustrations without taking someone’s head off. This is for the first 10 people who sign up, so don’t delay!

Banksy love bomb

I’ll be adding in tips and inspirations for the stresses you face at your j.o.b. here on a regular basis, so make a book mark and come back often.

I’m here for you because I know what it’s like, and I know there’s another way.

So, stay tuned and we’ll go on a magical journey . . . together.




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Getting Below the Surface

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey, SuperSTAR!

I want to apologize for not posting here last week. I’ve had some unexpected and currently unexplained physical challenges that kept me from doing a video. I did, however, send out a newsletter, so if you’re not on my mailing list, here’s a great reason to join up now (it’s right up there where there’s a space for your name and email). I send out some special things in my newsletter that don’t make it to my blog, and I prioritize my newsletter over the blog, so get on the magic carpet ride and don’t miss out again!

On with this week’s Goddess Diary!

The Old Lady Crone gets dismissed a LOT. She has lost Her youthful charm, and is often overlooked and dismissed because She’s slow and saggy, but She has a really helpful message that She wants me to share with you today. And at the end of this message, I’m going to give you an opportunity to learn how to see through the eyes of this Wise Old Grandmother, so make sure you tune in to the very end.

Here’s this weeks Goddess Diary download . . .

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to help out my friend, Tristram Stuart with his world tour of the Feed 5000 program (feeding people with food that would normally never make it to market because it’s cosmetically flawed).

I was an event promoter, and that meant that I was out in the neighborhood of Downtown Oakland, letting people know they could have a free lunch. What an amazing blessing that was, and it drove home the message of the Crone. “Below the surface, the true essence of a human, a circumstance, an experience awaits to be discovered. Don’t get caught on the surface. Allow yourself to go deeper to find the truth.”

Being able to walk up to EVERY person on the street: dirty and unkempt, lonely, walking with purpose, looking lost, shy, outgoing . . . I was able to make a connection with people I’d normally not give notice to, or at least would not attempt to engage in conversation. Some of the people who looked immensely relieved that there was a free meal awaiting them just minutes away were not people I would have guessed were going hungry. I was surprised at some of the people who stopped to talk with me and wanted to help out. All day long I had my surface level assessments of people shattered and it was beautiful.

When I did work with children with autism, there was this popular saying: “If you’ve seen one child with autism, you’ve seen one child with autism.” Basically admonishing that every child with autism is different and it’s good not to assume one observation carries over to another person. And when it comes right down to it, that goes for any sort of grouping of people: women, children, different races, different vocations and abilities. Of course we, as humans, share a LOT of similarities, but how they impact us and weave into our unique lives is, well, unique.

The Crone has had the true blessing of living long enough to see that the surface, the packaging of a person or experience, can change in an instant and there are MANY times that the surface belies what is underneath. When we make a snap judgment based on our assessment of what we see on the outside, we are missing 99% of the truth, and that’s a conservative estimate in my mind. Take a moment to let that in. We rely on those quick decisions about “yes” or “no,” “left” or “right,” “this one” or “that one,” often in just a few seconds, and those decisions are based on that 1% of surface APPEARANCE.

Now, take a moment to really drop in to what might be different if we recognized that what we see from the outside is hiding worlds of wisdom underneath the veneer. Pain, wisdom, stories, advice, healing . . .

That plain old man may be the scholar whose work brought a cure for someone you love. That homeless person may have rich stories that would melt your heart. That attractive business woman who seems to have it all together may be about to fall apart on the inside.

beautiful iceberg

For all intents and purposes, it might be more accurate to assume that what we are seeing on the surface is actually a complete farce, and to know what’s really happening, we must engage the world with all parts of ourselves. Listen with your belly. See with your heart. Feel with your soul.

To get to the truth requires slowing down, and in this potent time of Mercury in Retrograde and as we move into darker days, now is the time to practice just that. Slow down. Question your first impressions. Take your time to get to know more about what you engage with so that the treasure, or at least the wisdom of what IS may reveal itself to you fully.

Now, here’s that invitation I mentioned before. I am starting up the Living Wisdom School where we learn to sink deep beneath the surface to allow those sacred, divine, hidden fears shed their old misinformed layers and emerge as the superpowers they truly are. If you’re ready to be free from old stuck patterns and let your inner SuperStar finally fly, this is your place to grow and strengthen those wings.

I will be teaching the SuperPower skills of the Wise Old Crone and 12 other Avatars of the Sacred Feminine in the Living Wisdom School. If you’re ready to stop hiding your beauty and ready to rock this Divine Human life, join us for the Magic Carpet Ride of the Living Wisdom Mystery School. We are now opening the circle to Men & Women. Are you ready to get the WHOLE PICTURE? APPLY NOW.

Visioning starts 11/1/14 and space is limited.

Isis Neith by Kris Johnson-Michiels

Isis Neith by Kris Johnson-Michiels

Applications are due NOW and there are some scholarship and work trade positions still left and available on a first-come-first served basis, so don’t delay. Send in your contact form today.

Until next week, may Truth and the Source be with YOU!

If you have questions or comments, send them to me, and I will add them to future letters.

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x & o & <3 amanda_signature

small Cherry Blossom close up

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Speaking Grief

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey SuperSTAR!

Apparently, the intensity is not letting up. Are you feeling it? EVERYONE I talk to is going through a hard time. There are LOTS of feelings: old, new, who knows from where, bubbling up right now. If you’ve been riding waves of emotion, you are DEFINITELY NOT ALONE!

It’s all over the place. It came bubbling up in me just yesterday, and what I did is the thing you’re not supposed to do. Check out this week’s Goddess Diary to see what happened.

As an optimist, a teacher, a counselor and spiritual leader, I feel like, while it is ESSENTIAL to embrace the full spectrum, it is also a tricky edge to vent grief.

Creating more negativity in the world is NOT on my “To Do” list. But acknowledging it and exploring WHAT to do with it when it comes on like a tsunami feels CRITICAL!

We all, no matter how faithful, joyful and resourced, get hit with those waves that can take us down. While it is important to be mindful of not attaching to these experiences and not reinforcing them with story, it can be helpful, even essential to say what is real. This is the edge every conscious person walks. We manifest our reality and our words are POTENT BUILDING BLOCKS for that reality.

So, how do we navigate grief? How do we stay human, with human feelings and honor our experience without getting lost in it?

I’m going to do another taboo here and say “I don’t f*&$ing know.” Not for sure. I think the most courageous thing a human can do, on a daily basis, is to allow that deep awareness and feeling of the grief to be metabolized and to be committed to turning it into love, compassion, grace, beauty. I am not sure, exactly, how to do that, but my prayer is to open myself to guidance so that I may give it a noble shot.

My guess is that being honest about our feelings. Acknowledging them, gives them that nudge they need to flow on out. Choosing things like art, poetry, dance, music, exercise, supportive conversations with friends are all helpful ways to create the alchemy of being a conscious human being.

If we could all make the hard choice to walk that uncomfortable edge of being a true human. Having feelings, being real with them, and choosing to metabolize them into beauty, we’d all be heroes and the world would know peace.

My challenge to you, this week, is to get real with your feelings and seek ways to let them flow that might add a little more beauty to the world.

If you would like inspiration and support in the sacred alchemy of turning grief into beauty, you may want, consider joining us for the Magic Carpet Ride of the Living Wisdom Mystery School. We are now opening the circle to Men & Women. The Sacred & Divine will show you your superpowers and unlock the secrets for rocking the bumps in life like a SuperStar. APPLY NOW.


Isis Neith by Kris Johnson-Michiels

Isis Neith by Kris Johnson-Michiels

Are you a sacred man with a spiritual path, frustrated & confused by how to call in or stay connected with YOUR GODDESS?

Here’s your chance to learn:
*Why goddesses are attracted to the “bad boys”
*The biggest loving mistake you are making when trying to serve the Sacred Feminine
*The most attractive quality you can cultivate that will make you an irresistible goddess magnet.

Krishna & Radha

This $88 call is available to you FREE
When: Sunday, October 12th 7pm PST
Call #: 530-881-1212
Code: 884-502-288

Whew! We covered a LOT of territory today!
Until our paths cross again, may the Source be with you!

x & o & <3 amanda_signature

Amanda Pic

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