Confessions from the Dork Side

By Amanda Eloesh
Hey SuperSTAR! Are you a reformed dork like me (I’ve actually reclaimed my inner dork)? You know who you are. You used to make sure you sat at the front of class so you didn’t miss anything and your Trapper Keeper was full of notes you took in class because you actually wanted to remember and understand what the teacher was saying. Maybe, too, like me, you were also horrified of being made fun of, and yet it happened loads because, well, you were a dork! Fortunately, I found a really effective and maybe surprising way to be impervious to the laughter of others and honor my authenticity, even if it meant letting my dork-side out. Check out my Confessions from the Dork Side HERE. So, ironically, purposefully creating opportunities for people to laugh at us can be the very most powerful liberator from the fear of being mocked. It certainly worked for me. I love to make fun of myself. Not in a way that makes me feel small in front of others, but in a way that lets me and others know that I don’t take myself seriously. Sometimes it isn’t received well. I actually had a friend tell me she didn’t want to see me dork out because she had such a lovely image of me as a “priestess.” I am certain that, for me, a part of being a true priestess is honoring all parts of myself and celebrating them. My inner dork is NOT going to be shoved in a closet. I let her out every chance I get and other than disappointing people who have very rigid projections of me, it causes delight and joy for myself and those around me. Just this past week as we dove into The Muse in the Living Wisdom School, we got dressed up in silly outfits and got crazy noise-makers and went out on a trail by my house. We sang goofy songs and cheered people as they passed. It brought a smile to everyone’s face. One guy, who was running, we sang the tune to “Rocky,” and he was so delighted, he stopped to thank us. It made his day . . . ours too. Letting go of the mundane and really letting go of over-serious perceptions we hold about ourselves can be one of the biggest cures to stress and the boredom of the mundane. Go ahead and give it a shot. Go to the store with a long train of toilet paper coming out of your pants. Make a fool of yourself on purpose for the surprising delight of strangers. See what it does to your heart. You too may realize that celebrating your dork-side isn’t so awful after all. Enjoy your dance over to the dork-side and until next week, may the Source be with you! x & o & <3 amanda_signature Am Read More

Goddess Mash-Up

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey SuperSTAR!

Are you like me? Someone who LOVES hearing old songs mixed in with new ones? Or really awesome remixes of old classics? How about when you taste a classic recipe with a new twist? It’s so great, right? Something that strikes a familiar cord and yet invites in something fresh and new. How about if we tried it with the Divine Feminine? Sacrilege you say? MAYBE, but only in the BEST possible ways!


As I’ve been offering my channeled journeys with the 13 Goddesses of the Living Wisdom School on a weekly basis through my WISE phone calls, AND holding Sacred Circles each month with each of these archetypes in the Living Wisdom School AS WELL AS tuning in to the Goddess frequencies on my monthly Human Spirit Radio Show, I’ve noticed that I am going through large and small cycles with these Goddesses.

Someone asked me recently if I found it difficult to be working with so many different archetypes in different rhythms and timing, and as I tuned into the answer to that question, I realized I LOVE IT! And I could see how it is a little like the sacred frequencies that cycle through the Aztec, Mayan and Egyptian calendars. It’s not just a linear movement through time, but a spiraling in and out and cycling through different phases, like the moon, like the planets, like the whole movement of the Universe. They flow and overlap each other in really amazing ways that are helpful, refreshing and they have helped me to expand my perspectives on how the Holy can show up in my life.

Because I had a new conscious appreciation of it, I got inspired to start sharing these Goddess Hybrids WITH YOU!

Today’s hybrid is The Muse (which I am focusing on this weekend in 2 forums: The first is in the Living Wisdom School and the second is Unicorn Guides & Faerie Tea Oracles) and The Creator Preserver Destroyer (which I’ll be channeling today for WISE). Seems crazy, right? How are The Muse and the Goddess Kali related?

At first it might not seem like Kali and The Muse have much in common, but as they overlap in my life, I can see how much they have do share, how they can help each other out, and how I can embody both of them together to make a really unique and potent boost to my creativity and my vulnerability. I can let go of that which is passing away with lightness in my heart to make room for more play and new growth.

To connect more with the surprisingly potent archetype of The Muse, consider joining me THIS SUNDAY for a magic carpet ride into the Land of Unicorns & Faeries. CLICK HERE for all the magical details.
And if these hybrids intrigue you, feel free to connect with me on my multi-layered carpet rides with the Divine Feminine:
WEEKLY: WISE 60 minute calls
MONTHLY: Living Wisdom School (starting up again October 2014) & Human Spirit Radio
and see how they work for you.

Until next week, may Magical Hybrids & the Source be with you!

x & o & <3 amanda_signature


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#1 Magic Killer

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey SuperSTAR!

Do you often find yourself disappointed in people and experiences? This week’s Goddess Diary entry will help you to drop the disappointment and step into the magic.


Most of us take great comfort in being able to predict outcomes. It’s some sort of gauge of our sanity, our capability to navigate a world of ups and downs, but predictions lead to expectations, and expectations create a standard that keeps us from appreciating what IS there, it kills the Magic (the Holies are NOT INTERESTED in meeting our expectations, nor do they want their immense offerings to be compared to our limited human ideas of what should be), and it keeps us stuck in a predictable progression that allows for very little variety. BORING!

How fun is it to plan a surprise for someone and, before they can even receive your gift, they guess exactly what it is? Not fun. It’s not really very different with our guides and allies.

It’s also really difficult to be grateful if we’ve already set in place something we expect to have or happen, and gratitude is one of the greatest foods for the Holy. Do you see a pattern here?

I used to be REALLY GOOD at extrapolating. It was even at a semi-psychic state. I could look at what was happening and then project those patterns into the future and be able to, most often, predict an outcome. But I am also pretty certain that fixing my mind and my vision on a set outcome created blocks that kept the magic from flowing in. Fortunately, I eventually learned that it is MUCH MORE BENEFICIAL TO BE SURROUNDED BY MAGIC THAN TO BE ABLE TO PREDICT THE FUTURE.

I have let go, for the most part, of trying to predict, project or anticipate the future. Instead, I focus on staying centered, present and aware of what’s happening in the moment, and that allows for the magic to show up AND it helps me to SEE IT and ENGAGE WITH IT.

Whether it’s in your own personal relationship with the Divine, your intimate relationships, work or other, try letting go of your expectations for a day or even a week and see what happens. I bet you’ll find that you’ve opened the door to the Magic, and it flows in with abundance.

Until next week, may Magic & the Source be with you!

x & o & <3 amanda_signature

Afro Amanda with Charlie's Angels pose

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Plant Medicine Magic

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey SuperSTAR!

We’ve already talked about cultivating relationships with Nature: plants, animals and the elements. But sometimes we forget that Nature is in our everyday lives, even when we’re not outdoors among the trees.

What about what you put in your body to feel good? Whether it’s an aspirin, tea, flower essences, supplements, tinctures, prescriptions or herbs that alter your consciousness, we rely on plants almost every day (beyond our food) to help us have more strength, vitality and health. My question for you is “Are you getting the most out of these relationships?” Would you like to?

Step on this week’s magic carpet ride and learn how to get the most out of your medicines.

Think about this: Everything you put into your body becomes a part of you. Everything you put into your body has a potent influence on what you become. As soon as something goes into your system, your body does its best to use what’s been given to it to make more of you and/or to heal you.

Especially if it is a consciousness-altering substance, don’t you want to have some sort of awareness of what is happening to you? Not having any sort of say in the experience is like cutting yourself open and walking around with the wound wide open, available to absorb anything that happens to float through.

Our minds eat just like our bodies and we can choose whether to put garbage in there or not. Our minds respond similarly to our bodies: Garbage in, garbage out. Creativity in, creativity out. Inspiration in, inspiration out.

I used to love scary movies, but I found that the imagery and darkness that became a part of my psyche afterward created a heavy cloud inside of me that lasted much longer than the movie. I started to realize then that EVERYTHING I put in my system gets processed and metabolized similarly to food and I am just as motivated to give my mind and my emotional body good nutrients as my body.

Here are some simple and powerful ideas for cultivating a relationship with your medicines:

1. THANK YOUR MEDICINE! Before you put that helpful ally into your system, take a moment to say “Thank you.” It has given up its natural existence to help you with your life. The least you can do is offer some gratitude. It’ll make you feel better and I guarantee that the impact of that medicine in your system will be much more potent just from this one simple practice.
2. Get to KNOW YOUR MEDICINE. If you don’t know their origins (because they’re in pill form or simply because you don’t know what sort of plant or geographic location they are from), take a moment to learn about them. Read the labels, if your medicine comes from a package. Know what you’re putting in your system.
3. SET AN INTENTION. If you want to feel better, let your medicine know, before taking it, that is what you want help with. If you want to heal yourself, speak that. Plants have a consciousness and when we make a prayer from our hearts, they can feel and are likely to respond positively to these communications (especially if we’ve thanked them already).
4. If it’s a consciousness-altering medicine (potent pain killer, cannabis . . .) GIVE YOURSELF SOME REALLY HEALING MATERIALS AND SURROUNDINGS (good music, a great book, time in nature, sacred geometries, guided journeys). Make it a ceremony to heal your life.
5. BLESS IT. I like to hold my medicines in my hands and do some Reiki, but you don’t need to be a Reiki practitioner to bless your medicine. Simply sending a prayer and holding a vision of light around your medicine, activating it so that it is exactly what you need will have an impact on your experience.

I have not only personally benefitted greatly from all of these practices, I have witnessed others (especially people who were skeptical) experience obvious and surprisingly positive results from these very simple ways to connect more with our medicines.

Go ahead. Give it a try. It can’t possibly hurt. And let me know how it goes.

If you want more support in getting the most out of your medicines, especially the plant medicines that open up other realms of consciousness, I can help. Simply respond to this message with “PLANT MEDICINE HELP” at the top of your email and we can explore how to make your medicines more potent allies in your path to healing.

Until next week, may Plant Medicine Magic & the Source be with you!
x & o & <3 amanda_signature

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Sexual Sovereignty

By Amanda Eloesh

What were the values and ideas about sexuality that were practiced in your home? For me, it was one simple phrase that covered sex, drugs & rock-n-roll: “Just say ‘NO!'” And I did . . . for a while. But when I finally decided to step outside the lines of expectation, there was a whole world of possibility and I had no clue how to navigate it.

It’s taken me an embarrassingly long time to finally step into my sexual sovereignty and I thought I would share my personal experience so that anyone else out there wading through the same sea of possibility without any sense of framework or anchor can benefit from my bumps, bruises and complete capsizes.

CLICK HERE FOR THE 411 on how to claim your own Sexual Sovereignty.

Our sexual energy is the origin point of our life force. How we share it, express it, satisfy it, build it, release it . . . has a HUGE impact on everything else.

Take a moment to sit down and look at the different messages about sexuality you’ve been taught: From your family, From your culture, From your peers, From your community, From the media you expose yourself to, From your partner(s), From YOURSELF. Now, take a moment to ask yourself (listening to the BODY if you can is BEST): “What sexual practice serves my highest good?”

I have healed myself from food poisoning that gave me a fever and full body aches by having sex when my body told me to.

I have cultivated energy that has put me into mystical states of connection with Source by practicing celibacy and solo Tantra. I have transcended the physical body in Sacred Tantric practices with a partner. I have experienced immensely sexual intimacy on the energetic and spiritual plane without coming into physical contact with my partner.

I am NOT suggesting any sort of rules. I am STRONGLY suggesting you take an inventory of your sexuality and make decisions based on what serves you. Regardless of expectations from anyone or anything outside your own personal connection with Divine Wisdom.

Give yourself a month to really honor this practice and notice how your health, your business/job, your emotional state and your relationships are impacted by this. For me, it’s been overwhelmingly positive to tend to keep my sexual energy circulating within my own system.

If you are interested in practicing Sexual Sovereignty, but not sure exactly how to step into it, I am offering a VERY SPECIAL and VERY LIMITED package for men & women. First 3 people to respond to this email with “Sexual Sovereignty” at the top of their message will win my 9 session package at half the cost. (This offer is for NEW clients, thanks!)

Tell me how the experiment goes!

Until next week, may Sexual Sovereignty & the Source be with YOU!
x & o & <3 amanda_signature

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Be-Loved from the Inside Out

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey SuperSTAR!

Whether you are on the quest for your Beloved or are in a relationship that isn’t fully rocking your world, this weekly Goddess Diary inspiration is for you! There are all sorts of methods for “calling in the One,” and what I have to share will be helpful, AND it may also be a surprise.

To get the 411 on how to call in your Sacred Soulmate, CLICK HERE.

I have witnessed all sorts of great techniques for magnetizing that man or woman who we’ve been waiting for. That person who will help us to grow and can meet us in the ways that are most important. They are MOSTLY all really great techniques, BUT, if you are not cultivating the qualities you are asking your beloved to embody, then even if he or she does show up on your doorstep, imbalance will work its way in, as well as co-dependency, and what may have potential for being a long-term healthy and supportive partnership can quickly fall apart.

We are so often drawn to people who hold qualities we wish we had, but if we don’t spark that growth within ourselves, then we can become overly dependent on those qualities outside of ourselves (then we don’t honor them and we treat them like an addiction: with entitlement and a lack of gratitude and respect), or we can end up resenting those qualities (being intimidated by them).

Why not START OUT by drawing in that special someone (or re-igniting that old flame) by working at embodying the qualities we wish to see in a partner? It creates a sense of abundance, rather than neediness. Most people are drawn to the expression of strength rather than deficit, and those who are drawn to deficits are usually looking for “fixer upper projects” that distract them from doing their own work, prevent empowerment, and quickly lead to co-dependent and disabling relationships.

Here’s a simple yet potent ceremony you can do with yourself to create a Sacred Marriage between the Masculine and Feminine Elements you hold within you.

1. Sit in silence and vision the qualities you want to enjoy in a partner. Write them down, make a collage, and let yourself experience, as deeply and fully as possible, what it is you are calling in.
2. Pick the top one or two qualities and ask yourself how you can start to cultivate these qualities within you.
3. Imagine YOURSELF as if you are the “One” you are calling in. If you are seeking a masculine presence, see yourself showing up in the ways you want someone else to do it. Where do you need to grow and where do you meet your expectations? It will be easier to RECOGNIZE & APPRECIATE these qualities in others if we are currently working on cultivating them within us. Recognition and appreciation are potent elements of healthy relationships.
4. Make a Sacred Marriage vow between your masculine self and your feminine self. What does each side want to offer? What does each side want to work on?
5. Go to a Sacred place in Nature. Either let the Elements and Nature Beings witness you, or you can add to the ceremony by inviting human friends who will witness you and support you in this agreement.
6. Speak your vows.
7. HONOR THEM & review them frequently. Update them. Be honest about where you are meeting those agreements and where you are not meeting those agreements.

Every time you find yourself pining for someone or something outside of yourself, ask what internal ways you can respond to your needs first. The more you take full ownership of fulfilling your needs, the more balanced, healthy and empowering your relationships will be. All of them, but especially partnerships.

If you are in a partnership already, invite your beloved to take part in this experience with you. If he/she is not up for that, at least have a discussion that you are doing this, and that it is likely to create shifts in the relationship. Shifts you intend to be beneficial. As the co-dependent ties start to break, it may feel unstable and may bring up insecurities. If you can continue to build a healthy and balanced internal relationship, then the external elements will shift with grace and ease. Unhealthy structures will fall away. Staying in communication with your partner about what is happening is important.

If you are truly dedicated to your own sovereignty and empowerment, this process will lead you to the deepest and most healthy relationship you can imagine. It will be centered in your connection with your Highest Power, so wobbles with your partner won’t seem so earth-shattering.

The term for Sacred Marriage (meaning the commitment to a healthy and balanced relationship with your SELF) is Hieros Gamos. It comes from the Greek language and is the marriage of the God & Goddess within.

If you want to surround yourself with this powerful balanced, healthy energy, go into Nature on a regular basis. Let the plants, animals, directions and elements teach you directly the potent healing and life-giving nature of balance within.

Diana image
If you would like MORE support in cultivating that sacred balance within, you’re invited to join me, Kaia Ra, and Katherine Glasa THIS SUNDAY in the East Oakland Hills for a workshop to receive the channeled empowerments of Goddess Diana (an embodiment of these qualities), and to cultivate your relationship with the Sacred Elements and Nature Spirits. CLICK HERE FOR YOUR PASS NOW.

Until our paths cross again, may the Hieros Gamos and the Source be with YOU!
x & o & <3 amanda_signature

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Big Medicine + Big Answers

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey SuperStar!

Have you ever had a big question or something that was weighing heavy on your heart and you knew you needed help, but you just weren’t sure where to turn for answers and relief?

I certainly have. In fact, recently my heart was heavy and even though I have several really close friends I usually share with, they were away all at the same time. Thank goodness I have some Super Power Tools that help me get through heavy times when it seems like there’s no place to turn for support.

Get this week’s Goddess Diary inspiration for getting healing and answers when your support network is off-line.

Over time, the help feels more potent and you get more of a sense of actual friendship from those rooted ones, four-leggeds, flying ones . . . but even if you’re new to communing with nature, it’s likely you’ll feel instant release of stress and a deepening of peace and vitality.

You don’t need to be an empath to tune in to the healing of nature. It will help you out no matter what sort of perceptions you have. Many reliable scientific studies have shown that simple physical contact with the earth, trees, plants (except for the ones that don’t want to be touched like stinging nettles and poison oak) causes significant shifts in the mind, emotions and even physical health.

Any time there is a heaviness I can’t shake, or my mind wants to go off and worry about things I can’t control, I go out and get in nature. Even if it is just laying on some grass for a few minutes, or even just sitting in the sun. Taking some deep breaths while out in nature will bring in air your whole being will delight in.

If you’re really up for stepping across the lines into the tree-hugging realms, you could make friends with a tree and visit often. I had an Oak tree friend that had a feminine side with an opening that even produced red sap, and a masculine side with a perfect bend and moss that I could lean right into. The smell and feel of the moss against my face felt like being held by a big grandfather. I could lean my heart up against him and pour out my troubles and I never felt judged. In fact, I almost felt like it was somehow nourishing the tree in some way. It makes sense since plants rely on our exhale to breathe, just as we rely on their exhale to breathe. They need our compost to grow in, so why wouldn’t they be grateful to receive the crap we’ve been holding onto.

I brought little notes, beads and other items and I’d find places to tuck away the gifts for my friend. One day I heard the tree in my heart. He said “I will be here even when your relationship falls away.” It was a somewhat surprising and slightly upsetting thing to hear, but true enough, my relationship did end, and during the times I was aching for some strong arms to hold me, I could go to that tree and know that he was always going to be a grandfather to me and would never break up or betray my trust.

I will admit that I frequently felt self-conscious having a cuddle with my tree friend, but once I realized the kind of big medicine that was being offered so generously for me, I didn’t care what anyone else thought. I simply enjoyed this non-traditional friendship.

I’ve also realized that, as I have tuned in to the healing elements of nature, I’ve been able to get insights about my life, like an oracle. Kind of like hearing the message from the tree about my relationship.

You may not have read the blog on this incredible experience, but about a year ago, I was going for a nature oracle walk and found a beautiful young male fox who had passed away. That was not only a BIG answer to some questions weighing on my heart, it was BIG medicine for me as well. It has continued to bring healing, insights, wisdom and magic I can’t begin to describe. Just one example of the reality that Nature is alive, full of consciousness and, for the most part, is interested in us. Especially when we try to cultivate a respectful relationship with it/them. You may not have little birds weaving ribbons in your hair like Snow White, but it is very possible that you can create a relationship that you can turn to when it seems there is no one you can turn to for support. When it comes right down to it, Nature is the supplier of everything we have: food, medicine, shelter, even our loved ones. We’re all here in physical form because of the gifts of Nature. If that’s not a best buddy, I don’t know what is. Don’t forget this most important relationship. See what magic is waiting for you to tune in.

On June 15h of this month, I’ll be teaching how to use Nature as an oracle. I’ve teamed up with some amazing goddesses: Kaia Ra will be channeling the wisdom of Ascended Master, Diana (one of the Avatars for the Lady of Communion, our archetype for June), and Katherine Glasa will teach us to listen to Nature and cultivate our relationship with the elements. Get your ticket now for this rare and magical event.

Until next week, may the wisdom & medicine of Nature, and the Source be with YOU!
x & o & <3 amanda_signature

Amanda Pic

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Get out of Jailousy FREE

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey SuperSTAR!

If you are a human being, there is no way you are unfamiliar with the intense pains that jealousy can bring up.

Today I’m going to offer some insight and tips for breaking out of the jailhouse of jealousy once and for all.


First of all, I think it’s important to recognize that even though jealousy is toxic and terribly painful, it is still a common human experience, so go easy on yourself. Don’t add to the pain by judging yourself.

AND, if your jealousy is from a polyamorous or open relationship (which is very common here in the Bay Area, California), the whole jealousy thing can make us feel unevolved. Don’t put that kind of pressure on yourself. Being in a more open relationship does not mean you no longer have the right to feel jealousy or that there is something less developed.

So, how do we break out?

breaking jail bars

First of all, if you know there is a circumstance coming up that is likely to bring up those feelings, do some planning ahead of time. (eg: Going to the wedding where you’ll see cousin Stephanie who always seems to have everything you don’t or your polyamorous lover is going out with someone else) – Set up a date for yourself with someone who can support you through the feelings. A phone call to a friend, or schedule one-on-one time with someone you love and trust, or at the very least, set aside time to do something for yourself that is really awesome.

The 2 biggest elements of jealousy are:

1: Feeling abandoned, forgotten, rejected by someone we love (also “not good enough,” gets triggered here).

2: Feeling sorry for ourself that someone else is experiencing something great that we are not.

So, the only way to combat those two elements are:

1: Be the one who takes care of that part that feels left behind or inconsequential. Offer love, compassion, kindness, softness and your undivided presence to the part of you that is feeling triggered.

In that first hit of jealousy, try to take a moment to ask yourself what is feeling threatened. Go right to the physical place in your body that is holding on to the pain and breathe into it. Let it soften and open with your breath and some movement. Now, listen to the voice inside. Is it feeling insecure? Forgotten? Unloved? Abandoned? If YOU are taking care of this part of you, it is less likely that you will get caught up in the pain of thinking someone else is not taking care of you.

2: Replace the feeling sorry for yourself with brainstorming what YOU can be doing right in that moment that feels really good. (If you can plan ahead for it, that’s even better). It doesn’t need to be a tit for tat (she gets to go to the beach, so I’m going too), but making sure you are doing what is good for you and nourishing to your soul is important.

For me, it isn’t even about doing something fun and distracting. It is important for me to really look at myself and my circumstances and ask: Am I doing what feels best for me in this moment? Even if it is the laundry, if the answer is “yes,” then I can trust that I am serving my highest good. There will be times I’m having a blast on the beach with someone amazing while someone else has to stay home and clean the house.

Fortunately, I don’t get jealous very often, especially since I’ve found these SuperPower Tools to help me. But there was a time when I was actively polyamorous and my primary partner and I both got hit with jealousy regularly. Fortunately, we were both really great at talking, and it was because of this trying time that I learned what I’m now sharing with you.

One day he was going off to spend time with a really awesome woman and I felt the pang. I realized it was mostly because I was imagining them having a really fun time and I was NOT having fun. So, I decided to make my day fun. I had work that needed to be done, but instead of going about it with a sense of drudgery, I paid attention to why I was doing it. To help others, to further my career, and because the work I do is important to me and ultimately is more important than a fun day out playing. I didn’t end up ditching my work for a day of play, and what I was doing felt more meaningful and instead of being tormented and distracted by thinking about what they were doing, I felt a greater sense of value in what I was doing. It was that experience that helped me to develop these SuperPower Tools for dealing with Jailousy.

What it ultimately comes down to is: Do you believe in what you are doing? Do you have confidence that each action you take is in service to your highest good? If not, focus on changing it rather than worrying about what someone else is doing. It never matters what someone else has, or is or does. If we make our decisions based on other people’s experiences rather than what serves our path, we’ll never manifest our own authentic and joy-filled life.

See if these tips and practices help, and if you still need to reach out, don’t get down on yourself. Jealousy is a tough one to conquer. I’m always available for support through the tough times, and if you’re willing to ask for help, there is probably someone you know who can be your jeal break buddy. Take turns being there for each other.

Oh, and . . .
Here’s a GREAT way to feel more sovereign and sure of yourself and your Divine Purpose. Come to our LIVE EVENT Sunday, June 15th in the East Oakland Hills (The Center for Living Wisdom). Goddess Diana Shamanic Nature Oracle and Channeled Teachings GET YOUR TICKET HERE NOW. I’ll be co-teaching with two amazing sisters: Kaia Ra and Katherine Glasa. MORE INFO HERE.

Until next week, may strength and the Source be with you.

x & o & <3 amanda_signature

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Got Lube? Making Transitions Gentler

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey SuperSTAR!

As I have dedicated myself to sharing with you my biggest and best insights into having more joy and magic, especially during tough times, I’ve come to realize that the most important times to focus energy on are the transition points.

Imagine this scenario. You are in a burning building and you HAVE to get out. The only possible escape is to get from the 9th floor window across a large alley way and onto the landing of another building. It would be horrifying if you had to take a risky leap, but if you had a guy-wire and could harness yourself in and glide on over without risk of falling, it wouldn’t be so traumatizing, right? Well, sometimes we see change coming but we don’t see the easy middle steps that can make big change less disruptive and more full of ease. It’s all about transitions. Getting from point A to point B with grace or hard knocks. for gliding through your life transitions like a well oiled machine.

Spider Woman shared with me some deep secrets as well about transitions as connecting points. On the web they hold together the sacred geometries that manifest your world. In your body, they are the joints that either allow graceful movement or painful and limited motion.

So, here are some of the best basic ways to lube up the gears so shifts don’t need to be so crunchy.

#1: SLOW DOWN – Each feeling and thought, especially at the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one, is rare and has so much to offer, even if it’s challenging. It’s easy to rush from one big milestone on to the next, but the space between (interstitial space) is laden with treasure. If you rush, you’ll miss it, and it’s in times of rushed stressful change that we get sick and have accidents. Taking it easy and going slow also helps to make sure you learn and grow in the good ways that help strengthen and prepare you for what’s next. Going fast is a sure-fire way to skip the lessons we set ourselves up to learn, which puts us right back on the same old ride traveling in the same old rut. Ready to break out? Slow down and do it with grace and style.

I know that being in that in-between is difficult, so here are 4 other practices to help you fill up that space without taking you out of the experience. In fact, these next 3 practices will help you to really take in what’s waiting for you here in this illusion of limbo.

#2: Take care of your BODY – YOGA – movement, rest, exercise, good diet . . . There are many ways to make sure you are caring for your body, and in times of stressful change, the body should be one of your biggest priorities. If you have stagnated, make sure to get some movement in. If you’re moving too fast and trying to get too much done, slow down. Find a good balance between pushing yourself and going easy. MY FAVORITE WAYS: yoga, silent free-form dance and walking/hiking in Nature.

#3: Take care of your MIND – MEDITATION – emptying out, listening, prayer, expanding consciousness, going deep. Find some way of letting your busy mind slow down, let go, and empty out. I kind of look at it as emptying out the trash. MY FAVORITE PRACTICE: weaves in visualizations, insight meditation, emptying my mind and prayer.

#4: Take care of your SPIRIT – CONNECT with others, ask for help, balance alone time and cultivating relationships with others (human, non-human, earth plane and other). Make sure that you are nourishing your spirit by staying connected with people and sources of wisdom and support that keep you grounded, inspired and present in your life.

I hope that helps. Next time you anticipate a big shift happening, lube up the gears by focusing on that in-between space. Don’t rush it, don’t ignore it. Give it your attention and see how it serves you next time you have a big transition.

Diana image

Oh, and . . .
Here’s a GREAT way to empower you through the changes in your life. Come to our LIVE EVENT Sunday, June 15th in the East Oakland Hills (The Center for Living Wisdom). Goddess Diana Shamanic Nature Oracle and Channeled Teachings GET YOUR TICKET HERE NOW. I’ll be co-teaching with two amazing sisters: Kaia Ra and Katherine Glasa. MORE INFO HERE.

Until next week, may gentle transitions & the Source be with you.

xo & <3 amanda_signature


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Playing Etch-A-Sketch with Kali Ma?

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey SuperStar!

Have you ever had just a complete Etch-A-Sketch moment? By that, I mean a time when it feels like the Powers That Be have taken your life and shaken it up until there’s nothing but a blank slate left.

Today I’m going to share with you an intense story of how Kali Ma came to me and initiated me personally. It was, indeed, an Etch-A-Sketch experience. One of many, in fact. It’s vulnerable and deep and I’m sharing it because I hope it will inspire you when you get that unexpected shake-down from the Goddess.

Get the Kali Ma 411 HERE

The most amazing thing about this experience was that Kali let me know that NONE of what I was going through was a punishment. I didn’t ever feel sorry for myself, which would have been easy to do with the loss of the man I was deeply and passionately in love with, the loss of all of my friends, most of my possessions, and constant emotional onslaughts by the fight that Dan put up once it was obvious that I was not going to get on the meth train and ride off into the self-destruction sunset with him.

Despite having panic attacks, and despite all of the losses, Kali helped me to move through the trauma like a warrior. I had a clear mind (doing yoga and meditation sometimes several times a day were ESSENTIAL in gaining that clarity) and Kali’s biggest bit of wisdom was that I could never respond in fear. If I were to respond in fear, I would be #1 validating the toxic reality that Dan was working at manifesting, and #2 I would never win because reactions and responses FOLLOW and let someone or something else take the lead. The only way to be at the head of my own life was to drop in and ask my HIGHER self, not the disempowered, frightened self, what I needed to do to serve my highest good.

I could see, many times, that what my fear would have me do, and what my higher self offered me were very different, and I got to see what a HUGE and life altering difference that shift made for me.

That complete dissolution of my life as I knew it was not easy. As I said, I had panic attacks and physical manifestations of the emotional and energetic toll that ride took on me, BUT as I looked back, there were no regrets. Not one moment that I thought “Ooooh! I wish I hadn’t done that!” or “I’d give anything to go back and change . . .”

We can never control the losses, accidents, deaths and shifts that come our way, but we CAN show up when the shake-down is happening with courage and clarity and it will help turn the calamity into a strength training, versus a tragedy that knocks us on our ass and locks us in a victim mentality. Kali Ma has been THE BEST LIFE COACH THERE IS. May her next visit with you be as beneficial as they have all been with me.

+++ I have a SPECIAL OFFER FOR YOU: I’ve created a Goddess Primer for the archetype of Creator * Preserver * Destroyer. It’s a workbook and MP3 set you can use to help you to tune in to this POTENT element of the Sacred Feminine. GET IT HERE NOW and the first 3 people who purchase this package will get a COMPLIMENTARY 30 minute integration session to support you in your work with Kali Ma. That is an extra $100 gift thrown in just for being quick on the draw.

Until our paths cross again, may Kali Ma’s help and the Source be with you.

x & o

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Exchanging Rage for Bliss

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey SuperSTAR!

Of course you’ve never done this yourself, but have you ever been aware of someone feeling a lot of rage and suppressing it? Putting a tight lid on that pressure cooker so no one will know there is a bubbling molten lava explosion just aching to bust out and level everything?

You may also be aware that if that pressure cooker isn’t given an opportunity to let off some steam, the consequences can be DEADLY, or at least really really unpleasant.

Check out this week’s Goddess Diary on how to express the energy anger brings when it doesn’t feel safe or “appropriate” to react in the moment.

I want to make it clear that I am DEFINITELY NOT suggesting you avoid taking action with the trigger of your anger. I am DEFINITELY advocating for speaking up when there are injustices, abuses, or any other sort of wrong-doing that is coming your way.

I’m talking about what to do with the ENERGY that anger creates. Anger can urge us to take really positive actions, or our wisdom may guide us to self-reflect and realize it’s just a trigger we need to deal with. Regardless of the actual practical response to the stimulus, when we have anger inside of us, IT NEEDS TO COME OUT, regardless of who’s to blame or what the final result is. Otherwise it will stagnate and cause some sort of disease, whether it’s emotional (depression, irritability, loss of creativity, loss of sexual and sensual enjoyment . . .) or physical (actual diseases from stress-colds to cancer – no I’m not saying all cancer is self-caused from repressed anger).

There are few opportunities to really feel the immense and powerful presence of Kali in our modern, tech-driven lives. She shows up as the earthquake and the volcano that are out there somewhere else causing destruction to someone else, or she shows up in lost jobs and broken relationships, but we hardly ever get to feel Her true and immense power flow through us, igniting our own internal fierce expression of our-Selves. When we can’t feel that internal strength, that primal fight for life, we can become detached, depressed, and worst of all, we become unexpressed. Little frustrations and disappointments get bottled up. Losses and grief get stuffed down, and before long, there’s a bubbling volcanic explosion that we are terrified of unleashing so we become completely pre-occupied trying to keep all that intensity locked up inside. That is EXHAUSTING! Then it comes out in uncontrolled rages, depression, accidents, self-sabotage & self-harming behaviors. Instead of carrying all that around, why not trade it in?

For our health and the health of all those we engage with, it is VITAL to get that raging volcanic energy up and out of us before it does damage, but with all humans, and especially women, we put a lot of restrictions on ourselves in how to express it.

*ARTISTIC SELF-EXPRESSION (but make sure your BODY feels relieved afterward – don’t just make it a soothing practice that helps you to forget about the volcano inside)


This Sunday, May 11th (Mother’s Day, very appropriately as we celebrate the Great Mother of all cycles of life) we will gather to invoke Kali Ma, Chinnamasta, the Tibetan Dakinis, Pele . . . make masks of our fears and illusions, and then use all the power we can muster within us to shed that old skin and birth ourselves anew in a safe and blissful container with a Shamanic Butoh Rebirthing Ritual. Whatever anger, rage, depression and darkness we have brought with us that is weighing us down will be burned off as fuel in this energy moving, rage burning, blood pumping, ecstatic practice. (Prepare to bring clothing that can be pulled on and crawled on the ground in). This is a very safe and non-painful practice. Special physical limitations can and will be honored, but you WILL FEEL YOUR BODY WORKING.

You’re going to feel FANfreakinTASTIC afterward.

Sunday May 11th 2-6pm
@The Center for Living Wisdom
East Oakland Hills (Above Oakland Zoo), CA

Are you ready to feel Good? How about ECSTATIC?

Until we meet again, may BLISS and the Source be with you!

x o & <3 amanda_signature

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Jesus & Kali walk into a cemetery . . .

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey SuperSTAR!

I thought it would be amusing to check my “Schedule for planned newsletter topics” that I created recently so I could have a more concrete structure for how I organize my offerings. HAA HAA HAA! So much lately is uncertain that setting up structure has sometimes seemed like a ridiculous obsessive and pointless ritual. But, when I tuned in to what I had planned, Presencing Beauty, and felt into all that I have been navigating in the realms of Death, something lovely emerged, and it is one of the most powerful and precious superpowers of the Priestess archetype and I’d like to share it with you.

Click HERE for Priestess SuperPower Numero Uno

So what was all this business about Jesus and Kali Ma? It seemed important to make some connections that are really strong for me right now, and they come, greatly through the inspirations I get while sitting with my teacher, Martin Prechtel, so I want to give some cred to his influence in this offering:

In many indigenous cultures, funerals and seed planting are the same ceremony, just for different forms and phases of life. Ancestors are buried in the family gardens of Vietnam, Cambodia and throughout Asia. Mayan shamans are buried with their Sacred Seed Divination Bundles on their chests and become the trees that sprout up and make more Divination Seeds.

This is a part of the Lady of Communion, but it is important to bring in as a reflection for the Creator* Preserver* Destroyer archetype as well. We see the seed cracking and give thanks for the food that is growing to nourish us, but when we are to be the food, are we so gracious? What happens when we quit running from growth/death/change and feed the natural cycle of life with excitement and devotion?

Hands holding sprout

The Priestess knows how to see the cracking seed as a gift of new life AND the completion of another. She can both honor the grief of this great offering and use that grief to make ceremony and ritual to celebrate and feed the new life that is coming in.

Jesus is a male counterpart to Kali Ma. There are a lot of strange twists in many of the modern Christian plots around Jesus and his death and resurrection, but when looked at from the world perspective, we see how many other mythologies, origin stories, and natural phenomenon reflect these same cycles. Springtime is the time of resurrection for everything. Plants come back to life. Seeds crack and grow into plants. The Earth is renewed. The cycles of Jesus’ life and Kali’s cycles are parallel. What are the cycles?

(Re)Birth Jesus: Resurrection
Kali: ReBirth – all that is devoured is
composted and reborn (Chinnamasta cuts off her own head to nourish her

Life Jesus: Devoted to Love, Compassion &
Kali: Devoted to Mercy, Truth & Liberation

Death Jesus: Giving up life for the sake of life
Kali: Clearing out old growth for new

Big differences in teachings:
Jesus: Suffering for sins – need for repentance.
Kali: Pain is illusion – at the heart of the illusion of pain is ecstatic release from attachments. Embrace the shadow and let it lead you to ecstatic union.

Andrew Gonzalez Union Mystica

So, this has been a conjunction of the influences of Spring, the themes of life and death that have come up so strongly with the celebrations of Easter and Passover, and the passing of my father, and the teachings of The Priestess we’ve been focusing on this month.

No surprise that they can all come together and make so much sense. May it serve you well as we are all, it appears, walking some pretty tight and high, obstacle-ridden paths together.

Until next week, may New Life and the Source be with you!

xo & <3 amanda_signature


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Priestess Lip Service?

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey SuperStar!

There has been a LOT more use of the word Priestess these days. Women are calling themselves Priestess left and right. In some ways, it feels so good that the word can be used without hesitation, without fear, without recrimination, BUT, ironically, I often feel like women are giving themselves that title to serve their egos and their public personas, and that is completely contradictory to my personal definition of a Priestess.

If you’ve ever felt a strong reaction to that word: Priestess, either positive or negative, you should check out this week’s inspiration where I offer up the ONE SIMPLE DEFINING TRAIT of a TRUE PRIESTESS.

A Priestess doesn’t need to be someone like me who actually cares for a Temple and teaches the Sacred Mysteries. Priestess is defined by being in service to the Holy. My #1 relationship, above all other people, is with God:dess and all that is Sacred.

My choices (more and more of them, the more and more I awaken my consciousness to be present with these choices) are founded in being in service to the Holy. NOT to my public persona, NOT to my bank account, NOT to my personal well-being (though one of the LOVELY side-effects of being in service at this deep level is thriving in health, beauty and abundance) or the opinions of others.

It takes great understanding of the Self and self (Divine and egoic) to be able to do this. So having a personal practice of inner exploration is essential. Meditation is one of the most important tools of The Priestess.

It is easier and easier these days to claim the title of Priestess, and one may have many of the qualities of a Priestess: Presence, Grace, Wisdom, Courage, Depth . . . but if it is in service to the self (looking good, getting attention, validating the ego) and not the Divine, then it is just lip service.

HUMILITY is a sign of a True Priestess as it is almost impossible to be in devotion to the Greater Good without a sense of humility. It is not disempowered humility. It is immensely confident and fiercely committed.

BEAUTY that emanates from the core. Not just a pretty surface, but beauty that radiates from sacred communion is another sign. The Priestess adorns herself and fills her altar with beauty that awakens the memory seeds of consciousness and invites us to let go of the mundane and step into sacred space.

PRESENCE of the Priestess is an instant soul-level invitation to the Divine in each of us to emerge and take front stage, letting the ego’s needs fall away. Within Empty Presence, the Divine can speak through us, offering Wisdom, Guidance, and Truth not accessible any other way. When we do this, we become oracles, mouth-pieces for the Holy. Without that Emptiness and Prayer of Devotion, we are simply salesmen and women.

If you have found yourself feeling pulled by this word, wishing to call yourself a Priestess, but not sure how to actually BE one, stay on this magic carpet ride with me, and you will have access to the tools and practices you need to support you in your unfolding path. You are also invited to come to my LIVE EVENT THIS SUNDAY 13th in Oakland, CA:
Priest:ess Reiki I

Having a healing practice at your fingertips is a beautiful way to be in service. In addition to sharing the Reiki I attunement, I will also teach you the basics of Mudras and Sacred Anointing which will deepen your Reiki practice and also add some potent superpowers to your goddess toolbelt. Sign up for this LIVE EVENT

I’m offering very affordable tickets to those who act NOW. And Spider Woman’s potent new practice that I shared with you last week will be added into the teachings.


If you have questions or comments, send them to me, and I will add them to future letters.

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And keep that eye out for my upcoming journey: Sexual Bliss Through Good Housekeeping – A 101 Guide & Class for Emerging Priestesses Who Want to Turn Old School Perfectionism into Graceful, Sexy, Sassy Living the Beauty Way!


Until next week, may the presence of the Priestess and the SOURCE be with you!

xo & <3 amanda_signature

Amanda Elo'esh Priestess

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Spider Mudra for Healing

By Amanda Eloesh

Wow, wow, wow!

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be a true healer? Are people just born with it, or what?

If you’ve been on this journey with me for a little while, you already know that I have a potent connection with Spider Woman (the WEAVER of the COSMOS). She has come to me many times and shared with me magical practices that have changed my life and the lives of those I’ve shared the downloads with.

Well, last night, after sharing the story of my powerful initiation with Spider Woman, She came to me in another dream and activated a new SuperPower. One that I will be weaving into my upcoming class- Priest:ess Reiki I (Weaving in Spider Mudra and Sacred Anointing). It’s incredibly high vibration and has already been helping me to alleviate painful tension I tend to build up in my neck and shoulders.


I have a special message and invitation for you from Spider Woman you DON’T want to miss.

Click here for this week’s invitation to SuperCharge your personal healing gifts.

AND AS A SPECIAL BONUS because it’s Spring and Spider Woman wanted me to share the VISION, here’s a 2nd quick video of the Spider Medicine Dream.

The first time that Spider Woman came into my life, she shared with me a potent mudra practice that I have used to manifest amazing beauty and magic in my life (money, home, relationship . . . she’s shown me how to make my dreams come true), and I’ve shared it with others who have also seen undeniable, fast and positive results:

“After taking Amanda’s Spider Medicine Manifestation Mudra workshop I got 3 new clients!” ~ Dr. Michelle Peticolas

Now, Spider Woman has gifted me with a new, potent practice for pulling disease, pain and stuck energy from the body which I will be adding to my upcoming Priest:ess Reiki I offering (Weaving in Spider Mudra and Sacred Anointing for deep healing).

If you’ve ever felt called to help your friends, family and community to heal, this is an amazing first step to activate your innate healing gifts. If you are already an energy healer who works with your hands, this potent practice will supercharge what you’re already doing.

I’m offering a LIVE EVENT: Priest:ess Reiki I (Weaving Spider Mudra and Anointing into your Healing Arts)! Unbelievably affordable early bird tickets are available to those who act NOW. And Spider Woman’s potent new practice will be added into the teachings.

If you want the full, deep and mystical download from Spider Woman and you can’t make it to my live event, make sure to sign up for my Spider Medicine package. Get one-on-one Spider Medicine mentoring. (Send me a message on the contact form.)

And keep that eye out for my upcoming journey: Sexual Bliss Through Good Housekeeping – A 101 Guide & Class for Emerging Priestesses Who Want to Turn Old School Perfectionism into Graceful, Sexy, Sassy Living the Beauty Way!


Until next week, may you feel empowered to share YOUR healing gifts, and may the SOURCE be with you!

xo & <3 amanda_signature

AfroDite Hippie Heart Mudra

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Not YOU again!

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey SuperSTAR!

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a hopeless rut because some issue you’ve done loads of work on comes back into your life as if you’d never done anything at all to heal?

Don’t get discouraged! You are NOT alone!

Get this week’s inspiration on how to dance with old demons in new ways and quit feeling like you’re stuck in an endless rut.

(Oh! And make sure you get my personal invitation to you for a LIVE EVENT at the end of this message! Early bird tickets are available to those who act NOW.)

Remember that just because something has come back around doesn’t mean the healing you did before was worthless or ineffective. Look for ways to dance with this familiar partner again with your eyes wide open.

Notice what you’ve learned already about this teacher from the shadows. Use that wisdom to have more grace in the dance this time around. Acknowledge yourself for how you’ve grown since the last dance with this “demon.”

What NEW wisdom, strength and insights can you gain from this new dance? It may seem like the same old same old, but see if you can learn something new so that the next round is even more graceful.

Take time WHILE IT IS HERE IN YOUR LIFE to be with it intimately and ask it what it is here to teach you? Get ALL you can from it. Despite it’s outer unwelcome presence, it may have gifts for you that are necessary to get where you want to be. They may be gifts you can’t get anywhere else, so treasure this challenging time and focus on the treasures that lay hidden.

Say “thank you,” for the dance. Gratitude can open the eyes along with the heart and mind to help you to really see what is being offered here.

And if you are really fed up with a repeating pattern in your life and feel like you just can’t get a good perspective on it, I invite you to get one-on-one support. My speciality is helping to bring those subconscious self-sabotaging parts of the self up to the surface to “make nice,” so you’ve got the whole YOU on your team, rather than working against you behind the scenes. There’s nothing more valuable than being able to outgrow old dance partners who have kept us feeling hopelessly stuck in repeat gong-show performances.

One more thing before we sign out for the week . . .

If you’re in the Bay Area, California, on Sunday, April 13th, you’re invited to come to my workshop: Priest:ess Reiki I: Using Mudras & Anointing Oils for Healing. Get details & Sign up Now. Space is limited and early bird tickets are available.

If you have questions or comments, send them to me by simply replying to this message, and I will add them to future letters.

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And keep that eye out for my upcoming journey: Sexual Bliss Through Good Housekeeping – A 101 Guide & Class for Emerging Priestesses Who Want to Turn Old School Perfectionism into Graceful, Sexy, Sassy Living the Beauty Way!

Sexy in the kitchen

Until next week, may you enjoy a new dance with old patterns, and may the SOURCE be with you!

xo & <3 amanda_signature

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Are you starving the Holy?

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey Beauti-full!

Have you been withholding your brilliance because you’re afraid it’s “not good enough?”

Way too many of us SuperPowered women (and men) on the path of service are withholding our most delicious offerings to the Holy and the rest of the world because we compare what we are putting out there to others. We keep those beautiful – even if slightly lop-sided or ragged on the edges – gifts to ourselves, afraid that they won’t be appreciated, or even worse, criticized and mocked.

We believe it because, quite frankly, it’s happened in the past, right?

Well, I have a little spark of inspiration and an invitation that my help you to get over your fear, quit holding on to those precious and much needed gifts and start sharing them with the world.

Here’s this week’s Goddess Emerging tip for activating your Sacred SuperPowers.

In this past month’s Living Wisdom School: Goddess of Compassion Ceremony, this theme came up so strongly. We’ve ALL held back our gifts at some point in our lives because we’ve believed they weren’t good enough.

The truth is that there is NOTHING ANY OF US COULD EVER OFFER THE HOLY THAT WOULD REPAY ALL WE RECEIVE. But the even bigger and better truth is that THE HOLY DOESN’T WANT US TO GET OUT OF DEBT TO HIM/HER/THEM, AND THE HOLY DOESN’T WANT YOUR PERFECTION. The Holy wants your sweat, blood and tear-stained offerings that are vulnerable, torn, full of your grief and your humanity. That is one of the strongest teachings that was inspired by my teacher, Martin Prechtel. Fail beautifully. As long as you are making that offering to feed something beyond your own personal survival and agenda, and even if the human reflections who witness that offering don’t know how to honor it properly, it is delicious food for the Holy. In fact, having the courage to make that offering out of love and devotion when you’re certain that it’s not shiny enough, big enough, beautiful enough . . . makes it all that more delicious.

I have the very first scarf knitted by my dear old friend, Amber. She gave it to me and said “You’re the only one I know who would love this.” It looked like a crooked and warped road, and you know what? She was right! I’ve had it for more than 15 years and it’s my favorite scarf still.

This whole theme reminds me of the story of the cracked pot. Click here to get this beautiful story.

So, as Leonard Cohen so beautifully put it:
Forget your Perfect Offering.
Ring the Bells that still can Ring.
There is a Crack in Everything.
That’s how the Light gets In.
That’s how the Light gets In.

Heart Light Cracking Open

I invite you to take a risk. Quit holding back your gifts! Don’t make those offerings for kudos or ego-stroking; make them for the Universe, all that gives us Life, the Holy, and see how good it feels to know your most humble and earnest gifts, no matter how imperfect, are deliciousness to Those who see through Divine lenses.

Let me know how it goes by responding to the email!

If you’re interested in adding to or re-activating your Sacred SuperPowers and you’re in the Bay Area, California on April 13th, you’re invited to come to my workshop: Priestess Reiki I: Using Mudras & Anointing Oils for Healing. Sign up Now. Space is limited and filling up fast.


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And keep that eye out for my upcoming journey: Sexual Bliss Through Good Housekeeping – A 101 Guide & Class for Emerging Priestesses Who Want to Turn Their Old School OCD into Ecstasy (aka: putting the Joy and SEXstacY back into Temple Keeping).

sexy retro goddess blowing bubbles

Unknown Artist: From Rebelle Society Blog

Until next week, may you embrace your cracks, and may the SOURCE be with you!

xo & <3 amanda_signature

Amanda Pic

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Sacred Sign Language of The Priestess

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey SuperSTAR!

As The Living Wisdom School emerges from the Chrysalis Temple with the Sacred frequency of the Goddess of Compassion, I am reminded of the potency of one of the Goddess’s Power Tools: Mudra (it’s a yoga for the hands). I also like to refer to it as Sacred Sign Language for communication with the Holy.

My first practices, just out of a book (Healing Mudras by Sabrina Mesko), brought potent, quick and clear transformation into my life, and soon, I was getting powerful mudric flows (like intuitive Vinyasa Yoga) that brought big and positive shifts into the health of my body, mind and spirit. I thought it would be nice to share this simple and powerful practice with you and include some of my favorites.

Marilyn Monroe Prayer Mudra

Click here for the DL on some of my most effective, Secret Goddess Power Tools: MUDRAS


Painted hand in mudra

Just 3 minutes of 1 or more of these basic mudras can show obvious results within a week. If you’re sensitive, you’ll feel the shift in your energy flow (the nadis and meridians will re-wire and align with these beautiful sacred geometries instantly). If you’re new to energy flow, it may take a little longer and start to show up as reflections from the outside world: “You are so insightful and wise!” (That comment kept coming when I was using the “wisdom” mudra”).

Sign language chart

Use the ones I love, and play around with them. You may discover something that brings you into perfect balance. You may discover a mudra that will awaken the amnesiac, somnambulist main stream! Give it a shot. Even if all you do is bring more presence and peace into your mind, body and emotional flow, it will have countless ripple effects in the lake of the Cosmos.

And if you’re in the Bay Area, California, you’re invited to come to my workshop:Priestess Reiki I: Using Mudras & Anointing Oils for Healing. Sign up Now. Space is limited.

If you have questions or comments, send them to me, and I will add them to future letters.

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And keep that eye out for my upcoming journey: Sexual Bliss Through Good Housekeeping – A 101 Guide & Class for Emerging Priestesses Who Want to Turn Their Old School OCD into Ecstasy (aka: putting the Joy and SEXstacY back into Temple Keeping).

Nerdy sexy housewife

Until next week, may the SOURCE be with you!

xo & <3 amanda_signature

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Empowered in the Hospital

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey SuperSTARS!

Hopefully you have never had to be in a hospital (except for a healthy, successful birth), but chances are, you or someone you know have taken an unexpected visit either to visit a loved one, or because you’ve needed care yourself.

As you probably know, it can be a really stressful place to be on top of the pain and other discomfort of being treated in the hospital.

I was reminded of how disempowering it can be as my dad just recently had a nasty fall and broke his leg. While I was talking to my mom, I realized that there is a LOT I learned during my internship at Marin General Hospital (yes, I am a certified integrative medicine healing arts practitioner as well as a goddess mentor) that would probably be really good to share with you. It’s really simple and basic, but few of us know just how much we can do to make a hospital visit less stressful. Being able to help hospital patients have a more enjoyable, health-filled journey is a true superpower and as we dive into the Goddess of Compassion this month in the Living Wisdom School, it seems like perfect timing for me to bust out this particular tool belt and share with you some of the most important keys I learned for helping our loved ones to feel more empowered and less stigmatized while in the hospital.

This video is just a quick insight and invitation to get my FREE booklet, Empowered in the Hospital

If you’re certain, already, you’d like to get the guide, I’m asking that you “Like” my Facebook page, and you can do that by CLICKING HERE

I’ll send you the full booklet without any strings attached. I encourage you to use it and SHARE IT!

There are so many ways we can help our loved ones when they’re in the hospital, but it is easy to forget our resources, strength and power when we are faced with pain, injury, threats to health and life of ourselves or a loved one.

I want to make sure that as many people as possible know these simple, easy and POWERFUL ways to lessen the stressful impacts of being in the hospital and maximizing the natural tools and resources most of us have available to us (but we forget or don’t realize we can use them) when we (or someone we love) take an unexpected trip to the hospital.

Love and healing prayers to my papa! And love to you and your loved ones! May health and ease be yours, and until we meet again, may the Source be with you!

x & o & <3 amanda_signature

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The White Stag & The Great Mother

By Amanda Eloesh

Happy time of celebrating the coming of Spring, SuperSTAR!
What a powerful time! Here in the Bay Area, the rain has returned to bless our dry earth, awakening the frogs and helping the new sprouts to jump up and live again. As Nature sprouts to life, I am inspired to share with you a deep and sacred vision; a love story really, that came to me a year ago, and is now showing up in this dimension in physical form.

Through the traditions that weave together inside of me, from my work with Martin Prechtel to the Sacred Feminine archetypes, I see this much-needed rain as a breaking of the sacred waters, allowing something new to be birthed. This is a time for ALL of us to receive this blessing and let our love child (our Divine Purpose) manifest in beauty rather than in crisis.

Click Here for the Vision I had about The Stag & The Great Mother

princess mononoke white stag

The beauty and depth of this vision continues to help me to see the world around me as living poetry – love letters and delicious words from the Holy, offered to help us remember that we are Sacred too. We are in a sacred agreement, a marriage of sorts, with Nature and all that is Holy, whether we want to acknowledge it or not. The more we choose to nurture that relationship, the more it pours in for us.

Poetry is not a metaphor-rich escape from reality but a reminder that there is no such thing as metaphor. Everything that is happening is a fractal reflection, in unique iterations, of the Holy speaking itself into reality. What we offer back, sacred food full of gratitude or discarded scraps, is what cycles back around to us.

I invite you to let this vision support more sacredness and less mundane in your life. More beauty, less apathetic responses to the crises that signal the birth of the new.

We are all midwives to our lives. And you can choose whether your response is filled with grace, kindness and respect for the new life being birthed, or whether to continue on with “business as usual,” struggling, pushing and laboring in crisis mode. Here is your personal invitation to not waste another moment letting the crisis before the birth overwhelm you.

Personal Support:
If you’d like support in making your birth a joy-filled ecstatic celebration of beauty instead of a tango with crisis, pain and suffering, I have a few personal sessions available on a first-come, first-served basis that will help you to step beyond crisis and into ecstatic birth. CLICK HERE TO CLAIM ONE NOW BEFORE THEY’RE GONE.

Remember Your Priestess Lineage:
The Living Wisdom School, has just launched into our 13 month voyage, and just completed our first journey into the Temple of the Great Mother. What a blessing! We’ll start another live, in-person, group in 2015. Stay tuned and know it’s never too early to apply for the next round.

Get It Every Week:
And, if you’re craving more goddess goodness and don’t want to wait a whole year, consider joining me for my weekly teleclass which I co-teach with the visionary Kerani Marie Lomonaco. We’re just getting going and there’s still time to join in if you respond NOW.

Hot Stuff Comin’ Right Up:
Keep an eye out for upcoming opportunities to join in on my Sexual Bliss Through Good Housekeeping journey. It’s in the kitchen cookin’ up and it’s almost ready to serve up hot!

All Blessings, 13 Thank You’s, and may the SOURCE be with you!
[I’m out of town and off the grid, studying with one of my favorite and deeply admired teachers, Martin Prechtel, so there won’t be a post next week : ( See you in March!]

xo & <3


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Gift of Love for YOU

By Amanda Eloesh

Happy Day of Celebrating LOVE! I know it’s a holiday made up by Hallmark, but we are grown-ups and we can make it into anything we want, and a whole day (though just a little nibble) of celebrating love, expressing love, and wallowing in love seems ever so worthwhile!

Instead of a video, today I want to give you a special gift that can’t be accessed anywhere else (not for free, anyway). It’s my way of showing you the love for coming along on this magic carpet ride with me.

It’s my Love Bomb journey. A fun and simple way of turning anger into blessings.


plane love bomb

Use it frequently. Listen to it while you drive. And remember how powerful your words can be.

It’s important to be honest about our feelings, express them and get them out of our systems, but they don’t need to be toxic as they leave. May this Day of Love gift support you in transforming anger and spreading the love.

Here’s one more love offering. A poem from one of my favorite poets, Hafiz:


It used to be
That when I would wake in the morning
I would with confidence say,
“What am ‘I’ going to

That was before the seed
Cracked open.

Now Hafiz is certain:

There are two of us housed
In this body,

Doing the shopping together in the market ant
Tickling each other
While fixing the evening’s food.

Now when I awake
All the internal instruments play the same music:

“God, what love-mischief can ‘We’ do
For the world

Heart Light Cracking Open

May the Source and all my love be with you!

xo & <3 amanda_signature

Amanda Pic

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Alchemical Wisdom of the Chrysalis

By Amanda Eloesh

Wow Goddess! The new year of the Yang Wood Horse is truly living up to its name! So much quick movement and ideas sparking into life. It’s magnificently overwhelming, isn’t it?

The women in my family have a long history of overworking themselves AND suffering through their moon cycles. Over a decade ago, I did some womb healing with myself and my own stories I’d shoved in that sacred space that liberated me from mind-blowing pain that would arise during my moon time. Now, as I step towards my mid-forties, I am finding that my body, once again, is calling for healing. I have come back into a very deep communion with my body, and more specifically, my womb, and this is what unfolded for me.

Whether it is to connect with, heal, and nurture during a moon cycle or not; whether female or not, giving ourselves the time to go into the Chrysalis – CONSCIOUSLY – to let go of the need to be productive and simply rest, listen and be still allows immense rejuvenation of the mind, body and spirit.

I believe that it is what makes the rest of my busy life so productive and full of harmony, grace and “happy coincidences” that actually saves time and allows me to accomplish things I didn’t even know I could put on my “to do” list.

I invite you to schedule time; whether it’s once a week, once a month, or just a little chunk of time every day to allow yourself to be completely restful and without ANY agenda.

See what it does for you and share it with me. I love to hear from you!

Until next week, enjoy your fallow time and
May the Source be with you!

xo & <3 amanda_signature


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Quan Yin Speaks to YOU

By Amanda Eloesh

Oh my! I really know why so many people steer clear of Owl medicine. Not because it’s bad; it’s just plain POWERFUL. Only navigable by those truly called to fly with Her.

Thank God:dess this week I had the opportunity to channel the Conscious Evolutionary voice of the Goddess of Compassion this past Friday with one of my favorite authors, and dear sister, Penny Slinger, on Human Spirit Radio.

This is the second round of teachings on the 13 Sacred Feminine Faces of the Goddess I offer in the Goddess Emerging Living Wisdom School. Last year, I channeled some of the vast teachings for each of these Goddesses. This new round is about dropping into a sacred ceremony together, feeding the Holy frequency of the Goddess, and birthing her through us. Then, sharing the wisdom that comes through.

Here’s a link to this powerful show Episode #157

violet flame lotus

Here are the pieces of wisdom that came through as I rode on the powerful waves of this merciful Goddess of Compassion.

*Compassion is INWARD & OUTWARD: We must offer ourselves compassion in balance with what we offer to others. Be fully engaged in self-healing AND being of service to the evolution of all.

*Everyone born in this time is a Boddhisatva, here to serve the conscious evolution and healing of all our relations.

*The true nature of Compassion will not allow ignorance of the needs and limitations of the self. That is an old martyrdom story and is not a balanced or sustainable way of being in service.

*Tears of release are the food for the Holy, and lubrication for the birth canal as we birth ourselves as the Goddess of Compassion.

*There are no more ceremonies needed to atone for past wrongdoings. The only rituals needed are for helping the human consciousness to come into alignment with what already is. All is forgiven.

I hope this message from Quan Yin is half as profound for you as it has been for me. Okay, that’s not true. I hope you get the full powered impact of the whole deal! It’s magnificent, and you not only deserve it, it’s already yours! So enjoy!

And if you know anyone who’s beating him or herself up over something they feel bad about, pass the love forward and spread the love!

It is likely that the Living Wisdom School is full, but I am creating a very small waiting list for last minute shuffling of the cosmic deck. If you are ready to be a Priestess and be the Creatrix of your SuperSTAR life, connect with me NOW. The magic carpet is about to take off and YOUR PASS IS HERE.

Until next week, may the SOURCE be with you!


_AfroDite with foot

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Owl's message: Look into the Dark to See the Light

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey SuperSTAR!
I just got back from a nature walk, where I came upon an Owl who had a message for you.

He reminded me to share with you that all grief holds within it, the ecstatic joy of something we’ve lost. Breathe and look into the darkness with gentleness and quiet, and you will find what was lost, and your grief will turn to gratitude, and your pain will become beauty, and then you can feed the Holy that is your life and the Holy that feeds your life in turn.

While this new year has already rocked my world in some almost overwhelmingly joyful ways, it has also carried with it the grief over the death of someone very precious to me. I know that the owl was here as a messenger to help me deepen into the grief and have the full experience; we can’t grieve over something we’ve never known or had, so each grief has, at its core, the connection to what it is we’ve lost.

We can either choose to get stuck in the grief and feel sorry for ourselves, or we can let the grief lead us into gratitude and deeper connection to the person/circumstances/thing we have lost. Owl’s message was clear. It is from this place that our pain can become beauty; something that transforms the death into new life.


Being able to live this way makes the relatively smaller upsets seem insignificant. The other day, my car window was broken. Nothing was taken. It required missing a day of work and the cost for the repair, but none of that brought me down. I didn’t feel attacked. I didn’t feel angry. I didn’t even feel put out. Instead of being upset, I allowed myself to simply breathe into the reality of what is, and what ended up happening was really joyful. My friend helped me find a great place to get the repair done. We packed up a picnic and went to a park and played while waiting for my window replacement. We found trees with sweaters on them, which we hugged, and a psychedelic spaceship looking merry-go-round and some swings that brought me back to ecstatic childhood delight. We basked in the sun, ate good food and played like kids. It nourished my spirit in ways I probably wouldn’t have planned for myself, but the Holy came knocking (almost literally) on my window and invited me to take a break from my routine. I did, and the magic poured on in.


Next time you get a wrinkle in your plans, I invite you to see if you can remember to welcome the shift. Even if there’s loss. Even if it is great loss. I invite you to welcome the experience as a friend, not an enemy, and see what gifts are being offered inside of the grief and loss. It’s a practice that has only fed and blessed me, and I suspect it can do the same for you.

If you’re ready to step out of the mundane and call in a life beyond your old patterns, consider joining me for the Living Wisdom School Priestess Apprenticeship. It’s your training ground for becoming a Priestess, a Goddess, a SuperSTAR! The magic carpet is about to take off and YOUR PASS IS HERE.

Until next week, may the SOURCE be with you!

xo & <3 amanda_signature


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Awaken Your SuperPowers

By Amanda Eloesh

Hey, SuperSTAR!
Have you ever played that game: “Which Superpower would you choose? Flight or Invisibility?” There’s a whole debate about the personalities that choose one or the other. I have a BIGGER game for you to play. What SuperPowers would you choose for yourself if you were given the option? As many as you like, and anything you like, without limits.
I had a dream, a LONG time ago, about my SuperPowers, and as I have been looking at this past year; the many losses, potent healing, transformational insights and awakenings, I’ve realized that I’m actually starting to really live the SuperPowers I dreamed of all those years ago, and it inspired me to invite you to ask for a vision for YOUR superpowers. Everything we make real in our lives starts with seeing it first, so I invite you to celebrate this new year by visioning what your SuperPowers are.

As I have remembered and chosen to focus on making my SuperPower dream a reality, I have found more and more support from the Universe. More and more experiences that could easily demolish my heart are now opportunities for me to become stronger, more stretched open with a greater capacity for love, and much, much wiser. And I don’t need to know how it all happens. My only focus is on my prayer, to be a magnification of love, light, beauty and grace in the world. If that’s not happening, I am reminded that I can make a choice to get closer to being in that prayer.

That’s what I’m doing this year, instead of the old worn out resolution. I’m awakening my superpowers. Who’s with me?

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to hear what YOUR SuperPowers are! Please leave your visions in the comments section here.

And, if you would like a sacred space and sacred witnesses to support you in remembering and awakening more of your SuperPowers and emerge as a Goddess, a Priestess, a SuperSTAR, consider joining us for the Living Wisdom School. We start February 9th and have 3 spots left. If you’ve been longing to discover and cultivate your hidden superPowers, claim your spot now!

Love is my weapon. One I will use with reckless abandon!

Until next week, may you awaken your SuperPowers AND may the SOURCE be with you!



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Forget New Years Resolutions

By Amanda Eloesh

The New Year is a great time to let go of the old and call in the new. Traditionally, we’ve done that through resolutions: weight loss, better time management . . . I’m going to suggest something revolutionary. Forget the resolutions this year!

Resolutions are plans for the future based on what we are unsatisfied with in the moment. There’s a funny parallax of time that sets us up for failure. Instead, I have a suggestion for LIVING your intentions for your life RIGHT NOW.

Making plans for the future when we are unsatisfied with our lives is a set-up that feeds into what we don’t want, and we don’t need to keep falling for that old game.

Instead, I invite you to look at where you are RIGHT NOW. Take a moment to HONOR HOW FAR YOU’VE COME since last year.

Feel into the many different aspects of your life: health, personal relationships, career path . . . and ask yourself what is your prayer for each of these parts of yourself.

Then, instead of holding yourself to something way down the road, you can ask yourself daily, hourly, or as each opportunity to make a choice arises: “How can I live in my prayer for my life RIGHT NOW?” Meaning, what decisions can I make in this moment now that support my prayer for myself?

Prayers are much more powerful, I find, than resolutions. Resolutions seem to be based on intentions to control or manipulate old behaviors we want to change. Prayers are a collaboration with the Universe and all Elements and Powers that be to co-create a new reality for ourselves. We are automatically recognizing we don’t have control over the future, but we do have a choice in every moment to move towards something that serves our intentions or not. Also, going from moment to moment allows for a momentary distraction without total derailment of all that we do to make a good life for ourselves.

My prayer for this year to come is to allow myself to be the best magnification of the Love, Light, Beauty and Grace of my Creator I can without ever making anyone else feel small or “less than.” My prayer is that the love I shine out into the world only ever inspire and invite others to step into their full SuperSTAR Light. Already, I have found that the Universe and all the Elements around me are more than happy to conspire to help that happen.

Every moment is an opportunity to move more deeply into that prayer, and to re-align and re-define that prayer and my movement within it as I go. My big confession is that I’m a human. I am imperfect. I make mistakes, and every moment gives me a new opportunity to make a better choice for myself than the moment before. It’s just that easy. May it help you, this year, to be gentle and kind. To let go of the illusion of control over the future so that you can be fully present and empowered in THIS MOMENT NOW to do the best with it you can.

Until next week, may the SOURCE be with you!

Amanda Pic

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